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"Mario's New Girlfriend!" is the 157th video of SML Movies.


Mario wants a new girlfriend, so Black Yoshi helps him out!


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Mario checks the mail and shows Black Yoshi who is playing Call of Duty, Mario gets excited at first because it was a letter from Peach but then opens it and it was a restraining order from Peach, who came in the door much to Mario's pleasure, Peach told Mario that she meant to get a restraining order on him, she also asks him to give him back her thong, Mario then gave it to her, and Peach tells Mario "he's a creep" after she leaves because Mario sleeps with it.

This left Mario being depressed and started to cry. Black Yoshi tells Mario to snap out of it and find another woman. He has no luck of finding a new girl to love, so Black Yoshi decides to help him.

The first girl turns out to be Toadette that Black Yoshi bribed with candy, so Mario tells her to leave and never come back after giving her a purple lollipop, the second girl turns out to be Pac-Man, who then disguises himself as a woman to date Mario, but fails to do so, the third one turns out to be a transgender man.

Mario starts to doubt Black Yoshi, but then he sees the new woman who turns out to be Rosalina. Mario instantly becomes attracted, but Rosalina starts crying over the stars and that she misses her star, Luma. Mario asks her on a date to go stargazing and she agrees.

Later, Mario prepared ramen for the date. After asking Black Yoshi if he should wear a hat, he just decides he shouldn't. However, Rosalina doesn't eat it because she mentions she got sick the last time she ate it. As they look at the stars Rosalina cries because there are none and the lights took the stars away. Mario turned off the light.

That night at about 10 PM Mario and Rosalina go stargazing and Rosalina is in awe and tells Mario all the constellations. Later At 6 AM Rosalina cries yet again because It's sunrise, Mario wakes up panicking asking what’s going on, Rosalina was probably upset since it was nautical twilight at the time.

At the end of the video, Mario presents a lamp to Rosalina as a gift, which also made her cry because the light pollution will make the stars will go away. Luma emerges from the lamp and Rosalina gets really happy and proud and that she and Mario will completely get together forever. 

Mario tells Black Yoshi that she fell in love with him but Black Yoshi ignores Mario because he thinks that Mario's is dating a hoe and should kill himself because of it. But Mario had to prove Black Yoshi wrong that his new girlfriend is not a hoe. 




  • This video finally ends Mario’s search for a new girlfriend.
  • A preview of Bowser Junior's GoKart Race! is shown at the end of the video. Since this doesn't count as part of the actual episode though, Bowser Junior is considered absent here.
  • Because girls are rare in the videos and SML is known for having an all-guy roster, this is the first video where a girl has the main role and it so far, is the one with the most girls.
  • Daisy was supposed to appear in the video, but was removed due to time restrictions. She then never made any future appearances.
  • This is Rosalina's first major role.
    • Her first appearance is actually in an American Idol episode.
  • This is Delilah’s first appearance since Bowser Junior's Summer School 7 and her first speaking role since Valentine's Day.
    • In this video, Delilah is voiced by Elaina instead of Lovell.
  • When Mario is asking if the table will be messy, Mario's voice sounds like Bowser Junior. This is due to both characters being voiced by Logan.
  • This is the first time someone other than Bowser Junior and Joseph says that the sun is a planet, in this case Rosalina.
  • Something similar happened to Logan in real life as Chilly turned out to be similar to Peach when off camera.
  • This episode was uploaded 1 year after "Wario and Waluigi's Scam!".
  • Black Yoshi uses a midnight forces Xbox One controller.
  • When Rosalina says "The sun's a planet," it happens to be a gag every time either Jr & Joseph says its a planet, but Cody says it's a star.


  • At some points, Rosalina says Luna instead of Luma.
  • It’s unknown why Mario acts like he just met Rosalina for the first time in this episode because he first met her in “American Idol Episode 1”, it's possible he forgot, due to the episodic nature.
  • You can hear people laughing in the background at 6:25 and 6:26.


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