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"Jeffy The Explorer!" is the 623rd episode of SML Movies.


Jeffy goes on an adventure!


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Marvin and Rose tell Jeffy that they're going out for dinner and they leave Jeffy alone. Since Jeffy's parents aren't here, he decides to watch pogo sticking videos. Marvin and Rose come back to get their keys and catch Jeffy watching those videos. Rose tells Jeffy that he needs to watch more educational videos, and Marvin suggests Windowa The Explorer, so they watch it. Windowa introduces herself and asks Jeffy his name, so Jeffy replies with 'Hippo Butthole'. Windowa can't go on her adventure without Sandals The Monkey and asks where he is. Jeffy says that he’s behind the tree, but she can't hear him because it's a TV. Windowa keeps asking where, pissing Jeffy off so much that he wants Marvin To Take Him To The Jungle To Strangle Her. Windowa eventually finds Sandals The Monkey, but she says she can't go on their adventure without her binoculars. Jeffy sighs, and says "This shit again?", causing Marvin to scold him for his language. Windowa keeps saying where, and now even Sandals The Monkey is annoyed to the point where he slaps her in the face.

Windowa wasn't pleased with getting hit, and she found her goggles and now she can go on the adventure, using Google Maps to go where they are going. First, the Rabies Bat Cave, next, the Sneaky Snake Pit, and last but not least, the Poison Ivy River. Rose finds that scary and Jeffy hopes that she dies. During their journey, they encounter Killer the Lion. Windowa says 'Killer no killing', until Killer the Lion stops. Killer couldn't kill Windowa, but realized words can't stop him from killing her and proceeds to kill her. Windowa begs Sandals to help her, but he abandoned her instead.

Marvin and Rose are shocked about this, but Jeffy is happy because of how annoying Windowa was. The news comes on, and Goodman says that Windowa is missing, and the person that finds her alive gets a lot of money, the interview between sandals shows that sandals didn’t sign up for it and he runs off. Jeffy and Junior decide to go searching the woods to look for her, but found some pieces of Windowa after got attacked by Killer the Lion, and they also end up discovering not only her bandanna and binoculars, but her arm, leg, and head in a tree.

Junior and Jeffy was about to claim their 20,000 grand but Cody came in to wonder if they saw the news and saw Windowa's parts and wonder why her parts are here and Junior told him but Cody says that they're not gonna get the reward because the reward if she was alive. Junior thinks that their still gonna get money but Cody says that their gonna go to jail and told him to take the evidence to the police to investigate the crime scene, but Junior thinks that their gonna take the reward instead. Junior thinks he's dumb and mad for not getting the money, and Junior wants to wonder where they're gonna sell them. and Cody suggests the black market and he buys those binoculars for 20 bucks to look at peoples windows, and Junior and Jeffy decides to find the black market to sell the body parts.


  • Pogo Stick Guy (debut)
  • Killer The Lion (debut)
  • Jesus Christ (mentioned)
  • God (mentioned)
  • Woody (impersonated by Jeffy)



  • The Windowa the Explorer episode segment is a parody of the Nickelodeon show "Dora The Explorer".
  • The death of Windowa getting eaten by a lion on national television, and Sandals getting arrested is similar to a creepypasta story.


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