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— Joseph when Cody does something with Ken

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Joseph Hisfriendfromschool or simply Joseph, is one of the main characters in the SML series. He is a major character of most Bowser Junior videos. Joseph is a young red-shelled Koopa Paratroopa. With his physical characteristics, it is suggested that he became a turtle-bird hybrid, as he gained the ability to fly after he requested for a new shell with wings when he broke his shell. However, just because Joseph has wings doesn't mean that Joseph is part bird, as there is no evidence that he is, or if his wings are just wings and don't actually belong to a bird. Prior to that, he was a normal Koopa Troopa with a green shell. He is best friends with Bowser Junior and Cody. His actual name is Joseph Impossible Hop, or Joseph Impossible Hawk. He claims his dad is Tony Hawk.

In a non-canon timeline, Joseph lives in a mansion despite people thinking he was poor (he was only pretending to be poor). If the video revealing it was canon, Joseph would have been one of the richest characters in the series, along with Goodman and King Strongbottom.

Debuting as a random friend of Junior's in Bowser Junior's Cellphone. Joseph, along with Cody, rose to prominence as major protagonists of the Summer School series, and has been a main character ever since as one of Bowser Junior's best friends.

Originally a just a regular kid with a speech impediment and a great love and talent for sport. Joseph slowly started losing his mind after he was led to believe he murdered his own mother in her sleep, and up until his friends visited his house, refused to believe and mocked him.

He usually spends his time with Junior and Cody, and it has become a running gag of his reminding Cody that his boyfriend, a Ken doll, isn't real, often yelling "Dude! He's a doll!" and "He's a doll dude!"


Joseph can be described in many ways. He mostly masquerades his true personality and pretends to act friendly, but irritable as he tried to appear cool. In Joseph the Hero! and Joseph the Millionaire!, it's revealed in reality he is aggressive, unsympathetic, cruel, hot-tempered, mean-spirited, perfectionistic and even sadistic to his former butler Chives to the point of depression. It is even revealed that he only comes to Junior's house to mooch off of him.

Like Junior, Joseph isn't the smartest person. Unlike Junior, however, he has some common sense and is a bit smarter than him but not as smart as Cody. However, in more recent episodes, Junior seems more intelligent, because in Joseph's Pet, when his fish died, he thought that his fish was alive while Junior and Cody knew that his fish was dead. He also doesn't know how to take care of a fish, since he bought a small bowl, fed his fish sprinkles, and took water out.

He appears to be bisexual, for wanting to plow Bowser Junior and attracted to Cody's step-sister.

Despite considering Junior his best friend, Joseph is shown to be disloyal to him at times, due to others being cooler or having cooler possessions than Junior. In some episodes, Joseph said himself that he's only friends with Junior just so he could mooch off of him. In Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday!, God said that since Junior was never born, Joseph died of starvation.

Joseph is a bully in some episodes such as in Jeffy's Backpack, he bullies Jeffy because he doesn't have a backpack. In Joseph's New Shell!, he insulted Junior, made fun of his shell, started using all of Junior’s things without asking and even got Bully Bill and Goomba to help beat Junior up. In Joseph the Millionaire!, he yells at Chives for not doing what he asks and only changes his mind so he can have an excuse to yell at him, which made Joseph as one of the most hated character.

Joseph has been shown to be insane, due to him not being told about his mother winning the lottery and abandoning him (and having lied about killing his mom), and living with Screwball in a house without electricity or running water. He also has a tendency to want to bang any woman, regardless of age or relation, even if they die, much to Junior and Cody’s disgust. This makes him a perverted creep. He also has a foot fetish as shown several times in his appearances.

He only managed to feed himself by stealing from his mother's purse whom she gave to Joseph after she won the lottery.

Despite his athletic abilities, Joseph is a coward as evidenced by his helplessness when Bowser beat up Joseph at the end of Bowser Junior's Big Spill! and his running gag of "I'M OUTTA HERE DUDE!".

Joseph has one of the shortest tempers out of everyone in the SML universe, and this trait is shown in it's spotlight in Joseph the Millionaire, where a common theme in the video is him flying into a hostile fury over the pettiest of reasons and even likes to torture his butler if he makes any "mistakes", meaning Joseph might be sadistic. He doesn’t even care that Chives was hurt and unconscious.

