"Jeffy and Junior's Big Heist!" (styled as "Jeffy and Junior's BIG Heist!") is the 513th episode of SML Movies.


Jeffy and Junior have to get Charleyyy's autograph!


The video begins with Bowser watching Charleyyy and Friends. Charleyyy is home alone and decides to "play with himself". We see him rub lotion on his hands and arms, just so he can play Ms. Pacman on an arcade machine in his living room.

Charleyyy then has a contest where one lucky fan will win the underwear he wore since the first episode of his show. The underwear is also autographed by Charleyyy. All they have to do is call him Charleyyy how much they love him.

Bowser tries calling. Charleyyy's first caller is Cameel Habib Habab, who says he loves Charleyyy as much as a camel loves water. That doesn't work. Goodman is the second caller, who wishes to buy Charleyyy's underwear. Charleyyy says they're not for sale and that if he wants them he has to tell how much he loves Charleyyy. Goodman says he doesn't love anyone, only money. Charleyyy hangs up. Finally, Bowser's call is answered, and he screams and shouts to Charleyyy how much he loves him and how he's his biggest fan. That works, but Charleyyy mispronounces Bowser as "Bower".

Simmons delivers the underwear to Bowser. Bowser hangs it up in the kitchen and calls everyone to place. Chef Pee Pee and Bowser Junior arrive. He tells both of them that he is hanging the underwear in the kitchen so that every time he comes to eat, he can see them and threatens to punish Junior by taking all his video games and toys if he touches them and threatens to make Chef Pee Pee clean the toilet with his tongue if he touches them.

Junior returns to the living room, where he tells Jeffy that his dad won some underwear as a prize. Jeffy then asks Junior if he wants to have a food fight in the kitchen. Junior agrees. Chef Pee Pee lays out the food at the table, which is spaghetti and green beans. Jeffy gets mad that there are green beans on his spaghetti and throws the bowl, which splatters all over the underwear.

Jeffy asks Junior why his dad keeps dirty underwear on the wall and Chef Pee Pee finds out. Chef Pee Pee threatens to tell Bowser, but Junior and Jeffy quickly tie him up and hide him in the trunk of a car. Jeffy suggests that they wash the underwear. After that, Junior and Jeffy hang the white clean underwear on the wall again. They are relieved, but Junior then realizes that the autograph is missing on the underwear. Jeffy has the idea to find Charleyyy's address and ask him to sign the underwear again.

The duo arrives at Charleyyy's house. When Charleyyy answers the door, the audience cheers. He asks why Jeffy and Junior aren't cheering. They cheer. Junior asks Charleyyy to sign the underwear, but Charleyyy assumes that Junior and Jeffy stole his underwear, and takes it from them.

Junior and Jeffy return, dressed as a married couple. Jeffy asks why he's dressed like a girl when he has a wiener. The story is that the couple's car broke down in the neighborhood and the wife needs to use Charleyyy's bathroom. They knock on the door, and Charleyyy answers. The audience cheers, and Junior and Jeffy cheer as well. They tell their story, and Charleyyy lets them in. Inside, Charleyyy asks how Junior and his wife met, and Junior says it was in second grade. Charleyyy says he dropped out of second grade, which causes the audience to laugh. Junior asks Charleyyy how he gets the people to laugh whenever he wants. Charleyyy says that the audience is his friends.

Meanwhile, Jeffy finds the underwear in Charleyyy's bedroom drawer.

Back in the living room, Junior asks Charleyyy why there are three Ys in his name. Charleyyy says it's for each wife he had, because he wonders: "WHY DID I EVEN GET MARRIED?" The audience laughs. Jeffy yells that he got the underwear. Charleyyy questions why they have his underwear, and the two dash for the door.

They realized they forgot the autograph, so they dress up as corporate studio producers to pitch a new show to Charleyyy. Inside, they tell Charleyyy they want to give him a new show. Charleyyy says he already has a show, but the producers say they want to call it "Charleyyy and Friends Dos", because of how Mexicans can't laugh at the show because they don't understand English. Charleyyy agrees to the pitch, and the producers tell him to sign on the underwear, and to make it look like an official autograph. Charleyyy thinks these contracts are getting more and more weird.

Back at home, Junior and Jeffy hang the underwear back on the wall as they cheer for themselves. As Bowser tells them that why are they close to his prize award, Jeffy tells the truth, but Junior takes Jeffy to the living room. The two are back in the living room, wondering if they forgot something.

They forgot Chef Pee Pee, who screams to be freed from the trunk as he suffocates to death off-screen.



