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Ken is Cody's doll, however Cody believes that Ken is a real person and has had sexual intercourse many times with the doll.

Bowser Junior and Joseph think Cody is weird and gay because he has sex with Ken multiple times. Cody often exhibits a little too much public affection for the doll as for example in Bowser Junior's Package!, he can be seen on Facebook "bath time" with Ken with bubbles (implied to be semen) on his mouth and on Ken's crotch area.


  • The doll Cody originally bought is different from the one used in later videos. The Ken doll Cody brings along with him now is based on the Hawaiian Vacation Ken or Toy Story 3 Ken.
    • This was also because originally, the Ken dolls from the Barbie brand (as a whole) could cause demonetization.
  • In "Bowser Junior's Fireworks!", he was attached to the fireworks and Bowser Junior, Cody, and Joseph thought he died but he survived.
  • According to "Bowser Junior's Game Night 2", Ken is revealed to be Greek.
  • In spite being a doll, there are several instances where Ken is shown to possibly be alive and sentient until it was fully confirmed in "Spoken":
  • In "Bowser Junior's Lottery Ticket!", it is implied that Ken hates Cody; when Cody asks Ken what he would do with the million dollars, he imagines himself shooting Cody with a gun.
    • In Spoken, Ken had puppet counterpart capable of moving and talking.
    • The YouTuber, MAFDOMiNUS, made a theory stating that when Cody, Bowser Junior and Joseph were playing with the Ouija Board in Cody's Sleepover they may have summoned a demon which possessed Ken. He also states that Cody may have killed the Demon because when Cody used his wand he stated it looked like Cody was transferring Ken's Demon to Puppet Ken. and then at the end of "Spoken", Cody burns Puppet Ken possibly not only killing Puppet Ken but the demon possessing Ken.
  • Ken is the first SML Character to fall down the balcony and then die.
    • Somehow in "Happy Halloween!", Ken is revived and dressed up for Halloween as an astronaut. Maybe Cody bought a new Ken doll or fixed him.
  • In "Taken", Ken is shown to be sentient, as he calls Cody and moves under the bed.
  • He was at the beginning disliked by fans.
  • According to Logan, Ken is based of a G.I Joe doll he took everywhere.


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