Joseph is also very greedy and ungrateful, as shown in Joseph the Hero! After saving Richard Goodman's life, he repeatedly started guilt-tripping him on how he isn't appreciating him enough for saving him from a car, because he didn't give him enough things and money, but was eventually stopped by Bowser Junior.

Joseph is also a liar as he lied about being poor because he is actually very rich as he has a mansion and is a millionaire.


Joseph was born on October 7, 2008, by Koopa Troopa and Joseph's Mom. Koopa Troopa mentally abused his wife on a daily basis, and he often told his wife that he goes out to work while he was secretly working for Bowser and never took care of his son at some point his dad died and turned into a skeleton.

He first appears in Bowser Junior's Cellphone, and later appears in every episode of the Bowser Junior's Summer School series. After his appearances in the Summer School series, he has become a recurring character in videos and eventually a main character in SML's videos, similar to Cody.

Joseph has been killed a few times, but returned. He was killed by Black Yoshi in The Call of Duty Blackout, He was killed in Bowser Junior's Sleepover, this time by Chica, then killed by Cody in Cody The Magician! while doing a cut-in-half trick. Lastly, killed by The Hop Hop Bunny in Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday! He also owns a Charmander in the Pokemon series, which later evolved into a Charizard in Pokemon Part 6.

In Joseph's New Shell!, he attempted a skateboarding trick, but failed and broke his shell and traded his soul with Craig The Devil. He got a new red shell with wings, and red shoes to match. He now lives in a birdhouse because Junior was originally going to break his shell, but then he didn’t because Joseph didn’t have a home to live in. Prior to this episode, Joseph was a Koopa Troopa with a green shell.

Criminal Record

  • Assault - In The Restraining Order!, He along with Junior and Cody bit Chef Pee Pee for no apparent reason. He also beats up Bowser Junior in Joseph's New Shell. In Bowser Junior's BIG Vacation, he punched Brooklyn T. Guy in the face 3 times in order to extend his jail time.
  • Murder - in Cody's Mistake!, he mentions that he once hid a body on the beach which makes him a murderer. In SuperPowers 2, it is revealed that Joseph killed his mom with a knife by slitting her throat, though that has since been debunked, since it was revealed his mom left him.
  • Theft - In Joseph's House!, he stated that he steals a lot as he stole Junior's picture, Junior's clown car and Cody's trophy. In Bowser Junior's Big Vacation!, it's revealed that Joseph has been stealing Lunchables and candy bars from a gas station since 2016.
  • Arson - He helped Junior burn down their school in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 5
  • Attempted Arson - In Bowser Junior's Revenge! attempted to burn down Cody's house.
  • Animal Cruelty - Joseph has stated that he drowned his dog, Mr. Bones in the past as stated in Bowser Junior's Game Night 6. By holding him down in the bathtub. He also had killed a cow in Finders Keepers!, he killed the cow because of him being hungry for some hamburgers and is unable to afford things. In Joseph's Pet!, it is revealed that he fed his fish rainbow sprinkles, gave his fish not enough water and a bowl too small, which are all reasons for the fish's demise.
  • Truancy: In Cody's Report Card!, he reveals to Cody and Bowser Junior that he skipped school because he overslept and got attacked by wild dogs.
  • Stalking - Joseph stated in Bowser Junior's New Room! that he stalks Junior at night watching him sleep by climbing his house up to Junior's window.
  • Attempted Murder: He tried to kill Junior in Joseph Moves In!, telling that his mother is unknowingly sorry.
  • Adultery - In The Imaginary Girlfriend!, it is revealed that Joseph fell in love with a drawing of a girl despite being in a relationship with Sprinkle. He also dated Elizabeth in Bowser Junior's Wings!, but it is possible that Joseph and Sprinkle could've broken up by that point.
  • Rape (in roleplay) - In The Imaginary Girlfriend!, he had sex with his imaginary girlfriend when it was just a drawing. In Joseph's Imaginary Family!, he raped his adopted sister, mother and grandmother.
  • Trespassing - In Bowser Junior's Sick Pool Party, Joseph along with Bowser Junior enter their neighbors' pool without their consent in order to use their pool.
  • Animal Theft/Poaching - In Bowser Junior's Big Discovery!, he and Bowser Junior kidnap a pig after they learned that meat comes from animals.
  • Face Mask Violation (COVID-19 Exclusive) - During the school episodes starting with Jeffy's New Friend! to the present, he along with his classmates and Jackie Chu do not wear face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic while going hybrid. In Jeffy and Junior Sneak to Disney World!, he along with Jeffy and Junior sneak to Disney World during the COVID-19 pandemic without wearing face masks. Face masks were required in Disney World due to COVID-19 since it reopened on July 11, 2020. In Bowser Junior’s Pokemon Cards!, he and Junior go to a game store during the COVID-19 pandemic without wearing face masks. In Roy's Cool Lessons!, he along with Jeffy and Junior go to the movie theater during the COVID-19 pandemic without wearing face masks.
  • Fibbing: In Bowser Junior's Planet!, he along with Cody and Bowser Junior lie to NASA about a "planet" called Guacamole when Jeffy's booger was actually stuck on Cody's telescope. In Cody's New Friend!, he and Bowser Junior lie to Brooklyn Guy about Luke throwing rolls of toilet paper at their house even though he did not do it. In Cody Goes To College!, he and Junior lie to Principal Steinbeck by showing a video of Cody admitting that he was cheating in school because they wanted Cody to stay with them instead of going to Harvard.
  • Attempted Arson: In Bowser Junior's Revenge!, he along with Bowser Junior tried to burn Cody's house down with a lighter.
  • Objectophilia: In The Imaginary Girlfriend! and Joseph's Imaginary Family!, he bangs his ex-girlfriend, stepsister, stepmom, grandma, which are all pieces of paper.
  • Vandalism: In Cody's New Friend!, he and Bowser Junior throw rolls of toilet paper at their own house and blame it on Luke.
  • Illegal border crossing: In SuperPowers!, he crosses into Mexico illegally using his super speed and gets away with it unnoticed.
  • Assisted Robbery: In The Jewelry Heist!, he along with Junior and Cody helped Chef Pee Pee rob a jewelry store.


