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"Locked Out" is the 37th episode of SML Shorts.


Mario gets locked out of the house. Will Jeffy let him in?


The video starts off with Mario giving Jeffy his peas and Coke. Jeffy immediately throws his Coke away, and admits that he wants chocolate cake. Mario promises him chocolate cake if he eats all his peas. While Mario gets Jeffy's Coke, Jeffy hides his peas in his high chair before saying that he is all done.

However, Mario questions Jeffy, asking him if his peas are on the floor. Mario checks the floor, and at first falls for it, before checking the seat. He finds Jeffy's peas under the seat and gets mad, not giving Jeffy any chocolate cake. Jeffy then starts crying, trying to get Mario to remember that he promised.

Mario then gets a plate of chocolate cake from the fridge and prepares to eat it in front of him when he finds out that Jeffy is missing. He then looks at the back door, which is open, and sighs before looking for Jeffy outside. Jeffy then uhns behind him, and Mario realizes that Jeffy is going to shut the door. He tries to hurry back inside but Jeffy locks the door in the nick of time.

Mario checks every window and tries to get Jeffy to unlock the door, but Jeffy just uhns at him and shuts the curtains every single time. Mario tries to run to the front door, but Jeffy closes it before he can get inside. The same happens when Mario tries to get inside the garage, only for Jeffy to shut the garage door. Mario finds out that he can get through the top window with a ladder and climbs up to the window where Jeffy surprisingly finds Mario. Mario lies to Jeffy claiming that he has medicine to take, but Jeffy doesn't believe Mario and closes the window.

Mario then climbs down when Brooklyn T. Guy as a police officer shines a flashlight on Mario and finds him trying to get inside the house. Mario states that his retarded roommate locked him out, but Brooklyn T. Guy thinks that Mario has a grudge against somebody. He comes up with a new theory, believing that Mario has been drinking. Mario then gets Brooklyn T. Guy to help him get inside by trying the front door. Mario knocks on the door, but he knows that Jeffy won't answer. He then tries the doorbell, and Jeffy does answer the door, with the plate of chocolate cake in his hand. Mario immediately rushes to get inside but Brooklyn T. Guy stops him, mistaking the house for Jeffy's own house, and getting Jeffy's age wrong as well, calling him a "man" (or an adult). Brooklyn T. Guy asks Jeffy does Mario live in the house, Jeffy lies to Brooklyn T. Guy, saying that he never saw Mario in his life. Brooklyn T. Guy buys the lie and takes Mario away, who struggles to get out of his clutches.

Mario is offended and Brooklyn T. Guy asks Mario to leave the property, still believing Jeffy is the grown adult owner of the house, which is clearly not true because Jeffy is a stupid child. As if that wasn't enough, he thinks that Jeffy has money, due to proof that Jeffy answered the door holding chocolate cake. He adds that if he gets another notice that Mario is at the house, Mario goes to jail, or as Brooklyn T. Guy calls it, "the slammer", before leaving and calling Mario a "drunk bastard" under his breath. Mario calls Jeffy's name in astonishment. Mario tries to get warm outside, but then he finds out that he can get inside through the attic.

He gets the ladder and enters the attic, without being caught. He then finds the air vent and tries to get inside. While crawling through the air vent, he vows to punch Jeffy in his "retarded face" and kill him. Unbeknownst to him, Mario falls from the air vent onto the floor in the living room, getting knocked out upon impact. Jeffy finds Mario and looks up at the air vent and then at him, before picking up Mario's body and throwing it out, without Mario to interfere as he's still unconscious from the fall.

Mario finds a camera to speak to Jeffy (who is eating his cake, throwing his sippy cup and saying "whoops"), and asks Jeffy what he is doing. Jeffy happily says he is eating his cake, and asks Mario what he is doing. Mario replies, yelling that he's "freezing his a** off", and shouting at him to let him inside. Jeffy just simply says "no". Mario then begs Jeffy to let him in, saying that he will do whatever Jeffy wants. Jeffy caves in, and admits he wants more cake and asks Mario to get some more. Mario says he will get the biggest chocolate cakes and runs away. Later, the doorbell rings. Jeffy answers the door and finds a birthday cake-looking chocolate cake on the house doorstep. Jeffy picks it up and brings it to the dining room.

