For the character who shares the same puppet, see Maria Gonzalez. For the video, see Joseph's Mom!.

"Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me! We need more Windex, we need to clean the counters! (Joseph WHat?)"
— Joseph's Mom (character)

Mrs. His Friend From School, or simply Joseph's Mom, is the mother of Joseph, who was domestically abused by her husband, according to Joseph. It's implied that she is Hispanic, due to her Hispanic accent in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 4. She is the main antagonist in Joseph's Mom! in that video it is revealed she faked her death and abandoned Joseph to start a new, wealthy life.


Joseph's Mom had a romantic interest on Principal Steinbeck, and she was even trying to convince Principal Steinbeck to let Joseph pass the next grade (in the Bowser Junior's Summer School series) by having an affair with him.

She hated her husband a lot, and got really mad at him once for spending all of the Christmas money on boozes, according to Joseph.

Fake Death

In Joseph Moves In!, it is revealed that Joseph may have killed his mom. When Junior was sleeping, Joseph was awake with his eyes closed and wrote on the wall in blood, "I'm sorry mom". When Bowser Junior woke up, Joseph thought Bowser Junior was his mom any tried to kill him. It is also possible that Joseph never loved his mom and that he only loved her for providing food for him.

The chronological events for Joseph's Mom are inconsistent, her day of death has been described as both the day before Halloween, or on Halloween in 2015.

In The Past Machine!, she is taken from a moment in time when she was alive and brought to the present, thus technically resurrecting her. However, after Junior caused the Big Bang to stop two meteors from hitting Earth, she is once again deceased.

SuperPowers 2 reveals that Joseph had slit her throat with a knife. When Junior gets his mind reading powers, he read Joseph's mind. "Man I hope they never find the knife I used to cut my mom's throat. I could go to jail for a long time." It is revealed that Joseph killed her because she made his sandwiches wrong.

The truth is Bowser Junior is the only one who knows that Joseph killed his mom with the many hints given.

In Joseph's Mom!, it is revealed that she wasn't dead, and faked her death when she discovered she had won $10 million in the Florida State Lottery. She bought a skeleton from Spirit Halloween to trick Joseph into thinking he had killed her in his sleep, and two years later, when found by the cops, she briefly reunited with Joseph, only to disown him. This effectively makes her an abusive parent,and the worst part is that she knows how mental joseph is she knows that joseph has been living in a bad state she knows that the only person he lives with is screwball and she knows that the house has no electricity no water and no anything but she still disowns him. though in a different way from Nancy in that she psychologically and mentally abused him, rather than physically and verbally abused him.


  • The puppet for Joseph's Mom is called the "Maria" puppet.
  • According to Logan in a livestream with SML Reviewer, Joseph is actually adopted and this woman is not really his biological mother, as she is not a Koopa like Joseph is. Joseph is not aware of this though, despite admitting it in Truth Or Dare!.
  • Joseph's phone shows a picture of him and his mom. Every time Joseph brings up his mom, Junior would always say "I'd still smash."
  • In First Day Of School!, Cody roasted Joseph about his mom possibly being a prize saying "Maybe it's a mom that's actually alive".
  • In the weeks that Chilly left for Spain, Logan used this puppet in the vlogs as a temporary replacement for her, adding her face over the puppet's face. however though she has a new family but her whereabouts are unknown.


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