Bowser Junior

Bowser Junior and Joseph are pretty good friends (from school) and get along pretty well with each other. If somebody is cooler than Junior, Joseph is on their side rather than on Junior's.

Usually, in an argument with Cody, he sides with Junior. Joseph gets along with Bowser Junior best out of all of the characters in the series.

Status: Friends


Joseph thinks that Cody is weird and gay, because of him bringing his Ken doll with him everywhere he goes. Whenever Junior and Cody have an argument, Joseph mostly sides with Junior. However, in The School Project!, he takes Cody's side when Cody broke Junior's toy. Even though Bowser Junior wanted to work with Joseph, he wanted to work with Cody. They do hang out a lot and have fun together but sometimes will be stupid with each other for no reason.. But when Junior isn't around Joseph tends to act more chill with Cody. They're still considered friends but Joseph still thinks of him as weird,

Status: Netural


He gets along with Toad well, and they also like to play basketball together.

Status: Friends

Chef Pee Pee

Chef Pee Pee and Joseph are relatively neutral to each other. Although Chef Pee Pee is annoyed by having to make food for them, they get along. Chef Pee Pee and Joseph don't really care about each other.

Status: Neutral (Enemies on Chef Pee Pee's Side)

Joseph's Mom

Joseph's Mom abandoned Joseph after she won the lottery. Joseph was asleep so he assumed due to having a knife in his hand that he used to slit his mom's throat and killed her without knowing that she won the lottery and was alive. The supposed knife is still at Joseph's house, even after he found out she abandoned him.

However, in Joseph's Mom!, she has actually faked her death to abandon Joseph and live with a new family since she won $10M from a lottery ticket. She probably doesn't really care about Joseph that much, or like him at all since when she won the lottery, she abandoned him and never wanted to see him again.

