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"Old Peanut B*tch"
— Margaret when praying for George Washington Carver during thanksgiving episodes
"I can't feel my ass, I broke my vagina and my hip!"
— Margaret after falling down the stairs in Gravity!
"Oh hey there big boy! Are you ready to leeeeeaaaarrrrn?"
— Margaret flirting with Chef Pee Pee in "Jeffy's Online School!"

Margaret Bernard Koopa is an elderly sex offender and pedophile and a minor character in the SML series. She is Bowser's mother, Bowser Junior's grandma, and she sometimes appears in their house to cause trouble. She is assumed to be a widow as Bowser's father is mentioned to have died. She is the central antagonist of "Jeffy's Online School!".


Margaret is very sassy, resistant, and likes dirty things. In "Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster!", she wanted a stripper and a cake and cupcakes, but Chef Poo Poo puts cheese on Margaret's cake and smashes it with a hammer. Margaret loved the cake and celebrated. Overall, she is sassy, resistant and nasty.


This version of Margaret is a 25" Granny, Peach Grandmother, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet from Silly Puppets.


 Margaret was born on May 6, 1494, according to her she had, twelve brothers and sisters, all of them turning out to be celebrities in the future. She fought in the Revolutionary War but got kicked out after the other soldiers found out she had an affair with Alexander Hamilton.

She was present in the sinking of the titanic in 1912, when they hit an iceberg, and she walked up the balcony and jumped up the freezing water, and she saw a turtle there, and he took her to find Nemo.

She later met a war veteran, whom would be later known as Bowser's dad and married him. They later had a son, named Bowser on February 21, 1967. She was abusive to her son, Bowser and often locked him in a cage, and never let him eat of her cookies, and always treated Mario and Luigi better, starting his jealousy.


  • In Super Bowl Commercials, during her "Life-UhLert" advertisement, Harold mistakenly refers to her as "Suzanne". It is seen this is not really her name as in Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 4, Chef Pee Pee looks through his list of customers to call and she picks up, confirming her name is "Margaret".
    • This may be a stage name.
      • Since the "Chef Pee Pee Quits!" series is non-canon and doesn't crossover with any other SML videos, her name was Margaret in the non-canon world, making it a possible SML theory.
  • Margaret has no problems with gay marriage and even encourages a possible wedding between Chef Pee Pee and Bowser. Given how she likes gay marriage, it is possible she herself supports LGBTQ
  • Margaret is very sassy, but perverted at the same time.
  • Margaret's birth date is May 6 and she celebrated her 520th birthday in Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster! (Although weirdly Bowser says he is older than her in Bowser Loses A Tooth!).
  • Margaret was born in 1494, and had twelve brothers and sisters according to Real Life Style.
  • She was also in the titanic where she met a turtle and Nemo according to Bowser's Mom.
  • Margaret might be a character based off John Herbert from Family Guy, due to their almost identical voices and perverted personalities.
  • She also appear in Mario and Luigi's stupid adventure season three has Mario, Luigi and Bowser’s. 
  • She works at Junior’s school as a lunch lady for a living.
  • Even though she isn't used that much, she is one of Lance's favorite characters to voice.
  • The reason she doesn't appear that much is because a lot of fans don't really like her with how perverted she is.
  • Along with Bowser and Junior, her favorite holiday is to be Thanksgiving in The Big Thanksgiving.
  • 2017 is the only year since her debut that she isn’t at least mentioned, not even once.