"Just Like Saw" is the 5th episode of Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.


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Bowser follows Peach and Evil Croco, with Mario, Mama Luigi, and Yoshi nowhere in sight through the warp pipe. Evil Croco explains that the Warp Pipe lead them into his palace, and that he also installed an obstacle course in his palace, in which case they're in it. In a Saw-esque style, one of them has to die in order to survive the course. If one where to enter his palace, an Eagle will swoop in and kill the person. They decided to sacrifice Bowser. Before getting sacrificed, he declares his love to Peach. Peach is disgusted and slaps Bowser before leaving him. As the Evil Croco is instructing Bowser to attract the Eagle, he wants to give a hug to Peach, but instead, he punches her and tries to kiss her, which then a large boulder falls down and gives Peach a mild concussion. The Evil Croco then persuades Bowser to sacrifice Peach instead, and he agrees to do so. Bowser climbs the mountain and attracts the Eagle by swinging Peach around.

Meanwhile, Mario, Mama Luigi, and Yoshi are somewhere different. Yoshi suffers from a mild concussion after hitting his head due to the warp pipe. They are apparently on a mountain. Mario and Mama Luigi then encounter the Frog Guards and a Crybaby Guard. It turns out the guards are Croco's henchmen and that he made the mountain. As Mario climbs up the mountain, he asks Mama Luigi to "babysit" the guards.

Up on the mountain, the Evil Croco punches Mario, where he lands on a scanner. A Clone Mario is made as a result. back at the bottom of the mountain, Mama Luigi mistakes the real Mario for the clone. He then decides to find out who is the real Mario by asking questions while shooting the other person with a gun if he'd got it wrong. Through bouts of stupidity, the real Mario repeatedly gets shot. However, by the last question, the real Mario gets the question right while the clone is killed off. Mario couldn't move because Mama Luigi shot his legs and an arm. Mama Luigi then finds the scanner, but isn't cloned.

Back up the mountain, Mario saves Peach from getting sacrificed. The Evil Croco is sacrificed by the Eagle as a result. Bowser attacks Mario and steals Peach from him while running off. Mario and Mama Luigi decide to chase after him.



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