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Judith "Judy" Nutkiss is a recurring character in SuperMarioLogan and the adoptive mother of Cody also the wife of Tyrone. She is very kind and caring to Cody. She speaks to her ear. But her role in the SML Universe is town whore. Judy currently is the most recurring female character in SML.


Possibly because of her doing drugs, Judy has a very dimwitted and perverted personality.

She always tends to have sex with random strangers and acts very idiotic around other people. And despite being Jewish, she knows nothing about Judaism except for the Holocaust, which has nothing to do with the religion itself.

Moreover, she believes a sentient cheeseburger was the true leader of the Nazi Party, and the tv show SpongeBob SquarePants is a nature documentary. Judy also thinks footage of other places on tv is her going there as mentioned by Cody in Bowser Junior's Big Vacation!.

But when it comes to parenting, Judy is shown to care a lot more about her son.


Judy was born June 7, 1978 and her Birth Sign was Gemini. in 1981 When Judy was five years old, she went to a park with two of her friends. When suddenly, a strange man (possibly Screwball) kidnapped Judy and her friends and locked them in his basement for over 10 years. One day, he decided to let Judy escape and he kept the other two girls.

She attended High School with Brooklyn T. Guy Kamek Does Bad Things Guy and Tyrone during 1992-1996 School Year

Judy was Boyfriends with Kamek, During the  First Half of the School Year  but Kamek left Judy because he was called in to work with the evil villain Bowser

During her Last Years of High School She  wanted to be a cheerleader, but they wouldn't let her join the team because they said that she was too "ugly." So, Judy did drugs, a lot of drugs and she got kicked out of the school. Then, her parents kicked her out of their house and all she knew was slinging leg. Then, she met a pimp who would beat her. 

After marrying Tyrone Nutkiss in June of 2003 Judy would take on the surname "Nutkiss" and her kids would adopt this surname as well,  She also adopted Tyrone's religion, that being Judaism, after marrying him.

It is possible that she cheated on her husband, as they have been married for 15 years [1] 

Judy Lied to Tyrone that she was Pregnant for 9 months and hid a ballon in her Belly and once they found out in February 29 2008 they decided to adopt Cody and Katy who's Biological Dad is suspected to be Kamek who left them in the same day.


The puppet used to portray Judy is Sarah from Silly Puppets.



  • Abusing animals
  • Jeffy
  • Meat
  • Seeing her son get hurt.
  • Nazi Cheeseburger
  • Not feeling important
  • Tyrone cheating on her.
  • Cody getting a B+ on his report card (only in Cody's mind)
  • Apple
  • Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob SquarePants (as seen in Cody's Mistake!)
  • Boukisha
  • Tyrone (Formerly/Only When They were Divorced)
  • Candy Corn
  • Bowser Junior calling her a pig (The School Project, currently)
  • Cody For Beating Up His Friends (possibly)

Criminal Record


Judy's DUI was on the news

  • Adultery: She used to cheat on Tyrone with other men including Chef Peepee.
  • Doing drugs: She was a drug addict when she was a teenager which caused her to get kicked out of high school and her parent's house.
  • Drunk driving: In The Purge!, She Drank 4 Appletinis (A type of Vodka) while driving a car.
  • Rape: She has raped several people in the past.


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  • She works for PETA, as seen in Bowser Junior's Pet!.
  • She is the second character to be mentioned a lot in videos, the first being Bowser.
  • In more recent videos, Bowser Junior and Joseph constantly crack jokes at her expense, mostly calling her a pig, displaying that they really don't like her.
  • It is revealed in Cody's Report Card! that she doesn't like Cody much now after Cody admitted he lied.
  • It is also shown several times that she has a very short attention span, and possibly even ADHD. She unintentionally changes the subject and interrupts a conversation of certain characters.
  • It's also possible that she's being manipulated, and was so nonchalant when Bowser Junior and Joseph make fun of her.
  • In Chilly's vlog, it is revealed that she is from Wales. this might explain why Bowser Juinor calls her a wale when he is making fat jokes about her.
  • As revealed in "Cody's Missing!", she did drugs when she was young because people won't let her in the cheerleaders because she was too ugly which caused her to get kicked out of high school and her parents' house.
  • She calls her son Cody, 'Codykins'.
  • It is revealed in Cody's Sleepover that she is horrible at singing and playing the banjo.
  • Judy made a small non-speaking cameo appearance in Bowser Goes To The Movies! as one of the moviegoers sitting to watch Charleyyy and Friends: The Movie.
  • In Jeffy Gets Expelled!, Brooklyn T. Guy mentions he met someone in high school named Big Booty Judy. It is unknown if he was talking about her or someone else.
  • She has been seen to be quite a neglectful parent as she did not take Cody home in summer school.[2]
  • Her voice sounds similar to Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers & Kathy from Harvey Beaks.
  • She thinks that SpongeBob SquarePants is a documentary. Due to this, she doesn't let Cody go to the beach in fear that he will get beaten up by Sandy Cheeks.
  • Judy is at least in her early to mid-'40s by the time of Cody's 10th Birthday!, as she mentions that she and first met Tyrone when she was in her late 20's and that they have been married for 15 years. She is also claimed to be old in Bowser Junior's Girlfriend!.
  • She drank while she was pregnant with Cody.[3]
  • She slept with the entire football team in college.[4]
  • She is also seen working for Chick-Fil-A as seen in Cody's New Family despite claiming to be vegan.
  • Judy is Likely based on Liane Cartman from South Park, as both are kind but are perverted at the same time with wanting to have sex with any man they see. Both also are dimwitted at times. Both also call their sons a nickname that ends with "kins" Judy calls Cody "Codykins" and Liane calls Cartman "Poopsykins". She is one of the few characters to share similarities to a character from that show.


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