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The Loan Dolphin is a major antagonist in the SuperMarioLogan series.

He is a dolphin out of the ocean. He has a deep Brooklyn accent and is voiced by Chris Netherton. He was first mentioned in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Episode 2 by Craig, and he threatened to break Craig's kneecaps if he doesn't get any money. The Loan Dolphin is often an antagonist and a very shady crLD. He also beat up Brooklyn T. Guy to make Chef Pee Pee win in The Bet!. He made his debut as the main antagonist of Black Yoshi's Money Problem!. He was also the central antagonist of The Hitman!, where he was hired to kill Jeffy, but failed. He hides in a dark alley which is what he does most of the time.


The Loan Dolphin is a dolphin outside the ocean, but has a deep personality to himself and others. He scams people for money, sometimes his deals leads to others deaths. In The Hitman!, Mario pays the Dolphin to kill Jeffy, he ended up killing an innocent kid (Patrick) and spooking his friend (Felipe). His second job was to kill him at the McDonald's drive-thru, after killing the employee. Mario pays the Dolphin to kill him in his sleep. His interaction with Mario is not nice. In other videos, he also gets paid to hostage Junior.

He is a hidden criminal, due to hiding his identity and being on the run for many years and being discreet about his location.


As his name implies, Loan Dolphin is a dark gray dolphin who wears a black leather jacket. He has visible teeth on his lower jaw, with none on his upper jaw and has shiny black eyes. Like most dolphins, his underbelly and lower jaw are white. He also has a dorsal fin which is always covered by his jacket.

Criminal record

Loan Dolphin has committed the following crimes below:

  • Theft: In Black Yoshi's Chicken Sandwich!, he and Mario broke into Tyrone's house for a chicken sandwich, and in Bowser Junior's Credit Card!, he and Goodman confiscated Bowser Junior’s stuff.
  • Murder: He shot Patrick at a public park since he was signed to kill the kid with an ice cream cone (which was originally Jeffy, but he threw his ice cream away). Along with that, he also had to kill a McDonald's drive-thru employee named Tim just to take over the drive-thru. Also in Bowser Junior Almost Goes To Sleep Forever!, he shot Chef Pee Pee. It is also likely Loan Dolphin has killed other people before given his job being a hitman.
  • Attempted Murder: In The Hitman! (or Jeffy's Ice Cream), he tried many times to kill Jeffy.
  • Attempted Poisoning: In The Hitman! he poisoned Jeffy's chicken nuggets only for him to not to eat it and throw it out as instead due to him not having 20 toys in his Happy Meal.
  • Attempted Encouraged Poisoning: In Brooklyn Guy's New Wife! he sold Drop Dead Gorgeous to Brooklyn T. Guy which caused him to put it in Karen's slice of lasagna causing her to pass out after eating it. However the poisoning failed and instead turned her into Crystal.
  • Drug Dealing: In Black Yoshi's Koolaid Problem!, he sold Kool Aid which was an illegal drug at the time.
  • Kidnapping: In The SuperMarioLogan Movie! it was speculated that he could have kidnapped Mario and in Jeffy's Home Alone! he tried to get ransom out of Drawing Jeffy selling him for $100,000.
  • Scamming: In The Bet!, he scammed Goodman out of all his money by beating up Brooklyn T. Guy, stealing his phone, and then forcing him to eat Chef Pee Pee's disgusting ravioli and pretend to like it.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Money
  • Bomb Puns (In Jeffy's Taco Tuesday!)
  • Killing people
  • His job
  • Chuck E Cheese Tokens
  • Kidnapping or killing Children
  • The Miami Dolphins
  • Dan Marino
  • Selling things
  • Chuck e Cheese Tokens
  • Getting/eating money
  • Mixing moonshine with bath salts
  • Eating Octopi
  • Black Yoshi
  • Bowser Junior(sometimes)
  • Simmons (Currently)
  • Goodman



  • "Bad news? I don't like bad news, what's up?"
  • "You better not have lost my 100 grand!"
  • "You idiots lost my $100,000 dollars! Y-you better get it back, or at least kidnap the kid so we can hold him for ransom!"
  • "We got your kid. We're holding him for ransom. We're not gonna give him back unless you give us a hundred thousand dollars."
  • "You wanna talk to him? Here, talk to your dad."
  • "So if you ever wanna hear that again, you'd better give us our money."
  • "N-n-n-no buts, you gonna give us the money or not?"
  • "W-no, really?"
  • "Wait. H-hang on I think I've got the wrong number. Uh, did you order a pizza earlier?"
  • "So, is your kid dead?"
  • "My chocolate friend?!"
  • "Well- I mean I have sonar; I can see sounds... It's pretty f***ed up right now, man."
  • "Oh you better have it. Or you're gonna be sleeping with the fishes! And I can do that too cuz I'm a dolphin!"

Murder Victims



  • In The Hitman!, he is considered as "America's Most Wanted".
  • He is often mistaken by Mario as a "loan shark".
  • In Jeffy's Home Alone!, the Loan Dolphin is a criminal boss of Brooklyn Guy and Simmons.
  • His favorite NFL team is the Miami Dolphins which was revealed in The Rings!.
  • Loan Dolphin is based off Loan Sharks, which are people that are moneylenders who charge extremely high rates of interest, typically under illegal conditions. Loan Dolphin has often been seen selling things that are illegal, fitting with what he is based off.
    • This could explain the reason why Mario confuses him for a shark.
  • Loan Dolphin currently has never made a physical appearance in 2020 due to Chris/Pablo being unable to voice him as he is staying home in the COVID-19 pandemic. However he has officially returned in Chef Pee Pee Goes to Hollywood! and has also returned in Jeffy's Big Idea! and Jeffy's Broken Toy!.
  • His puppet was created by Folkmanis.


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