It was later revealed that she didn’t abandon him and bought him a private mansion to live in with a butler. Joseph is also revealed to guilt trip her into giving him more money and even after she does something for him, he claims he hates her.

Status: Friends (sometimes)

Mr. Hisfriendfromschool

Joseph's Dad is dead, making him a Dry Bones.

Status: Friends

Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones is Joseph's dead dog.

Status: Friends

Black Yoshi

Joseph hates Black Yoshi because he annoys him while playing Call Of Duty. In Bowser Junior's Summer School 3, when Black Yoshi shows his Call Of Duty game for Show and Tell, Joseph asks him what he would do if he met CharleyBrown678 in person. Black Yoshi replies that he would kill him, foreshadowing The Call of Duty Blackout.

Status: Enemies


Joseph gets along with Jeffy mostly, as they have played together in the Game Night Series and Bowser Junior's Playtime 5. However, in some episodes they don't seem to be good friends, as Joseph's reaction to Jeffy's behavior when they first met suggests that he thinks Jeffy is weird. He also bullies Jeffy in Jeffy's Backpack as Jeffy does not have a backpack. Jeffy also calls Joseph a fuckhead in Jeffy's Energy Drink!

Status: Neutral

Bully Bill

Joseph and Bully Bill are friends because in Joseph's New Shell!, he befriended him to make himself look cool. It is unknown if they are still friends or if they stopped being friends as we only see that he doesn't go back to the playroom to tell him that they aren't friends.

Status: Friends (Unknown after Joseph's New Shell!)

Powers and Abilities


  • Flight: In the episode, Joseph’s New Shell!, Joseph got a new shell after breaking his last one, and it gave him the ability to fly at highly supersonic speeds and heights.
  • Shell: Also in the episode, Joseph's New Shell!, Joseph got a new shell after breaking his last one, and his new one is ever more durable.

Temporary Powers

  • Super Speed: In the episode, SuperPowers!, Joseph got the ability to run as fast as lightning. Joseph first used this ability to go to Mexico, then he ran into a gas station and robbed all the money out of it without even being seen or caught.
  • Pyrokinesis: In SuperPowers 2, Joseph had the brief ability to manipulate fire but it only lasted five seconds after he burned himself to a crisp attempting to become the Human Torch.

Pokémon Team

Likes and Dislikes


  • His Mom
  • His Dad
  • Mr. Bones, his dog
  • His human form (especially his basketball shirt and the fact that he is black)
  • Basketball
  • Screwball
  • Sports
  • Money
  • Bowser
  • LeBron James
  • Kobe Bryant (deceased)
  • Miami Heat
  • Deadpool
  • Baseball
  • The Avengers
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Five Nights At Freddy's
  • Bendy Straws
  • Bowser Junior
  • Cody
  • Jeffy
  • Mario
  • Call Of Duty series
  • Hanging out with Junior and Cody
  • Making fun of Cody's homosexuality
  • Having an imaginary girlfriend (In The Imaginary Girlfriend!)
  • His Mom’s sandwiches
  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Being Deadpool
  • Cheese ball Pranks
  • Bowser Junior saying that "the sun is a planet".
  • Marvel
  • Cookie Crisps
  • AirPods
  • The National Anthem
  • Watching Junior in his room
  • Frequently using the word 'dude'
  • His paper bag "backpack"
  • Domino's Pizza
  • Pepperoni pizza
  • Juice WRLD
  • Having a new shell
  • Being able to fly
  • His wings
  • saying "dude"
  • Sprinkle
  • Paper Girls
  • Fortnite (toys only)
  • Stacy Mache
  • His mansion
  • Being rich
  • Shrek (Currently)
  • Feet
  • Toes
  • Toenails
  • Tilapia


