Magikarp is one of Chef Pee Pee's Pokémon. Magikarp's only known move is Splash, an almost useless move. Magikarp is generally considered powerless and pathetic, but is able to evolve into the strong Gyarados, Water/Flying type Pokemon upon reaching Level 20. While Magikarp is useless, Chef Pee Pee used it to fight a Weedle by grabbing it and swinging it around to hit the Weedle. He also tried to the same thing on a Poliwag but Junior prevented him from doing so.== Trivia ==

  • Chef Pee Pee's Magikarp may be a Male due to its whiskers being yellow, which is a trait that Male Magikarp have.

Win/Loss Chart

Nearly defeated by Bulbasaur: Loss.

Nearly defeated a Weedle: Win.

Almost nearly defeated a Poliwag: Loss.

1 win/2 loss

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