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Logan Austin Thirtyacre is an American YouTuber, puppeteer, and voice actor. He is best known for creating the SML series. He is serving as an executive producer, producer, writer and director of both respective series, as well as an actor of both series. Logan's work is inspired by Nintendo, SpongeBob, South Park, and Jim Henson.


Early Life

Logan was born on November 17, 1994, in Pensacola, Florida, to Jennifer Grant and Kelly Thirtyacre. His biological father is of Irish ancestry, his mother's ancestry is undisclosed as of July 2022.

Growing up, Logan and Lance didn't see their biological father, Kelly often since he was a truck driver. They ended up getting a divorce which led to Logan and Lance living with their mother.

Sometime later, his mother met a man named Brian Grant. Brian treated Logan and Lance as if they were his own kids. He knew a lot about computers and video games, and he would play video games with Logan and Lance. It was through Brian that Logan was introduced to Mario.

Health and Medical Problems

When Logan was three years old, he and Lance were playing in their playroom when Lance accidentally hit Logan in the head with a baseball bat, splattering blood all over the room and knocking Logan out. Distraught, Lance then told their mother that he had accidentally killed him. Their mother rushed Logan to the hospital and found out his skull had been fractured. Logan eventually came out of this trauma in safe terms. Because of this, Logan blames this incident for the reason why he does poorly at math.

For spring break in 2004, Logan went to Louisiana to visit his cousins. They had a huge swimming pool, which Logan loved to swim in. He was swimming in that pool one day, and he suddenly got bit by several mosquitoes. One particular mosquito was carrying a very deadly disease, and it happened that Logan got bitten from it.

When the Thirtyacres returned to Florida, Logan started to feel really sick. He began to have severe neck pain and vomiting, which led his parents to take Logan to the hospital. During the doctor's examination, Logan had mentioned that the pain had gotten so bad, he threw up in the pain chart. After the diagnosis, it turned out that Logan had tested positive for West Nile Virus and Spinal Meningitis. Doctors were freaking out and Logan was sent to a larger hospital. About two weeks after being in the hospital, Logan's health started to improve. He was sent home and his mother bought him Super Smash Bros. Melee for the GameCube to make up for the sickness.

However, sometime during his teenage years, he began to get really sick whenever he ate. This caused Logan to lose so much weight that he had to be fed through a feeding tube. He had missed so much school because he got sick all the time, and even was depressed and suicidal because of his illness. However, on June 20, 2012, he had an operation to help fix his superior mesenteric artery syndrome (SMAS).

2019 Swatting

On December 16, 2019, during the filming of Rich Mario!, Logan received a call from the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, telling Logan to come out with his hands up, however, The Police Force was not at Logan's house right away. Later, Logan told Lance to get out of the house, so he doesn't get involved. During this time, there was a locksmith present on Logan's parking lot. However, a SWAT team encountered Lance and asked for Logan. Logan later came out of the house and was handcuffed by police, where Logan claimed that he was likely being swatted, after a police officer said that someone called the police, saying Logan was shooting his neighbor's windows with an AK-47. Later, Chilly exited the house and the police figured nothing was going on, which according to Logan made them annoyed, due to there being a lot of crime in the area. The footage was leaked on September 6, 2020. Two days later on September 8, Logan released a video where he, along with Lance, explained the situation and that he did not break the news initially, but did now to clear up some questions people had. Logan and Lance also stated that no one should swat others due to how dangerous it is. The video would become #2 on trending before the trailer of the Xbox Series S.

YouTube Career

Logan did not know about YouTube until seventh grade when his brother Lance showed Logan a funny YouTube video that featured his friends filming a skit. Logan thought that it was cool to film anything and upload them online to the Internet where the whole world could see. On December 8, 2007, Logan joined YouTube. He first joined as SuperMarioLogan1994, but later deleted because he didn't want numbers in his name. He rejoined as SuperMarioLogan, but later deleted because it got demonetized.

His first video uploaded to the channel was SUPER MARIO GOT MILK. Logan got the inspiration to making Mario plush videos by FroggyCompany; an old Mario plush channel that is now terminated.


Logan used to live with his mother and stepfather, which was where the videos took place for seven years. However, since he had gotten older, he decided to live on his own and briefly moved into an apartment, continuing to make videos there before moving into a new house and began filming there in October 2016.

