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This is a list of SML character deaths listed alphabetically. Despite any or other characters' death, they came back to life the following video for no reason. The causes of deaths are also explained.

Cast and Friends

Jamarcus (1 Death)

Logan Thirtyacre (1 Death)

Lovell Stanton (4 Deaths)


5 Car Crash Victims (1 Death)

15 Unnamed Children (1 Death)

26 Unknown People (1 Death)

Abraham Lincoln (1 Death)

  • In The Past Machine!, Cody brings Lincoln to the present, only to find out that he was already shot by John Wilkes Booth.

Ant (1 Death)

Atso (1 Death)

Baby Doll (1 Death)

Banana Butterfly (1 Death)

Baymax (1 Death)

Bee (1 Death)

Big Red (1 Deaths)

Black Yoshi (4 Deaths)

Blooper (1 Death)

Blue Yoshi (1 Death)

Blue (1 Death)

  • In The Car, he dies in an explosion alongside Big Red, Speedy, Taliban, Woody, Shrek, Black Yoshi, and Toni.

Bob-omb (2 Deaths)

Bonnie (1 Death)

Booger (1 Death)

Boogeyman (1 Death)

Bowser (13 Deaths)

  • In The Magical Button!, Bowser Junior pushes the button after wishing for a sprite, causing Bowser to die because of Cody and Joseph hiding the button, although he was later revived when his son committed suicide.
  • In Bowser Junior Goes To The Future!, Juniors friends told him his dad died (Only to find out it was all a prank).
  • In The Pantry!, he commits suicide off-screen by jumping off a bridge after spending his life's savings at a casino.

Bowser's Dad (1 Death)

Bowser Junior (25 Deaths)

Brooklyn T. Guy (8 Deaths)

Brooklyn T. Guy's Son (1 Death)

Brooklyn T. Guy's Wife (Sharon) (3 Deaths)

Bronx Dude (1 Death)

  • Jeffy's Drone!, he got murdered by Brooklyn Guy and stuffed into a pizza box so Brooklyn Guy can take back his jobs.

Brown Elephant (1 Death)

Bully Bill (3 Deaths)

Bunghole (1 Death)

Bunny (1 Death)

  • In The Perfect Pizza, he/she was possibly stabbed to death by Chef Pee Pee and was made into a sandwich (off-screen).

Burglar Ringo (1 Death)

Butterfree (1 Death)

The Cat in the Hat (1 Death)

Charleyyy (4 Deaths)

Chef Pee Pee (16 Deaths)

Chef Pee Pee's Robot Clone (4 Deaths)

Cooked Turkey (1 Death)

Chica (1 Death)

Charizard (1 Death)

  • In Pokemon Part 6, Cookie Monster pours water on its tail, killing it (debatable).

Crack Bear (1 Death)

Creeper (1 Death)

Crusty (1 Death)

Cookie Monster (2 Deaths)

Cody (12 Deaths)

Cody's Clones (1 Death)

Doofy the Dragon (17 Deaths)

Devious Diesel (1 Death)

Does Bad Things Guy (1 Death)

Does Bad Things Guy's Wife (1 Death)

Doc McStuffins (1 Death)

Donkey Kong (2 Deaths)

Drawing Jeffy (3 Deaths)

Dream Mario (1 Death)

Drug Dealer (1 Death)

Dr. Finkleshitz (3 Deaths)

Eagle (2 Deaths)

Easter Bunny (1 Death)

Elmo (2 Deaths)

Everyone (2 deaths)

Feebee (1 Death)

Female Big Red (1 Death)

Flounder (1 Death)

Freddy (1 Death)

Foxy (1 Death)

Germy (1 Death)

  • In The Fly, he was killed by Chef Pee Pee.

Giant Shrimpo (1 Death)

Greg the Pig (1 Death)

Grarrl (1 Death)

Goodman (4 Deaths)

Goofy (1 Death)

Goomba (6 Deaths)

Goomba Max (1 Death)

Gumbo (2 Deaths)

Hansel (2 Deaths)

Harambe (2 Deaths)

Harold Wilfred (2 Deaths)

  • In Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!, he has a heart attack because the alarm of Joseph's phone sounded, and also he falls and breaks his arm while trying to take off Joseph's phone (Debatable).
  • In The 1UP!, he dies from a heart attack while telling Mario where the money is, because he fell in the stairs, causing him injuries. But later, he is brought back to life, and Mario finds out that the money is Monopoly money.

Helmet Pig (1 Death)

Horse (1 Death)

Humpty (1 Death)

  • In Root Beer!, he fell of the edge of the window causing him to crack.

Jackie Chu (1 Deaths)

  • In The Science Fair!, Petey ingests his (Jackie Chu's) groin after Bowser Junior put on MC. Bloodstain.

Joseph (15 Deaths)

Jacques Pierre François (1 Death)

  • In Jeffy's Parents!, he committed suicide by shooting himself while making a painting called "The Suicide".

Jeffo (1 Death)

Jeffy (13 Deaths)

Jeffy Junior (1 Death)

  • In Jeffy Has Kids!, he was put inside the toilet and later got flushed down inside.

Kamek (1 Death)

King Pig (2 Deaths)

Ken (6 Deaths)

  • In The Ouija Board! he got possessed by demons, but it is unknown whether he dies or not.
  • In Broken, he splits in half by falling off the balcony of the house.
  • In Bowser Junior Kinda Goes Camping!, he splits in half again, after having sex with Cody, but is fixed later by Junior and Cody.
  • In Sunken, he splits apart from the monster.
  • In Spoken he gets burnt as his puppet self.
  • In Sicken, Junior throws him out of the window breaking him (Revived by Cody later).