  • Cody (one-sided)
  • Cody's relationship with Ken
  • Cody being weird in general
  • People telling him his parents are dead
  • Being killed
  • Anything out of the ordinary
  • Bowser Junior making fun of his dead mom. (Junior no longer does that anymore since it's later revealed that Joseph's mom left him)
  • School
  • Mr. Wilfred
  • His Mom (currently)
  • Ken
  • His Mom leaving him
  • Failing tests
  • Cody making out with Ken
  • Junior smelling very bad
  • Bowser Junior (sometimes)
  • Jeffy (sometimes)
  • The Wii U
  • Little Caesars
  • Killer Clowns
  • Dead Bodies
  • Robot Chef Pee Pee
  • Evil Chef Pee Pee
  • Green beans (just like Jeffy)
  • Bowser Junior saying that "the earth is a flat".
  • All-Bran Wheat Flakes
  • Broccoli
  • Hello Kitty
  • Precious
  • His shell breaking
  • Bowser Junior trying to break his wings
  • Nightmares
  • Page
  • White Reeses
  • Racism
  • The number 12 (in The Time Machine!)
  • Being poor
  • Wearing a mask
  • Covid-19
  • Chives
  • Shrek (Formerly)
  • Salmon

Death Count

There are numerous times when Joseph dies.

The Call Of Duty Blackout (Shot By Black Yoshi)
Bowser Junior's Sleepover (Murdered By Chica)
The Burger! (Accidentally wishes to not have a head after wishing for 2)
The Ouija Board! (Killed by a possessed Ken)
Cody The Magician! (revived)
Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday! (Killed by the Animatronics)
Happy Halloween! (Beaten to death by a Killer Clown)
Netflix and Kill (Girl kills him)
The Mystery Safe! (possibly)
The Magical Button! (revived)
SuperPowers 2 (Burns to death after using his power)
Spoken (Stabbed to death by Ken)

The Fortune Cookies! (possibly died or passed out from sleeping) (determinan)
The Science Fair! (Eaten by Petey the Piranha plant)

Bowser Junior's Crazy Sleepover! (Breifly)
Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday! (dimension only) (Starved to death due to Junior not existing)

Joseph's Pet! (possibly drowned; debatable)

Bowser Junior Needs Help! (Got his head pulled off by Cody)

Chicken! (Chewed the power lines as a squirrel)

Among Us (Killed by an impostor)

Bowser Junior's Planet! (Killed by firework)


  • "Yeah, dude!"
  • "He's just a DOLL, Cody!" or "He's a doll dude!"
  • ”Savage!”
  • "The Wii U is lame, and... it sucks."
  • "What the hell is wrong with that kid? Ugh, Cody!"
  • "Hey Junior!"
  • "I'm tired of playing trains Junior, we play it all the time!"
  • "Make it rain!"
  • "Aw, dude, I've been dyin' for this!"
  • "The sun is a planet Cody!"
  • "Dude, I was in your butt!"
  • "Suck it!" *Junior, you're the smartest guy I know!
  • "What the **** dude, I'm outta here!"
  • "My mom’s dead"
  • "I GET HALF!"
  • "F*CK you, Cody!"
  • "Oh. F*ck."
  • “Dude, you look racist”
  • “It’s not open Chives! Stupid stupid!”


