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"MR. PIG'S LIFE STORY" is an early video of SuperMarioLogan. It goes into Mr. Pig's background.


Mario is with Mr. Pig, and Mario asks Mr. Pig what is wrong with him. Mr. Pig offers to tell Mario his life story, to which Mario agrees.

It all started when Mr. Pig was young. Mr. Pig was with his father Mr. Magoo. Mr. Pig keeps burping in the house even though Mr. Magoo constantly orders him to stop.

Also, Mr. Pig asks for animal crackers, but Mr. Magoo doesn't let him have them. Mr. Magoo orders Mr. Pig to go get a job, but Mr. Pig refuses.

Mr. Magoo forces him to anyways. They head to the pound, where Mr. Magoo asks Woody if Mr. Pig can work at the pound. Mr. Pig burps, and Mr. Magoo scold him, but Woody says "better out then in I always say" in a reference to Shrek.

Mr. Magoo makes a secret deal with Woody that if Mr. Magoo pays Woody in Shrimpos, Mr. Pig can become manager and boss of Woody. Woody introduces Mr. Pig to all the pound animals (and Luigi).

Woody then tells Mr. Pig he's ready to start his duties. It then ties into the scene where Tony The Tiger was brought to the pound in TONY'S LIFE STORY. Then Mr. Pig stops telling Mario his life story.



Mr. Pig




Tony The Tiger

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