Logan stands at 5'10 (1.77 m) tall and weighs 118 lbs. (53.5 kg), which means that he is underweight. The reason for this is because he can't eat a lot, which is why he doesn't have a lot of muscle mass. Logan has stated that he wanted to be a man who is physically strong and has muscles, but he had realized that he cannot become that person because of his health. However, he is still strong on the inside, and even though all of this affects his daily life, he still stays strong.

It was revealed in one of the vlogs that Logan gave up on soda and started drinking only water and Gatorade. He stated that he feels so much better and energized without the soda, and he doesn't have as much anxiety and stress as he used to have when he drank soda. As time passes on, Logan continues to focus on improving his health.

To this day, he still gets sick when he eats, and can't sleep or lay down if he just ate. He also really hates eating at restaurants, because the food always makes him sick there (yet he still orders food). Despite his past of hardships, he has not been discouraged from moving forward.

According to Lance, Logan, along with Lovell, Elaina, Audrey, and Lance himself, tested positive for COVID-19. However, they still filmed together since they all had the virus. Because Pablo tested negative, he didn't come back until the rest of the cast tested negative.


Logan has owned several pets in the past, one of them including an iguana. As of now, Logan has three cats, Pumpkin, Pumpkin 2 and Ms. CreamyPants as his other pets had passed away. Chilly owns 3 dogs Snowball & Blizzard & Taco, Logan owned a tarantula named Terrance, who appeared in numerous SML Movies, but is now deceased, Later a new Terrance came.

Logan & Chilly owned a turtle named Shelby. Shelby lived in the garage and was a recurring character in SML videos. It is currently unknown who is taking care of her as of now.

Logan and Chilly's Fallout

By the time 2020 came, He and Chilly came out and said, "they broke up for good" and that Logan got cheated by Chilly with a man named "Roy Gebhard", who is divorced and has children. This would be mocked in "The School Dance!". Lovell also stated that Chilly had been developed a hatred on Logan since 2016 but stayed with him for money rather than living with a happy life with him. This led to Logan kicking Chilly and her family out of his life and have permanently sever all contact.

Upcoming Pregnancy with Chilly

On November 25, 2021, Chilly made posts on Instagram and Twitter stating that she is pregnant with Logan's child and including a picture of a positive pregnancy test (which was later on deleted). However, many hashtags that Chilly has been using have specifically been targeted towards Adriana (eg #staymadstripper, #wearegettingbacktogether), also with numerous insults to Adriana's background as a stripper, calling her willow and not to mention using vulgar terms. Currently no solid proof has been shown that she is telling the truth. Chilly states she is going to announce it with Logan as soon as she gets home from NYC, and also states Logan has broken up with Adriana and that they are 100% over. However, this is proven false when Adriana posted on her Instagram story of her spending thanksgiving with Logan and the crew at Lance's and Audrey's new home and also being at the SML store during a live video, this proves that she is in fact still with Logan which made fans call her out and called her a liar (due to the fact Chilly made the same claim the previous year and it was proven false by Lovell). When Logan did a meet and greet at the SML store, Fans asked constantly if it was true and Adriana denied that countlessly in a live stream at the SML store from Matthew Reber which was being run by Rad Sml Thumbnails (which was also deleted) despite the wars and the "adoption post" Adriana made, likely to have been a counter move against Chilly. However, Logan has not yet made a single word on the claim which means it's likely he could possibly have no idea what is going on despite appearing in some recent Chilly vlogs. On December 25, 2021, Logan has now confirmed he is 100% expecting his first child with Chilly. The gender was revealed as a girl on December 30, 2021. Their daughter Lilly was born on July 7, 2022.


Logan is now an adult and still makes plush videos to this day. Logan has established SML as a full-time career, turning it to a working business, having his own cast, filled with his colleagues, and gets revenue off these videos. He used to upload many random videos at a time but makes four videos a week on his channel SML. He also has deleted some of his older videos after realizing how dumb they were (though they can still be found on a YouTube channel called SMLArchive). As well, Logan has voiced many characters (including Mario, Bowser Junior, and more) and appeared in Bowser Junior's Summer School and Jeffy's New Friend! as himself. His videos have since become highly professional and he has dedicated his entire life to making them.

