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Luigi Mario (or possibly Luigi Wilfred), or simply Luigi, is a minor character (possibly up in coming recurring/main character) in the SuperMarioLogan franchise.


He is Mario's younger fraternal twin brother he was Born in May 10, 1968 he often visted Bowers's House with Mario on occisations . He would later graduate High School in 1985 along with Mario Bowser Peach After High School Peach and Mario would have their Honeymoon in the Grand Canyon where he proposed to her They would later get married and Luigi would attended their Wedding

In 2008 He has a clone named Mama Luigi, who kidnapped him since he was cloned. 

Then Mama Luigi after he trapped Bowser he  revealed to Mario and Peach that he was a fake and showed the real Luigi was cloned and they attended Mama Luigi Court Case where he was sent to Jail for One Day then he came to the Trip Until Bowser would return and kill Mama Luigi after that Peach gave birth to Bowser Junior and Bowser later kidnapped Luigi and would torture him and feed him cat liver.

Luigi was once in the pound before, for pooping on Mario's lawn.   He returned in his own series Luigi's Mansion. He has not had any interactions with Mario until Ghost Jeffy!


Luigi looks the same as his game counterpart with minor differences.

Similar to Mario, he has a cap and blue overalls, along with white gloves and brown shoes, but has an "L" on a green cap with green clothing (this is because of complementary, or opposite colors), and slightly darker overalls. Luigi is also slimmer and taller than Mario.


Luigi is a nice and friendly person, but is a coward and gets freaked out easily, until Ghost Jeffy! Where he always tries to find a chance to one-up Mario.



He likes Mario very much and would do anything to be like him.

In Ghost Jeffy!, they roast each other over their games.

Mama Luigi

He is his clone counterpart.

Chef Pee Pee

They have know that they are friends. But he does not know if he saw him before.


He hates Bowser just like Mario because he knows that he's very evil and an obnoxious a**hole.

Black Yoshi

He has known that Black Yoshi is a criminal. But he never knew Black Yoshi has red shoes.


They both get to arguments. They are enemies.


While not knowing about Jeffy until Luigi reappears in Ghost Jeffy!, he hasn't come to know Jeffy very well only seeing that he is Mario's adopted son and some of that story, thinking he looks ugly (like Mario), and believing he is messed up.


  • "What kind of tanning booth was that?!"
  • "Okay your honor I will plead my case, HE BEAT ME UP!!!"


  • Luigi was in Woody's pound at one point for pooping on Mario's lawn.
  • Luigi has not appeared for a long amount of time in SML videos since The Perfect Plan! or more canonically, Luigi's Mansion series until his return in Ghost Jeffy!.
    • A possible reason why he didn't appear for a long amount of time is that Logan can't hold more than 2 plushes since he has to hold the camera. Both Luigi and Mario are voiced by Logan.
  • It is revealed in Jeffy Skips School!, that Harold Wilfred doesn't have Mario in his will, and is leaving everything to Luigi.


  1. Luigi is the fraternal twin of Mario, and therefore has the same birthday as him


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