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"Jeffy The Rapper!" is the 283rd episode of SML Movies. It was the most viewed SuperMarioLogan video until it was surpassed by Jeffy's Parents! and Jeffy's Wifi Problem! as of 2020.


Jeffy becomes a rapper! But is the thug life too tough for Jeffy?


The episode starts with Black Yoshi and Tyrone playing Call of Duty until Mario comes in and asks Black Yoshi to watch Jeffy while he goes to the store. However, he refuses to watch Jeffy because he's focused on playing Call of Duty. Jeffy plays a song on his cat piano, annoying Black Yoshi, but leaves Tyrone impressed. Jeffy plays the song again while Tyrone is dancing, and then after that, when Mario got back from the store, Black Yoshi told him to get the watermelon seeds, and Mario told him that he can't eat/suck watermelon seeds, but after that Jeffy called Mario a because he is now a rapper named J-Fee and Tyrone said that he has a hit single song called "Why" and then Mario said it is ridiculous, but then Tyrone showed Mario some money. Mario isn't satisfied until Tyrone gives him more money. Then he said that J-Fee needs to get arrested, and Mario said that the deal's off, but Tyrone already called the cops.

The Brooklyn Guy shows up, and J-Fee gets arrested for shooting an old woman and opening someone else's mail. Mario pleads to Brooklyn Guy not to imprison J-Fee due to his age, but J-Fee goes to jail anyway. Since he's famous, he only goes to jail for a few months. Mario then talks to Tyrone that his son has gone to jail. Tyrone then convinces him that he would "Go to jail for a couple of months, get out, drop a new song, get rich again, and then go back to jail!"

Mario doesn't like the idea, but he trusts him after he told Mario that it's part of a plan and that he gets rich. J-Fee was even on the news for becoming a new hit rapper. At Toad's house, he gets angry at J-Fee for stealing his thunder and that he'll show him who's boss. Two months later, J-Fee is released from jail and tells Mario that he got raped. Shortly after, he goes to jail again for smacking his girlfriend.

After another two months pass, J-Fee gets out of jail once more and tells Mario that he got his "pee-pee" pierced, and since they messed it up a few times, he said it looks like a flute now. Tyrone then shows J-Fee that Toad had dropped a new diss track on J-Fee. Tyrone then convinces him that he must drop a diss track back at him or his career will be over, meaning that he wouldn't be rich or have any ladies. J-Fee is about to make one when Toad messages J-Fee to meet him outside. He goes outside but he couldn't find Toad until he pulls up with his car, shooting him in the chest and driving off.

The story also made it to the news that night. At home, Jeffy receives medical treatment by The Brooklyn Guy, and Tyrone is saddened that his career is officially over. Mario apologizes to Jeffy that he should've just chosen him over the money. The video ends with Jeffy asking The Brooklyn Guy that his "pee-pee" looks like a flute.



A sequel, Jeffy the Rapper 2, was released on January 1, 2018.


  • There is a behind the scenes video of Logan making the rap song on Chilly's channel.
    • Also, Jeffy's song "Why" had the official music video released on SuperLuigiLogan, gaining over 28 Million views.
  • This was the SML video to surpass 10 million views the fastest.
  • This was one of the few videos that were not demonetized or age-restricted in December 2017, despite Logan himself even admitting that this is arguably his most inappropriate video.
  • The SML crew got busted during the making of this video (as seen in the Behind the Scenes video) as, during the filming of Jeffy's music video, security staff went up the parking structure that the crew were filming it, as they thought there was a sports car meet-up.
  • This is Tyrone's first appearance since Taken and his first appearance in 2017.
  • This is Black Yoshi's first appearance since The Bake Sale! and his second appearance in 2017.
  • The name J-Fee is a pun on Jay-Z.
  • The name J-Fee could be a pun of K-Fee, a German drink company that produces coffee and is known for their extremely scary commercials known as Screamers.
  • This is the first time Jeffy uses the N-Word and the first time he gets arrested. This is uncensored to make matters worse for black viewers.
    • This is also a rare time a character not voiced by Lovell says the n-word.
  • This is the first time Jeffy has survived a murder attempt.
  • When Tyrone says "Oh my Jewish God", it is a reference to him being of Jewish faith as well as his Jewish family, as he is the step-father of Cody.
  • The episode marks the first time in a while Toad raps, and the first time rap is featured in the series since Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 5.
  • It is revealed that Toad has a new car, which appears to be a blue Dodge Challenger SRT 392.
  • This episode follows a similar plotline to an older SML video, Toad is Cool, as both episodes involve Toad battling with another person, and that Jeffy becoming a rapper by being introduced to another rapper is similar to Toad becoming a rapper by being introduced to a rapper.
  • Toad likely got arrested off-screen in the video.
  • The rap in this video became a meme when YouTuber "Zelda Flash" uploaded videos called Jeffy's Rap but with the Fred Christmas is Creepy Song and Jeffy's Rap but it's in Nightcore.
    • The meme also expanded when his cousin Multisonic_247 uploaded a video called "Jeffy's Rap but every Why is replaced with S H O T."
  • This video is also known as Jeffy the Gangsta, as Logan had it as a working title before the video was released.
  • Jeffy's song has the same beat as Tyrone's.
  • The most viewed video on all of SML's channels (excluding SuperBowserLogan) is related to this video.
    • The Why? music video is the most viewed video on SuperLuigiLogan.
    • The Behind the Scenes video is the most video on Chilly (Channel).
    • This video is the first SML video to reach 20 million views.
  • On January 24, 2018, the video was age restricted.
    • The video was age restricted because of Jeffy humping a Cheerio box.
  • Tyrone is shown to be racist in this episode since he randomly accused Mario of enslaving ancestors and called him the devil because he is white.


  • When Tyrone said "I got i bitch pregnant", Lovell didn't move Tyrone’s mouth. It is possible that he forgot.
  • It is unknown how, in the “Why?” music video, the voice of Mario was used if he was not present and did not even know about it.


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