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"Jeffy Gets Ignored!" is the 621st episode of SML Movies.


Jeffy is tired of being ignored!


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The episode starts with Jeffy asking Marvin for chocolate milk. Marvin tells Jeffy he'll pour him some later, but Jeffy wants it now. Jeffy says he can pour it, but Marvin objects, saying he can't because he'll make a big mess of it. Rose tells Marvin that she has been teaching Jeffy how to pour without spilling, so he should do it. Marvin reluctantly agrees to let Jeffy pour the milk, but threatens him with getting grounded if he makes a mess. and thus, Jeffy is off to pour some milk

The scene cuts to Jeffy in the kitchen, preparing to pour himself some chocolate milk. surprisingly, Rose was right and Jeffy pours the milk without spilling. However, Jeffy decides to use a baseball bat to attempt to move the cup upstairs. This obviously ends with the cup breaking. Marvin, who hears the cup break, comes downstairs and yells at Jeffy for spilling the milk. Jeffy, angry about Marvin yelling at him, Throws the milk jug to the ground. Marvin drags Jeffy downstairs and calls Brooklyn Guy to "fix Jeffy". Brooklyn Guy prescribes Marvin and Rose with ear plugs so they can ignore Jeffy.



  • This episode was uploaded 1 year after "Jeffy Wins the Lottery!" and 6 years after "Bowser Junior's Game Night 2".
  • This is Doctor Me's first appearance since "Jeffy's Anger Management!".
  • This is the second time the red couch appears in a thumbnail, the first being "Stuck!".
  • This video was uploaded on the day of the deletion of the original SML channel. It was the first video to be uploaded after it's deletion.
  • Running gags: Jeffy constantly saying "I'm gonna spill some milk.” and Cody warning Junior not to say names of game consoles from Nintendo.
  • The video is portraying "Math" as a illegal drug because they can't use (or say) the actual drug named "Meth", or Methamphetamine.


  • Math being used as a Substance could be similar to that of how its used in Sr Pelo's Video "Mokey’s Show: 425-Math". Which involves Grooby, Mokey and Dilan taking Math in order to become Smart People who can solve “Smart” Problems.
  • Junior trying to say the names of Nintendo game consoles and then Cody stopping him is an obvious reference to the Nintendo cease and desist.
  • Junior namedrops the show Breaking Bad when mentioning his plan to sell "math" inspired from said show.


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