  • In Bowser Jr's Girlfriend Problem, its revealed that Joseph wants to be a doctor.
  • Joseph was similar to Kenny McCormick from South Park as both were poor and they died most out of the others.
  • Joseph’s Similarity to Kenny ended as of Joseph the Millionaire and his red shell arrival due to Kenny still being poor but he has stopped dying almost everytime.
  • It appears that Joseph is very irresponsible when it comes to money, given that he pressured Junior into buying stuff way past the limit of credit card and that he spent over $80 dollars when Junior simply asked for simply candy.
  • Joseph is not actually poor. He is really rich and wealthy as revealed in Joseph the Millionaire!. He keeps this a secret so nobody can touch his stuff or only like him for his money. That means everything he said in the past is a hypocrisy.
  • CharleyBrown678 is Joseph’s Call of Duty name.
  • Running Gag: Whenever Joseph sees anything freaky or disturbing (most likely due to it focusing on a character voiced by Lovell), he runs off in cowardice.
  • Joseph has died with his red shell twice.
  • When Joseph was introduced, Lovell tried to imitate Logan's Koopa voice for Joseph. As time has passed, however, Joseph's voice has become more distinct.
  • It is revealed in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 3 that Joseph has braces.
  • He is one of the most athletic characters in the series. In SuperPowers!, he has super speed. Even without super speed, he can run really fast. He is outranked by Tom Brady in the List of character attribute rankings.
  • Joseph and Junior have dated the most people out of any kids in the series with 4 each. Actually, Joseph really only dated 3 characters because Paige in The Imaginary Girlfriend! isn't a real person. Aside from the drawing, Joseph dated another koopa girl in Toad's Girlfriend! Sprinkle in Cody's New Family! and Elizabeth in Bowser Junior's Wings. Junior has dated Judy in Bowser Junior's Girlfriend!, Ping and Pong in Bowser Junior's Girlfriend Problem! and Elizabeth in The Redo Button.
  • He along with Jeffy and Rosalina have been to Disney World twice.
  • Joseph is also a hypocrite because he made fun of Cody for dating a doll (Ken) while he dated an imaginary object as well. He talked to Paige like she was real like Cody talks to Ken like he's real.
  • Joseph's plush is the same one used for Koopa Troopa, which is why Koopa doesn't appear any more.
    • The plush is a Goldie Koopa plush.
    • The first Joseph plush was used from around 2014 to Early 2015.
    • However, as of 2020, since Joseph is now a Paratroopa, there could be a 50/50 chance that Koopa might return. In Jeffy and Junior Sneak to Disney World!, Joseph is in his green shell for a moment.
  • Joseph may have very well gone insane by the time of Joseph's House!, as his current living conditions are so poor that he might have snapped as a result, considering how indifferent he is about his home's current condition.
  • Also, misleadingly revealed in Joseph Moves In! Joseph assumed that he was in fact the killer of his mother, having most likely killed her over a sandwich, possibly revealing that he lied about his mom's death, which was later revealed to not be the case.
  • Since Joseph's Mom revealed she won the lottery and decided to start a new family without him while he was asleep on Halloween in 2015, Joseph's tormenting attempts to kill in his sleep in Joseph Moves In! may, in fact, be his misled fears of his Mom’s lies being true coming to light.
  • Due to the above fact, there is a conspiracy that Joseph will not be in the series for a year due to him being killed in Cody the Magician!. After Cody left, a screen popped up saying One Year Later, meaning that a Goomba could be replacing him for a year This was later proven wrong after the upload of Bowser Junior goes to the Sun.
  • It was revealed in Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday! that Joseph might be a cannibal since he mentioned some things that sounded very cannibalistic. However, the severed body parts were from a human, and Joseph is a turtle.
  • Joseph mentioned in Bowser Junior's Playtime that he isn't very good with saving money because he said that every time he sees a gumball machine, he has to get a gumball.
  • According to Bowser Junior's Halloween Problem! and Cool Cody!, Joseph's mother is "dead".
  • As revealed in Bowser Junior's Lottery Ticket!, Joseph's favorite NBA team is Miami Heat.
  • Joseph has a speech impediment as seen in Pop Rocks and Coke!, American Idol: Season 2, Episode 1 and Bowser Junior's SICK Pool Party! where he says "whore" instead of "horse", "s**t" instead of "hit", and "peeps" instead of "feet".
  • Joseph can also be considered the youngest of the three due to the fact that he was born in October (revealed in Cody's Birthday) and Junior was born in September.
  • In Joseph's House!, his house was revealed, making him the last of the quarter to do so. It was also the first video that was centered around Joseph.