Jeffy then uhs five times, happily beginning to eat it. Jeffy picks up the fork when a bump appears on the cake. It turns out that Mario was disguised as chocolate cake in an attempt to get inside, and a chocolate-covered Mario comes out from the cake, scaring Jeffy. As a result, Jeffy thinks that Mario is a chocolate cake monster and runs away, with Mario chasing Jeffy. Jeffy then runs outside, and Mario idiotically follows him, only for him to realize that he's been locked out again, and Jeffy won't let him inside because he still mistakes Mario as a chocolate cake monster.

It doesn't last long before Brooklyn T. Guy catches Mario, and simply says "just get in the car". Mario admits that he "knows", and is forced to get in the car, now arrested. Feeling victorious, Jeffy sits on the couch, with his chocolate cake in his hand, and he turns on the TV with the remote right next to him. A breaking news report comes on, with Goodman reporting Mario, mistaking him for a "drunk chocolate cake man". He quotes, "a drunk man has just been arrested for trying to break into someone's house, while he was covered in chocolate cake"! Jeffy simply stares at the TV before ending the video with his famous phrase: "Why you do that?"



  • This is the second most hated SML video of all time and considered one of the worst videos in the channels history by most fans.
  • This video was uploaded on Logan's 22nd Birthday,
    • Additionally, since Mario is one of his personas, it could also be Mario's birthday too, as it was revealed in Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend! that Mario's birthday is in November. Though Mario’s birthday has been changed multiple times.
  • This is the 4th time Mario gets arrested. The first being Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures season 2 Episode 8 the second being the second being Black Yoshi's Blank Check!, and the third being Jeffy's Bad Word!.
  • This is the 8th and final SML Video of 2016 to be heavily panned by fans, 1st being Cody's Birthday!, 2nd being Black Yoshi's Blank Check!, 3rd being Jeffy's Bad Word!, 4th being Bowser Junior's Game Night 5, 5th being The Gun!, 6th being Bowser Junior's Package!, and the 7th being Jeffy's Flu Shot!.
  • This is the first time Jeffy appears in an SML Short since Bowser Junior's Nerf War!.
  • Jeffy's dislike of peas returns from Jeffy Gets Potty Trained!.
  • This episode reveals that one of Jeffy's favorite treat is chocolate cake.
  • After all the hate comments the video has received, Logan responded in the comments section and the description saying that this video's purpose was for Jeffy fans and a non-Jeffy video will be uploaded on the weekend.
    • He also said that he won't make videos of Mario being tortured anymore.
    • However, Mario is still being tortured in later episodes.
  • This video marks the first appearance of the attic.
  • The red couch was only shown at the end of the video.
  • This video was uploaded 8 years after "A Retarded Beginning", 10 years after the Playstation 3 was released in NA and 13 years after Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga was released and Mario Kart Double Dash was released in North America.
  • This was the most disliked SML Short and SML Video, but it got surpassed by Jeffy's Fun Day! as the most disliked SML Video.
  • Starting with this video, Jeffy wears a new diaper.
  • This is the 1st SML Short at the new house.
  • Mario was originally going to break the window but Logan didn't want to risk it, so he changed it to Mario going into a vent.
  • A possible made up for this video was done in Jeffy's Trap! where Brooklyn Guy says in that video he fears ladders. Which explains how he didn't identify Mario (Although at that time, that was actually Does Bad Things Guy).


  • Does Bad Things Guy shouldn't have arrested Mario because he sold the house to Mario and Bowser in The New House! Jeffy was too young as he was 12 at the time of this video and he wasn't there with Mario, Bowser, and Rosalina to sell the house either. However, in reference to his name, Does Bad Things Guy knew that Mario was the owner, and only arrested him and made him not know who really owned the house, only to torture Mario.
  • From 3:38 - 3:41. Pablo can be seen in the reflection in the door.
  • There is a keypad at the front door so Mario should have used the passcode to get in. It is possible that Mario did not remember what the passcode is.
  • Mario could have got other people in the house like Bowser, Chef Pee Pee, Bowser Junior, etc. to open the door it could have been possible that Mario and Jeffy where the only ones home.
  • When Mario climb down the ladder it gets dark really fast. This is likely due to that scene being filmed long after the previous one.
  • Plot Holes:
    • How fast is Jeffy when he locks Mario out?
    • Why does Mario not get back up after falling out of the vent? It’s likely he was knocked out due to how hard he hit the floor.
    • Why does Does Bad Things Guy arrest Mario for trying to break and enter despite selling the house to him?


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