"Luigi's Mansion Episode 1" is the first episode of Luigi's Mansion.


Luigi wakes up in a haunted Mansion that is covered in the lost souls of all the SML characters! Luigi has to capture their souls and return them to their bodies!


Luigi wakes up from sleep to find himself in a haunted mansion after spotting a White Yoshi turn into a ghost.

Luigi wonders around the house and finds Mario, Peach, Bowser and many other people's bodies trapped in a washing machine.

A ghost of Professor E Gadd appears and informs Luigi about the situation. Luigi must find the souls of the bodies and put them in the machine so that their souls return to their bodies.

Luigi sets off to find a new Vacuum he was informed about, but the power goes out once again.



  • This is the first Luigi's Mansion video, and first in the series.
  • This is the least popular episode with only having 7 million views.