Character Roles

Throughout Logan's YouTube career, he had voiced many characters in SML. These characters range from main, minor, and one-time characters. Logan also had voiced some major characters in Tito's channel, Titototter.

YouTube Channels



SML Crew


  • FroggyCompany: Logan got the inspiration to making Mario plush videos by FroggyCompany. Logan PMed him on YouTube asking him how to grow on YouTube. Froggy told him to add non-Mario characters such as Tony, Shrek and Woody
  • SML Reviewer: Shortly after Logan became friends with Dabhdude, Logan became friends with SML Reviewer. They have done multiple live streams together. sadly, SML Reviewer quit because of Logan.
  • Flamey Cat: After meeting Dabhdude, he later met and befriended a YouTuber named Flamey Cat. They later did live streams. Flamey Cat is also the only person out of the trio of reviewers to give Logan a video idea that was eventually used as an SML Movie.
  • Dafawfulizer: Logan stumbled across a video of Dafawfulizer's about SuperMarioLogan. Logan commented positively on the video. Dafawfulizer later ranked Logan 9th Place on his Top 25 YouTubers video and mentioned that Logan is the only popular YouTuber who knows he exists.
  • Anthony Miller (aka: Kirbstomp): Anthony was a friend of Logan's who voiced multiple characters. This came to an end when Anthony was fired for siding with Chilly in the "breakup drama". But later, Logan apologized to Anthony for being too harsh on him and Anthony accepted his apology. Logan also appreciates Anthony for giving his channel to him. On August 31st, Anthony started to come back and filmed with Logan and the SML crew.
  • Yoshi Player: Logan and Yoshi Player have had mixed interactions. While on one hand, Yoshi Player seems to like Logan for his old videos, he hates the new stuff and claimed in a video that "Logan doesn't try to make his characters sound different." It can be assumed they don't get along, as when Yoshi Player complained about The Drone!, Logan responded with "You just aren't ever happy are you," and Yoshi Player unsubscribed from SML. SML also bullied Y.P. on a live stream.
  • Tito Jimenez (aka: Titototter): 3 years ago, Tito is Logan's girlfriend's brother. He lived with him, and Logan helped Tito start up his own Sonic plush channel Titototter.
  • Dabhdude: Logan later became friends with a YouTuber named Dabhdude. Sometime in February 2015, Dabhdude interviewed Logan, but due to complications, the interview didn't get released until much later. Eventually, Dabhdude began doing SML Discussion live-streams with SML Reviewer and FlameyCat. Logan asked to join, and they were doing live-streams together for a while. Unfortunately, the live streams have ended due both in real-life complications and schedule conflicts. After Logan deleted his old channel, Dabhdude abandoned any relations with Logan. As of 2022, he made a 10 Year Anniversary Iceberg Video about himself. he announced that he is officially Quit from making SML related content on his main channel. He is officially done with SML. The reason why Dab is quitting from making SML videos is because he wants it to move on because he could not make any more videos about SML. He got tired of it, and the reason why he's abandons his relations with Logan, is because Dabhdude is losing his interests of Logan and his content. They both had been cooperate and friends since their podcast, live streams and their Interviews, so, Dab is cutting ties with Logan. They have not been talking or contacted to each other so often anymore. Logan is focusing on making videos and ignored his existence because Logan probably got tired of him or maybe he despised him. Dabhdude announced his departure from making Sml videos on January 24, 2022.
  • CDusk: During the month of June, CDusk flew out to Pensacola in order to get interviews from multiple people involved over the infamous SML Drama, being Logan & the crew, Chilly, Tito, Marc (Crowdkiller), and Kayla (Logan's former friend). During the initial meetup, Logan was nice and kind to CDusk, kindly greeting him, but when he learned about the interviews, tried to come up with excuses not to do them, often telling him that he's filming, or saying "Come back in a few hours", only to not be available. After the time had passed, CDusk would return but Logan's cars were gone, and would try to get a hold of someone with no answer, causing CDusk to want to come back later. Later as CDusk had dinner with the Jimenez family, CDusk found out from Chilly that Logan supposedly sent her texts saying, "I won't answer the door lol," meaning that Logan was actually home, deciding to ignore the interviews as he didn't want to let the truth out. The next day, CDusk encountered Logan again, finally deciding to do the interview. During the interview, Logan seemed to show lots of anxiety and strange body postures. His answers came out short and quick with barely any information but decided to answer regular questions that didn't involve the drama normally. This means that Logan was indeed hiding something, and it seems like he wanted to get the interview with done extremely quickly. This information can be analyzed in this video. Later on, after CDusk returned home, when he was about to edit/work on Chilly & Tito's interview, Logan supposedly DM'd him asking to see the Chilly interview earlier than it was supposed to be uploaded and trying to do a second interview in an attempt to defend himself quicker despite not even being interested in the first interview. This led to CDusk losing some respect for Logan, with Logan definitely not being a fan of CDusk. This led to Lovell beginning to spread rumors on a Twitch livestream about CDusk stalking outside of Logan's house since 5am, yet that hasn't been proven. Upon meeting Logan and the crew, CDusk states Lovell and Lance were extremely nice, but the second time they acted much different, and less excited, meaning Logan could've possibly told them to ignore CDusk, and they had to abide due to Logan being their boss.


