"MAIN CHARACTER JUDGING RESULTS!!!" is an early SML video, and it is also the results from Main Character Judging.



  • This video reveals that Shrek won Main Character Judging. Knowing this, he eats Noquiero Tacobell and Tour Guide for Today.
  • This video appears to be the sequel for Main Character Judging.
  • When Tony removes the cover the 1st time, only to find La Poo, he makes a screaming sound to scare the viewer, making a reference to a YouTube prank known as a "screamer"
  • This video reveals that La Poo can bark like a normal dog.
  • When Shrek is talking about the other main characters who he wants to appear, he mentions FroggyCompany, the spark of Logan's channel.
  • This is the 1st time in which Shrek takes a crap.


  • La Poo, Noquiero Tacobel, and Tour Guide for Today appear in this video, despite not winning Main Character Judging.
  • When Mario is talking to Woody, Shrek can be seen lying on the floor in the background.
    • When Mario is talking to Mr. Pig, an unknown character (possibly Tour Guide for Today) can be seen lying on the floor in the background.
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