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Kamek is a Magikoopa who is the biological father of Cody and Katy and the ex-husband of Judy. He appeared in Bowser Junior's Playtime 2 in a post-video. He makes his actual appearance in The Perfect Plan! as one of the secondary antagonists and a test character. He is voiced by Chris.

When this plush does not take the role of Kamek, He takes the role of a more famous SML character, Cody

The Perfect Plan!

Kamek appears when Bowser calls in Koopa Troopa, Shy Guy, and himself. After Koopa and Shy Guy showed their terrible ideas on how to kill Mario, Kamek shows his idea to Bowser, which is a crane with it attached to Mario and it hangs him over a bowl of acid. Bowser goes with the plan, but Goomba shows off his idea, which is just scribbles. Bowser pretends to agree, in order to not hurt the Goomba's feelings. Bowser still insists on doing Kamek's plan. After Koopa and Goomba succeeds luring Mario to Bowser's hideout, Kamek grabs Mario with the crane and hangs him over the acid. When Kamek is about to lower Mario into the acid, Shy Guy arrives with a bomb, which earlier he annoyed Bowser by calling it with the final B not silent. Luigi, who intends to save his brother from a gruesome fate, takes the bomb from Shy Guy and throws it at the crane, blowing it up and killing Kamek.


  • He is possibly Cody's biological father.
  • It is possible he is an adult Cody.
  • Although The Perfect Plan! was his only character appearance.
    • He also appeared as a character in Bowser Junior's Playtime 2 although that has just a preview for The Perfect Plan!.
    • He also has recently made a appearance in SML Movie: Cody Plays Tennis! as a character in the game it not saying Cody when selecting the character so is this actually his dad in the game ?
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