  • Logan has met Charles Martinet (the voice actor of Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi).
  • Logan uses a Canon Vixia HFG20 to film his videos.
  • He has the same birthday as Audrey ÓMáille.
  • In his earlier videos, he is shown to have a slight British accent and in his later videos, he has a more American accent.
  • Logan, along with his brother Lance, are of Irish descent.
  • He has a scar on his left hand.
  • Logan currently owns two cars, his Lamborghini and Camaro. His Camaro was sold.
  • Logan is the second-partnered plush tuber, the first being MarioMario8989, who would later go on to become The Cute Mario Bros.
  • Logan says his butthole goes "inside out" every time he sits at restaurants.
  • Logan's favorite NFL player is Tom Brady. Logan has even played with Tom Brady once and has gotten signatures from him on his Super Bowl 51, 52, and 53 shirts.
  • He has done the second most SLL taste tests out of any cast member.
  • He said in a 2014 interview with Daxter5150 that he has over 300 plushies and puppets in his possession.
  • He has said that he thinks "YouTube is dying in a weird way," because people who do gaming videos (which he thinks takes no effort), such as PewDiePie, are more popular than people who make something that takes talent, like his videos.
  • His least favorite instrument is the violin.
  • His biggest fear is carcinophobia because he has had so many sicknesses that it has caused him to be extremely paranoid.
  • One of his smaller fears is venomous spiders.
  • Logan has acrophobia (a fear of heights). It is revealed in Chilly's Vlog that Logan also has aerophobia (a fear of airplane flights).
  • In his reaction to The Elevator! on his SuperLuigiLogan, it is also revealed that Logan is claustrophobic (a fear of small or closed spaces).
  • Despite his fear of flights, he traveled before on a plane to other American cities, like Chicago, New York City, Las Vegas, Dallas, etc.
  • He also faced his fears by traveling to Hawaii with his ex-girlfriend, Adriana Fajardo.
  • His favorite NFL football teams are the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots. He has seen both teams play.
  • He mentioned the Internet meme "Mama Luigi" in I got tagged "5 facts", being an unintentional foreshadowing of the character with the same name.
  • According to Logan's Instagram, and clipped footage of the EtikaWorldNetwork stream of the Nintendo Switch Presentation, Logan donated $300 to Etika on his EtikaWorldNetwork Switch Presentation Stream so he could buy a Switch and was the reason Etika owned one. Also on August 5, 2017, he donated to Etika once more as he donated $1,100 dollars to him and Etika was extremely happy he got the donation.
  • It is possible that Super Mario Galaxy is one of his top favorite games of Nintendo due to Rosalina being a girlfriend and later a wife to Mario.
  • As revealed in Draw My Life, Logan started going to church after Jamarcus' death in hopes of getting close to God, but he slowly stopped going but still remains to be Christian.
  • He is a pro in solving a Rubik's Cube and even owns a whole channel dedicated to solving Rubik's Cubes called XXRUBIKSCUBEXx. However, he stopped making videos on this channel in 2008.

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