"Life Is Ruff!" is the 39th episode of SML Shorts.


In this SML Short, Bowser Junior and Chompy get hit by a truck! They switch bodies somehow!


Bowser Junior takes Chompy outside for a poop but Chompy starts barking. Junior eventually figures out that he noticed a red ball, and Junior plays catch with the ball, throwing it at the road.

When Chompy gets the ball, a truck comes and Junior tries to save Chompy from getting hit, but they both do get hit. Woody, the truck-driver, immediately shouts and wonders what the noise was, but forgets about it and keeps on driving.

Junior wakes up, and his point-of-view is somehow black and white. Junior finds his body lying on the ground before eventually it turns out that both Junior and Chompy somehow switched bodies from the hit.

Junior then tries to show Chef Pee Pee that he is a dog, but to no avail. Chef Pee Pee then goes to give Junior chocolate, but Junior doesn't leave.

Next, Junior goes into Bowser's bedroom, but Bowser wanted to put some peanut butter on Junior, making Junior disgusted.

Joseph and Cody arrive at the front door. Chompy was barking at another dog. Moreover, before they could play, Cody and Joseph found Junior in the form of Chompy, but they both thought it was Chompy, just like Chef Pee Pee and Bowser. Chompy starts ferociously humping Cody, confusing him.

Junior wanted to pee so he wanted to go outside, but the problem was that he couldn't because the door was locked. So, he went into the kitchen, seeing Chef Pee Pee cleaning up Chompy's poop, and Junior had no other choice but to pee in the kitchen.

Cody saw Chompy in the form of Junior eating milk bone treats. This made Cody think that Junior and Chompy switch bodies, with Chompy actually eating the treats, while Junior was near the gaming room.

What Cody did to prove that they have switched bodies is seeing which colored ball Junior chooses, and if it was the red ball, it would be Junior, but Junior got it incorrectly. Junior then saw his dad with more peanut butter.

Cody and Joseph saw Chompy licking himself, then Chompy humped Cody once again. The video ends with Cody saying that given that dogs are colorblind, even if it was Junior, he wouldn't know which ball was red, although he thought that Junior was having a lot of fun as a dog.



  • Logan's reaction for unknown reasons is titled Bowser Junior The Dog, even though the episode is titled Life Is Ruff!.
  • This is the second time characters switch bodies. The first was Switching Bodies!
  • The title is a reference to an episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, titled Life's Ruff. Both of them have characters becoming dogs.
  • The title is also a reference to the 2005 Disney Channel Original Movie, Life is Ruff. The description even refers to the video as a "Disney Channel Original Movie" itself, slightly referencing Bowser Junior's Game Night 6.
  • This is Woody's real first appearance since The Christmas Special!.
    • This is also his first appearance in the new house.
  • This is Chompy's return since The Dog Show!, and his first appearance in the new house.
  • This episode reveals that Bowser is a zoophile as he allows Chompy to lick Peanut Butter off his crotch.
  • This is the final SML Short of 2016.
  • This is the only Switcheroo video where the characters are never seen going back into their orifinal bodies.
  • If you listen closely at 0:23, you can hear the Shrimpo Hunter Theme Song playing in Woody's truck.


  • At 0:58, the Chompy puppet can be seen on the side even though the camera is at Junior's point-of-view as a dog.
  • In this episode, Bowser Junior figures out that dogs are color blind, with Cody also backing it up by saying that Junior wouldn't be able to tell which ball was red or blue. This is, however, a very common misconception considering dogs can actually see colors (as can colorblind people) but in a very limited range of hues as they can see only in tints of blue and yellow
  • The I in is isn't capitalized in the thumbnail.


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