King Strongbottom (1 Deaths)

Koopa (3 Deaths)

Killer Shrimpo (1 Death)

Lime Green Cock-A-Doodle Tweet Tweet (1 Death)

  • In Jeffy's Haircut!, Mr. Whiskers, cheats on her by putting a birdhouse with the name "Birdclub XXX", she goes there, and possibly she was eaten by Mr. Whiskers (Off-Screen; Debatable).

Luigi (3 Deaths)

Luigi (Bowser Juice Informercial character) (1 Death)

Magikarp (1 Death)

Mama Luigi (3 Deaths)

Mario (15 Deaths)

Mr. Whiskers (1 Deaths)

Marshall (1 Death)

Mebo (1 Death)

Minnie (1 Death)

Mine! Bird (1 Death)

Michael (1 Death)

Meowth (1 Death)

Mittens (1 Death)

  • She ended up getting ran over by Bowser sometime before the events of Cody's Revenge!. Her ashes were later destroyed by Bowser Junior.

Mysterious Caller (1 Death)

Mufasa (1 Death)

Murder Victim (1 Death)

Marshall's Daughter (1 Death)

Mr. Bones (1 Death)

  • Sometime before the events of The Dog Show!, he starved to death because Joseph forgot to feed him.

Mutant Fly (1 Death) 

Mr. Pig (2 Deaths)

Mario (Bowser Juice Informercial character) (1 Death)

Nazi Cheeseburger (1 Deaths)

Nemo (1 Death)

Noquiero Tacobell (1 Death)

Other Pig (1 Death)

Mr. Fish (1 Death)

  • In Sunken!, he gets shot by a killer whale.

Passengers (1 Death)

  • In Non-Stop 2 Trailer, they die in a plane crash, (Caused by Mysterious Caller) possibly killing him as well.

Patrick (3 Deaths)

Patrick's Mom (1 Deaths)

  • In The Magical Button!, Bowser Junior pushes the button after wishing for a bathtub filled with macaroni and cheese, causing Patrick's Mom to die.

Peach (2 Deaths)

Pee Pee Suck (1 Death)

Pee-Wee (1 Death)

Penguin Victim (1 Death)

Polly The Parrot (1 Death)

Poopy Butt/Shitass (2 Deaths)

  • In Jeffy Gets Glasses!, Brooklyn Guy comes to Mario's house with a syringe under the impression that he is going to euthanize Shitass. When he learns this is not the case, he disposes of the syringe by sticking it into Shitass, killing him anyway.
  • In Jeffy's Bad Dog!, Poopy Butt eats Jeffy's chocolate cake and dies from the chocolate, but he was brought back to life and turned evil by Craig.

Precious (1 Death)

Puppet Ken (1 Death)

  • In Spoken, he was burned by Cody.

Puss Hole 1 & 2 (1 Death)

Rosalina (1 Deaths)

Ray Cheesy (1 Deaths)

Ray the Pig (1 Death)

Russian Spy (1 Death)

Russian Spy's Mom (1 Death)

Simmons (5 Deaths)

Speaker Guy (1 Death)

Sonic The Hedgehog (1 Deaths)

  • In The Baby, he gets shot by Black Yoshi.

Shrek (4 Deaths)

Skittles (1 Death)

In The Bird, she was shot and stabbed by Shrek and Black Yoshi.

Salty/The Ugly Red One (1 Death)

Speedy (1 Deaths)

  • In The Car, he dies in an explosion alongside Big Red, Toni, Shrek, Tailban, Black Yoshi, Woody, and Blue.

Spider (1 Death)

Shark (2 Deaths)

Snorlax (1 Death)

  • In Pokemon Part 2, Chef Pee Pee inadvertently told him to commit suicide by making him use an move called "Congestive Heart Failure".

Santa Claus (2 Deaths)

Stinky (1 Death)

T-Rex (1 Death)

  • In The Past Machine! (episode), he was killed by Bowser Junior since he restarted the universe with the Big Bang, causing the asteroid event from 65 million years ago to happen. And was also killed in the modern universe.

Taliban (1 Death)

  • In The Car, he dies in an explosion alongside Big Red, Speedy, Woody, Shrek, Toni, Black Yoshi, and Blue.

The Fly (1 Death)

The Rat (1 Death)

The Three Military School Students (1 Death)

Thomas (1 Death)

Tim (1 Death)

  • In The Hitman!, he was killed by The Loan Dolphin off screen.

Timmy Jenkins (1 Death)

  • In Finders Keepers!, he dies after losing the $30,000 that was needed for his heart transplant, thanks to Junior and his friends.

Timmy (1 Death)

Toad (28 Deaths)

Toni (1 Deaths)

  • In The Car, she dies in an explosion alongside Big Red, Speedy, Woody, Shrek, Tailban, Black Yoshi, and Blue.

Tour Guide for Today (1 Death)

Turkey (2 Deaths)

Turtle Victim (1 Death)

Tyrone Calvin (2 Deaths)

Unknown Dad

Unnamed Bunny (1 Death)

Victim (1 Death)

Violet (1 Death)

Waluigi (1 Death)

Wario (1 Death)

Woody (1 Deaths)

  • In The Car, he dies in an explosion alongside Big Red, Toni, Speedy, Taliban, Blue, Shrek, and Black Yoshi.

Yoshi (1 Death)


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