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— Ludwig

Ludwig Von "Butt" Koopa is a Koopa kid, and one of the secondary antagonists of The Koopa Kids!. He knows only two words, the words are his name, Ludwig and his commonly said phrase; butt. He has yellow skin, blue hair, one tooth, and Ludwig's gray wand (with a blue crystal on it).

However, since The Koopa Kids! episode isn't canon anymore and is instead remade with The Koopalings! He isn't Bowser Junior's Biological Siblings and is instead a Clone from a Clone Machine.

  • Wendy (Clone (The Koopalings)/Sister (Koopa Kids)
  • Phillip/Iggy (Clone (The Koopalings)/Brother (Koopa Kids)
  • Joey/Roy (Clone (The Koopalings)/Brother (Koopa Kids)
  • Tyler/Larry (Clone (The Koopalings)/Brother (Koopa Kids)
  • Rocky/Morton(Clone (The Koopalings)/Half-Brother (Koopa Kids)
  • Bowser Junior (Cloned Source/DNA (The Koopalings)/Step-brother (Koopa Kids)


Some people would pronounces Ludwig's name. (lood-wig or lud-wig)


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