  • According to Logan himself in a stream with SML Reviewer, Joseph is adopted. However, Joseph is not aware of this, despite admitting it in Truth Or Dare!. Joseph may possibly be a kleptomaniac because in Joseph's House!, he claims he steals a lot of stuff.
  • It could be possible that Joseph has murdered his mother as revealed in Joseph Moves In which was revealed to not be the case..
  • It was confirmed in SuperPowers 2 that Joseph killed his mother since he slit her with a knife on her neck.
    • It is unknown if he killed his dad.
    • However, in Joseph's Mom! it is revealed that Joseph did not kill his mom.
  • Joseph was revealed to be bisexual in SuperPowers 2, as he wanted to "plow Junior so damn hard." This leaves him as hypocritical, as he criticizes Cody for being gay when Joseph himself is partly gay.
    • However, that video is non-canonical.
  • Joseph has the most abnormal last name out of the three. However, he stated changed his last name to hawk in Joseph's New Shell!
  • Joseph is possible the only out of the 3 not to have parents (Since his mom left him and we don't know what has happened to his dad).
  • In The Past Machine!, Joseph wishes for his mom to come back, and she says "Joseph? I just saw you 5 minutes ago", claiming that she still kept an eye on him.
  • In Cool Cody!, Bowser Junior says "And Joseph is gonna get his braces wet", meaning that they are gonna do things.
  • The last name "His Friend From School" is a reference to Joseph being friends with Bowser Junior.
  • In Logan Reacts: Pinch Pinch Pinch, Logan stated he wants Joseph to be a Red Koopa, but he currently has no idea how to make that happen.[1]
  • He has stated that he has hidden a body at a beach, this means it is possible that he has killed a person or multiple people before.[2]
  • In Joseph Moves In!, Junior and Cody gives Joseph $20,000 (from a hot dog eating contest which Cody won) to buy an apartment but in later episodes, Joseph says that he still lives in his old house.
  • Joseph is diabetic, as shown in Jeffy's Energy Drink! When he had a seizure after taking a sip of his Monster Energy drink.
  • In more detail, In an earlier season where Joseph appeared his personality was just a typical cool kid who was into sports and video games, but in later seasons and episodes such as Joseph's house and Bowser Juniors 8th Birthday, Joseph was personality changed to a poor, cannibalistic, and crazy person.
  • Whenever Bowser or Chef Pee Pee is around with Bowser Junior and his friends including Joseph, Joseph is always quiet due to the fact that he is shy because of the joke that Lovell voices Bowser and Chef Pee Pee and Joseph.
  • In Bowser Junior's New Room!, it's revealed that Joseph usually stalks Junior every night while he's sleeping.
  • According to Logan he always wanted Joseph to break his shell to replace it with a new red one.
  • His name was stated to be legally changed from 'Joseph HisFriendFromSchool' to 'Joseph Impossible Hawk'.
  • As of 2020, Logan announced that he will use the new Joseph plush (which has a red shell with wings) in every future video. (except in videos where he appears as a human)
  • Joseph's red Paratroopa shell is canon, however, Joseph not knowing Screwball despite having lived with him makes its introductory video non-canon. This means that Joseph did indeed get a new shell but obtained it off-camera and possibly via a different method than the one shown in Joseph's New Shell!.
  • In Bowser Junior's Girlfriend Problem!, it is confirmed that his surname remains Hisfriendfromschool, since if it was really legally changed, the nametag on his desk would have been altered as soon as possible, which it wasn't, since it is still seen to say "Joseph Hisfriendfromschool". It is also possible that Logan forgot or the series runs on negative continuity.
  • Although it has not been confirmed Joseph could possibly be a resident of the SML house since he is shown to sleep in Chef Pee Pee's bed in some episodes and in Hide n Seek it is shown that he sleeps in bushes outside of the house.
  • Joseph along with Patrick both get along with both Jeffy and Bully Bill, even though they are enemies.
  • It is revealed that Joseph lives in an orphanage as in Bowser Junior's Girlfriend Problem!, however it was non canon as Joseph is rich as in Joseph the Millionaire!
  • Before he was confirmed as rich and many people hated him, he was liked by many people due to him not being mean however hated sometimes when he makes fun of Cody and his mom.
  • He is shown to be homophobic, because he makes fun of Cody’s gayness.
  • He appears to like playing with Fortnite toys despite not liking the actual game as he stated he hated Fortnite in Bowser Junior’s Daddy Problem!
  • It is unknown which day of October Joseph was born.
  • In Bowser Junior’s Revenge, Joseph hints that he was possibly sexually assaulted by his uncle, because of the “Head shoulders knees and toes” dance.
  • After the backlash it received, Joseph the Millionaire! has been made non-canon, however his actions in Joseph the Hero still have impacted his reptuation overall.
  • His newest "thing" in 2021 is that he now has an obsession with feet.
  • He is good at basketball, possibly a reference of the afro-descedent Michael Jordan.