"Koopa's New Job" is the 13th episode of SML Shorts. It was the debut of Chef Pee Pee.


Koopa Troopa is standing near some stairs where Bowser assigned him to work. He begins lamenting to himself about how much he hates his job. Soon he starts complaining about Bowser. Soon, however, the camera pans up to reveal that Bowser was listening to him the whole time. Bowser gets angry because Koopa insulted him, then asks him if he wants a new job. Koopa gladly agrees.

Bowser takes Koopa to the kitchen, where Chef Pee Pee is cooking cat soup. Bowser tells Chef Pee Pee that Koopa is a new employee. Chef Pee Pee asks Koopa if he is a turtle, and when he replies, starts exclaiming "Turtle soup!" Chef Pee Pee grabs Koopa and replaces the cat in the soup pot with him. Chef Pee Pee kills Koopa with a knife, then puts the pot in the oven. He turns on the oven while yelling "Bake! Bake! Bake!" and "Turtle Soup!" He takes the pot out of the oven, and takes out a spoon to eat him with, only to realize that he has become "turtle beef." He eats the food anyway, as the screen fades to black with a message: "Be happy with what you have. Because if you complain you might be made into turtle soup."



  • This marks the first appearance of Bowser's chef/slave, Chef Pee Pee.
  • In this episode, in contrast to many of his future appearances, Chef Pee Pee was very happy and stupid, and had a more Italian accent.
    • His attitude and speech in many of his early appearances is more in-line with Chef Poo-Poo.
  • There is a theory that the Koopa was Joseph's dad and that the following event might be an explanation for how he passed away.
  • There's also another theory that the video takes place in the future (Bowser Junior and Joseph are grown up) and Chef Pee Pee has gone insane after many torturements of Junior.
    • However, because the house burned down, and with Joseph recently got a new shell, this may not be possible.


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