  • This is the second consecutive video where Jeffy and Junior interact with each other.
  • This is the second video where Jeffy and Bowser interact with each other after The Competition!.
  • This is the first time Bowser Junior and Jeffy tie Chef Pee Pee up with a rope.
  • This is the second time the Jeffy and Junior duo is in the title, the first being "Jeffy and Junior Skip School!".
    • This is also the second time that Junior's name was shown as simply "Junior" in the title.
  • This is the first time Charleyyy appears in a thumbnail.
    • Unless you count "Bowser's Video Game", this is also the first time where Charleyyy serves a significant main role in a video.
  • This is the third thumbnail that features a real life person. The first two are "Real Life Style" and "Jeffy the Karate Master!".
    • Coincidentally, all three thumbnails feature a real life person played by Lovell Stanton.
  • Junior breaks the fourth wall when he asks about the laugh track.
    • Charleyyy then answers to Junior that the laugh track consists of his friends.
    • In fact, this confirms the long-held fan theory that the "friends" in "Charleyyy and Friends" are in fact the live audience/laugh track, since he's normally the only person actually ever shown in the show.
  • It is revealed that the Y's in Charleyyy's name represent how many divorces he got, because he wonders "Y" (why) he even got married.
    • This reveals that Charleyyy got divorced three times.
  • When Jeffy said "I'll ask if I can live with him.", it is a possible reference to an incident with FaZe Rug around the time of this video's release where a mentally ill fan escaped from an institution in Virginia all the way to California to ask if he can live with him.
  • This is the second time time we see Charleyyy outside of Charleyyy and Friends, the first being Bowser's Video Game.
    • However, this is the first time we see Charleyyy at least once outside of any Charleyyy and Friends related media. 
  • Charleyyy states that he has worn the signed underpants ever since the first episode of Charleyyy and Friends, which is likely alluding to the episode shown in "Bowser's Biggest Fear".
  • This marks the third appearance of Cameel Habib Habab.
  • Jeffy wanting free stuff from Charleyyy could also be a reference back in August of 2019 where 2 fans would often come to Logan's house for the sole purpose of getting free stuff.
  • Lance made a “Before the Scenes” video as a joke on his channel instead of the usual BTS/Behind the Scenes.
  • This is the second time Bowser contacts Charleyyy. The first time was in “Bowser Loses His Voice!”.
    • However, this is the first time Bowser and Charleyyy actually interact with each other on phone, unlike the aforementioned video, where Charleyyy could not understand Bowser due to his voice being messed up. However, they haven’t met each other in person and it’s unknown if that will ever happen due to both being portrayed by the same person.
      • Nonetheless, characters talking with human actors portrayed by the same person have happened before on SML. For example, Toad talked with Ray Cheesy in Toad's Stupid Idea, and he also talked with Bubbles in Bowser Junior's Summer School 2, despite the fact that all three of them are portrayed by Lovell Stanton. This was achieved by only having one character in shot at a time and jump-cutting whenever the dialogue switched.
  • When Junior and Jeffy are shouting "we did it", with Jeffy saying "no one eating here tonight, we're on a diet!" is a reference to Finding Nemo, where Dory said the same thing when she and Marlin captured the angler fish that tried to eat them.
  • Lance's house was used as the house in which Charleyyy resides.
  • In the Behind the Scenes video on Lance's channel, Logan cuts the hair of Feebee.
  • It‘s revealed that Charleyyy dropped out of the 2nd Grade.
  • At one point while Charleyyy is waiting for a real fan to call him, he wears the underpants over his mouth like a face mask. This could be a reference to people having to wear masks due to the pandemic, specifically with people who have no actual masks, so they just make their own out of anything.
  • When Charleyyy takes off his underwear without taking his pants off, this could be a reference to the 2001 action-comedy movie, Zoolander when Hansel (played by Owen Wilson) and Derek (played by Ben Stiller) have a competition to see who is the better male super model. During the competition, Hansel takes his underwear off without taking his pants off while Derek tries to do the same, but fails.
  • This video reveals that Logan got himself a Red 2020 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE, identified by the new taillights and the rear wing.
  • This is the first time that Bowser and Jeffy interact with each other unless you count "Jeffy's Flu Shot!" where Bowser unknowingly coughs in Jeffy's mouth.
  • This is the first time Junior and Jeffy heard the word "brat" by Bowser.


  • When Mr. Goodman is talking to Charleyyy, some of Logan's hairs can be seen on the left.
  • The underwear was cleaned all the way, even having the signature removed. Usually, dirty spots on white articles of clothing are hard to remove when it's being washed.
  • In the thumbnail, Chef Pee Pee had tape covering his mouth. In the actual video, he did not have any tape.
  • Bowser should have realized that the underwear smells differently since it got washed by Junior and Jeffy.
  • The bowl Jeffy throws to start the food fight has a square-ish shape, but the bowl that hits Bowser's underwear is round, as revealed in the behind the scenes.


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