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"Jeffy Plays Basketball!" is the 625th episode of SML Movies.


Jeffy plays Basketball well thanks to his Michael Jordan sneakers.


The episode starts with Jeffy coming in to ask Marvin and Rose if he can go outside and step on some dog poop. When they ask why he tells them is because he likes the squishy sound it makes. Jeffy announces that even if they say no he will do it anyway, so Marvin tells Jeffy if he's gonna stomp on it to at least stomp on it with his shoes. Jeffy then tells them he can't find them and when asked why he makes up 2 excuses one being that he can't find them because they ran away and that he everywhere (he only looked at his feet) for them so Marvin goes with him to look for them. When they do find the shoes they are too late as Booger has eaten them tearing them apart, so Rose suggests going to a store to find some hand-me-downs and Marvin tells her to do so.Rose then comes back with 2 red shoes who she claims used to belong to Michael Jordan as a kid, after making some corny puns about dog poop Jeffy tells Marvin and Rose that he's going to stomp in dog poop with them. Marvin stops Jeffy and tells him before he does that he should show his friends his new shoes as that would make them jealous. So Jeffy agrees and goes to Junior, Cody, and Joseph to show them his new shoes.

Meanwhile Junior, Cody, and Joseph are playing basketball (well actually Joseph is the only one playing Junior and Cody are just watching) however Junior and Cody want a turn but Joseph reminds them that the type of basketball they are playing only allows them to play if Joseph loses. Then Jeffy comes over and Joseph finally loses. Before Cody gets his long awaited turn however Junior suggests that he gives Jeffy the ball because Junior wants to see Jeffy lose however Jeffy wins making Junior mad so he makes a rule that you can only score from the other side of the room and Jeffy does. So Junior makes an rule that you can only score from the stair to which Joseph comments that he can't even do that, Jeffy then throws the ball and scores. So Junior makes a rule that you can only core backwards from the only side of the stairs and Jeffy does so. Junior then gives up as he realizes Jeffy can't miss, when Cody notices the shoes and asks Jeffy about them and Jeffy tells them that his parents just gave them to him and they came from Michael Jordan. So Cody comments about how this episode is like that movie where a kid got Michael Jordan's shoes and could not miss. So Junior decides to test it out by having Jeffy score with and with out the shoes. With the shoes he won and without them he missed and so Junior and Joseph realize Cody is right and decide to keep testing Jeffy when meanwhile Brooklyn T. Guy knocks on the door.

Marvin opens it and asks what he needs and Brooklyn Guy tells Marvin that he needs eggs and when Marvin asks why he tells Marvin that his wife Karen needs eggs so she can make scrambled eggs and Marvin asks why he doesn't just go to a store. Brooklyn tells him that since their friends he assumed that he'd just give them to Brooklyn because one it would be free and two he came all this way, so Marvin allows it. Brooklyn then goes over to the fridge and thinks up other ways he can take advantage of Marvin's kindness when he overhears someone say, "He just can't miss!" and goes to check out what's going on. We then cut to a blindfolded Jeffy telling Junior that he doesn't want to throw the ball because he's already done so 500 times and hasn't missed once, Brooklyn asks what's going on and Junior and Cody tell Brooklyn that Jeffy just can't miss and Brooklyn says he wants to see that and Jeffy throws the ball and makes it in. So Brooklyn thinks this could be a great idea to go show the guys at the gym, then we cut to the basketball members Dwayne LeBron Johnson/Number 1, Lola/Number 4, Tron Cravers/Number 11, Doesn't Miss Chris/Number 4, and TJ Walkin'/Number 7 doing free throws.

Brooklyn then tells Junior his plan and Junior asks if he really think all 4 of them can do it and he admits to Junior that he thinks only Jeffy can do it but that you need 4 players on a team so yes he does think all 4 of them can do it. Brooklyn then challenged Dwayne saying that he thinks his team can beat theirs and that if they win he wants to bet $50,000 on it at first Dwayne laughs until Brooklyn brings money into it and says Brooklyn's got himself a deal but that if his team does lose Brooklyn can never touch a basketball again Brooklyn comments that he doesn't know how Dwayne will enforce that but says okay. So then Brooklyn takes his team to the court and Dwayne comments that he didn't think Brooklyn would show up but Brooklyn says that after making a deal involving children of course he'd show up so then Dwayne's team comes and the game begins and the first one to get his hands on the ball is Junior who passes it to Jeffy who makes a swish. Then Cody gets his hands on the ball and doesn't know what to do with it and Junior tells him to pass it to Jeffy and Cody does and Jeffy makes another score then Joseph gets his hand on the ball and Junior tells him to pass it to Jeffy but Joseph refuses as he thinks he can make it however he loses as one of Dwayne's team members catches it and makes a score. Then after a few more scores Junior and the others celebrate and accidentally let Jeffy's secret loose and so while Jeffy's distracted with the ball Dwayne takes them and then Cody gets the ball and following Junior's orders passes it to Jeffy again however Jeffy not knowing what to do gives it back to Cody who passes it back to Jeffy who passes it back to Cody so they ask what he's doing he announces he doesn't have his shoes anymore.

So Junior calls in a time out despite Dwayne saying they can't do that, Brooklyn asks what's going on and they tell him why Jeffy is so good at the game and so Brooklyn scared that he's going to go broke gives Junior, Joseph, Cody, and Jeffy and inspirational speech and then they resume with Jeffy having the ball and Dwayne trying to tease Jeffy asks how good he is at the game now that he doesn't have his shoes. So Jeffy tells him he's not and passes it to Cody who has no idea what to do and so Junior in a slow motion way tells Cody to just throw the ball when Cody asks why he's saying it in slow motion Junior once again goes into sow motion and tells him to just shoot which Cody does where we cut to Dwayne screaming in slow motion and Brooklyn T. Guy telling the ball to go in, in slow motion and the ball goes in. Brooklyn, Joseph, Junior, Jeffy, and Cody celebrate while Dwayne and his team groan like sore losers about how they lost, Dwayne compliment Brooklyn about his team and then pays him the $50,000, Jeffy then goes home to Marvin.

Marvin asks Jeffy why he no longer has his shoes on and Jeffy tells him its because someone ate them and Marvin accuses him of lying to which Jeffy tells him he does not know the truthfulness behind what Jeffy just said. Then Brooklyn comes in looking rich with $50,000 in front of him telling Marvin to call him $50,000 Guy and Marvin asks how he got so much money to which Brooklyn tells him its thanks to Jeffy and his 3 friends and that as a thanks for getting most of the shots he wanted to give them some money and gives Marvin $100 and Marvin asks what its for and Brooklyn tells him its so that he can buy Jeffy new shoes. Jeffy asks if he can shoes to stomp on dog poop and Marvin in a depressed voice says yes and him and Brooklyn awkwardly take their money Brooklyn to his house and Marvin to the store. The episode then ends.




  • This video is a parody of the 2002 basketball film "Like Mike", starring Lil' Bow Wow, which involves an orphan getting basketball talents. The movie is even namedropped in the video by Cody.
  • This episode was likely based off of Glider's YTP of the same name.
  • Number 1's name, Dwayne LeBron Johnson, is a combination of famous basketball players Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and Magic Johnson. His first and last name is also a reference to a famous movie actor, Dwayne Johnson.


  • At 9:40, Jeffy’s helmet moves forward, covering his eyes and nose.


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