"Mario's New Girlfriend!" is the 157th video of SML Movies.


Mario wants a new girlfriend, so Black Yoshi helps him out!


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Mario checks the mail and shows Black Yoshi who is playing Call of Duty, Mario opens it and it was a restraining order from Peach, who came in the door much to Mario's pleasure, Peach told Mario that she meant to get a restraining order on him, she also asks him to give him back her thong, Mario gave it to her, and Peach tells Mario "he's a creep" after she leaves.

This left Mario being depressed and starting to cry. Black Yoshi tells Mario to snap out of it and find another woman. Mario has no luck, so Black Yoshi decides to help him.

The first girl turns out to be Toadette that Black Yoshi bribed with candy, so Mario tells her to leave and never come back after giving her a purple lollipop.

The second girl turns out to be Pac-Man, who then disguises himself as a woman to date Mario, but fails.

The third one turns out to be a transgendered man.

Finally, Mario starts to doubt Black Yoshi, but then he sees the new woman who turns out to be Rosalina, who starts crying over the stars and that she misses her star, Luma. Mario asks her on a date to go star-gazing and she agrees. 

That night, Mario and Rosalina go star-gazing and Rosalina is in awe and tells Mario all the constellations. 



  • This video ends Mario's misery and loneliness for now.
  • A preview of Bowser Junior's GoKart Race! is shown at the end.
  • Because women are rare in the videos and SML videos are known for having an all-guy roster, this is the first video where a female has the main role and it so far, the one with the most girls.
  • This is Rosalina's first major role.
  • This is Pink Yoshi's first appearance since Bowser Junior's Summer School 7.
  • When Mario is talking about if the table will be messy, Mario's voice sounds like Bowser Junior.
  • This is the first time someone other than Bowser Junior says that the sun is a planet.
  • This is the second time Mario meets Rosalina.


  • At some points, Rosalina says Luna instead of Luma.
  • Mario acts like he just met Rosalina for the first time in this episode but he first met her in American Idol: Season 2, Episode 1, it's possible he forgot.
  • You can hear people laughing in the background at 6:25 and 6:26.