"Jeffy Plays Minecraft!" is the 347th episode of SML Movies.


Jeffy plays Minecraft, but gets into some trouble when he reenacts the events in the game!


The video starts with Jeffy annoying Mario and Jeffy then explains how he would do something funny, but can't due to YouTube's community guidelines. Mario has him play on his MacBook so he can calm down. Jeffy decides to play Minecraft.

He meets a pig, and starts making oink noises back. Then he is greeted by a "Mister Moose" which he mistakes for a cow, and starts beating it. Then Jeffy makes a giant statue of himself, and is greeted by a Creeper, (which he takes as a green booger) and lights it, exploding part of his statue. Meanwhile, a spider shows up, terrifying Jeffy, making him run from his computer. He plots to kill the spider by making a giant hill of TNT, and lights it and runs. He realized he missed the spider and starts beating it.

Jeffy had so much fun playing Minecraft that he wants to do it in real life and uses a toy pickaxe to break a lamp. Mario gets concerned and has the news report him. Goodman argues that Mario should've watched what Jeffy was doing and told him right from wrong, but Mario states that Minecraft shoudn't have existed in the first place for its violence. The game is then banned on all devices.

When Jeffy gets on the laptop again, he decides to watch Dudely Awesome (an obvious parody of Dude Perfect), where they break a cup. Jeffy too, breaks a cup. Mario reports this to the news again and the video gets taken down along with all of the ads on Dudely Awesome removed (meaning they will not longer receive money). Jeffy then tells Mario that he should've been a better parent and told him not to reenact anything bad in a video or game. Mario realizes the mistake he made. Jeffy asks to use the laptop again, Mario decides to spend time with him as a father should and ride a bike with him.

Logan then appears saying that the videos are demonetized/age-restricted and encourages his fans to donate on his Patreon if they can.



  • This is the second episode in 2017 to not have any swear words, the first being Jeffy Has Hiccups!.
    • This is also the beginning of the "No Swear Word Videos" streak.
  • This video was most likely meant to be an announcement for Logan's Patreon.
  • This Video Breaks the streak of Brooklyn T. Guy's Appearance Streak. It ended at 5 videos in a row.
  • Dudely Awesome is a parody of a Youtube channel named Dude Perfect.
  • This is an SML Movie while having a length of an SML Short because the half of the video is Logan talking.
  • Most of the video is a message from Logan, rather than an actual plush video.
  • At 2:38, Bowser Junior's amiibo can be seen
  • This video is based in part on a real news story where a mother complained that SML was a bad influence on her 7-year-old son because he tried to hang himself with a makeshift noose in an attempt to imitate Jeffy's Tantrum, you can look at the article here.
    • Mario's refusal to parent Jeffy and his insistence that "everyone else should suffer for it" is meant to be Logan's response to the controversy.
  • The entire scene about the YouTube channel no longer getting ads and money is a direct reference to SuperMarioLogan's videos getting demonetized, or age-restricted.
  • The episode as a whole is a reference to YouTube's unfair censorship of the channel, as well as parents who refuse to acknowledge their failures and instead blame content creators.
  • Jeffy's thumbnail pose for Nintendo Switch, The Golden Egg!, Jeffy's TV Show!, Mario's New Hat!, Jeffy's Bike!, and Jeffy Has Kids! is used again.
  • Lance is seen wearing "LOL SRSLY?" hat from Jeffy Breaks His Helmet!
  • Mario's line "How about we go outside and ride a bike" is a reference to Jeffy's Bike.
  • If the viewer pauses at the Dudely Awesome page before the video goes full screen, a bunch of SML Movies can be seen with Age Restricted under them.
  • There is no SML question.


  • After Jeffy lights one of the TNT with a Redstone torch, as he runs away from the Webcam, he was also still moving in-game after leaving the seat.
  • When Jeffy clicks on the YouTube video to play, the tab that's clicked on has a Game Theory video, while the video playing is a Dudely Awesome video.
  • Minecraft was not tested to be violent, also there are plenty of games that are violent that were not removed like it.
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