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"Jeffy Goes To The Zoo!" is the 243rd video of SML Movies.


Mario Takes Jeffy To The Zoo!


Mario is about to watch TV, but Jeffy says he has to poop but he doesn't know where it goes. Mario tells him to relax, but not too much so he doesn't poop his pants. Mario makes a deal where if he can go to the bathroom like a big boy, he will give him a prize. Jeffy goes into the bathroom, and while he is in there, Mario sees a commercial for the zoo. After the commercial, Jeffy says he pooped in the bathroom. Mario goes in and sees nothing.

Mario then asks if he flushed, and Jeffy says he forgot to pull his pants down, but Mario is giving him a prize because he still went in the bathroom. When they go in the living room, Jeffy starts making animal noises. Mario gets annoyed, but that gives him an idea to take him to the zoo. They go to the zoo, and Brooklyn T. Guy is the zookeper. While he is talking, he asks why Jeffy is spanking his diaper, and Mario tells Jeffy to pay attention.

The Brooklyn guy shows them the turtles, and Mario gets a flashback from Super Mario Bros. They then go to the giraffes, and Jeffy is still spanking his diaper. Mario says he is probably really excited. The Brooklyn guy tells them they can feed the giraffes, but they can't scream. Jeffy feeds the giraffe, but it licks Jeffys hand and it scares him.

They then move on to the Gorilla exhibit with the gorilla "Harambe". Mario and the Brooklyn Guy are talking, and Jeffy jumps into the enclosure. The Brooklyn Guy then shoots Harambe to save Jeffy. Poor Harambe! Mr. Goodman reports on the news that Harambe was shot and killed.

It changes to Donkey Kong saying he will kill whoever is responsible and that Harambe "Did nuffin". Jeffy and the Brooklyn Guy are crying, and Mario and The Brooklyn Guy asked why Jeffy jumped in. Jeffy said Harambe wanted him to, and that he wanted to "eat his butt." Mario and The Brooklyn Guy argue, and The Brooklyn guy leaves for an interview. He then blames the whole situation on Mario.

Mario yells at Jeffy asking why he did that and he responds again saying that Harambe wanted to eat his butt. Mario says he can't because he's dead, and Jeffy cries. Mario hears a knock at the door, and it's Rosalina. Rosalina comes in, and Mario explains the whole situation. There is then a news report about "s out for Harambe."

Rosalina says the Zoo should've had signs and a cage, and Mario uses that for his defense during an interview, but during the interview, Mario accidentally says he wanted Jeffy to die, making him even more bad of a parent. Rosalina says there is only one thing to do. Mario makes a statement, and pulls his pants down and says "s out for Harambe". This makes him a hero, but Rosalina comments saying it is small. The video ends with Jeffy saying "Why you do that?"



The video heavily satires the controversy regarding the shooting of the gorilla, also named Harambe, at the Cincinnati Zoo on May 28, 2016. It also satires an incident that took place around a university in Austin Texas where crowds protested certain policies that the university had begun, doing so by attaching fake es to themselves (hence the satirical term "s out for Harambe").


  • The giraffe-feeding scene resulted in everybody involved in this video (except Chilly and Tito) getting kicked out of the zoo, as they apparently weren't supposed to be "talking to the animals with puppets". This information is in the video's description. But in the vlog, Chilly explains the cast were told by a worker to put the puppets away or they'd leave the premises. Eventually the cast were kicked out, after Logan filmed some chickens despite not even yelling.
  • According to Logan, the scene where Brooklyn Guy first shows Jeffy and Mario the giraffe was shot after the following scene. The feeding scene was where they got scolded at for startling the giraffe, so this was addressed in the scene where Mario and Jeffy first see the giraffe, where Brooklyn Guy tells them not to yell.
  • This video was announced on SuperMarioLogan's Instagram and Facebook by a picture of Mario and Jeffy seeing a giraffe.[1][2]
  • This episode is similar to a SpongeBob Squarepants episode from the show's second season, The Smoking Peanut, where SpongeBob feels guilty he threw a peanut at a zoo clam.
  • Donkey Kong has finally made another appearance after a long time, listed on the next bullet below.
  • This marks Donkey Kong's first appearance since Bowser Junior's Lemonade Stand!.
  • Mario's psychotic loathing of turtles resurfaces once again.
  • Harambe is played by a person in a gorilla suit, it was Lovell. Logan revealed it to dabhdude and his friends.
  • During the turtle scene, there is a clip of Super Mario Bros when Mario is doing the infinite 1-up trick.
  • This is the first time that Jeffy was badly hurt.
  • The press conferences were filmed at the new house.
  • This is the first time since Jeffy's Birthday!, where Mario and Bowser appear in the same video.
  • This is the first time Jeffy is seen without his diaper on.
  • Jeffy also seems to have lost his eyelashes.
  • The episode was originally going to be called "Bowser Junior Goes to the Zoo" and it was going to have Junior instead of Jeffy. Logan decided on Jeffy because he felt that the Mario/Jeffy dynamic worked better.
  • This is the first time that Jeffy doesn't cry when being called bad.
  • Jeffy continues his mispronunciation of "giraffe" from Jeffy's Homework.
    Is YouTube Kids A Safe Place for Young Children to Explore?

    Is YouTube Kids A Safe Place for Young Children to Explore?

    The video uploaded by the CCFC on Vimeo.

  • This is the 3rd episode to be seen on Google's YouTube Kids app, the first was The Christmas Special, and the second was Mario's Valentine's Day Problem, but it is unknown why this video is on the YouTube Kids app, because there is one part where Mario shows his on national TV (despite it is censored), so this video is considered inappropriate on YouTube Kids.
    • Parents of children that use the app deleted it, due to inappropriate content. (an example is a video on the channel "Superkidz Finger Family" about Mickey Mouse and his family all dressed as Deadpool firing gunshots at one another and committing suicide. This led to the channel being taken down on both YouTube and YouTube Kids.
      • The CCFC (Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood) and the CDD (Center for Digital Democracy) talked with Google about the inappropriate content.
        • A video on Vimeo by the CCFC showing examples of inappropriate content was uploaded.[3]
  • Jeffy gets beaten for the first time.
  • In the behind the scenes video on Chilly's channel, the Chef Pee Pee puppet is seen with Lovell. This could possibly mean that Chef Pee Pee was going to be in this video somewhere but couldn't because Logan and crew were kicked out of the zoo.
  • The background in the thumbnail is from Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo, a children's computer game released by Humongous Entertainment in 1995.


  • Throughout the series, Mario is adamant that Jeffy is not actually his son, but doesn't even say that in the episode.
  • Harambe's death was mentioned by Craig the Devil in Evil Chef Pee Pee!. It's possible that it takes place after this one.


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