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"Jeffy Gets Bullied!" is the 314th episode of SML Movies, It is the fifth episode of the Days of School Series.


Jeffy is getting bullied at school! Jeffy teaches the bully a lesson!


The video starts with Jackie Chu teaching the class about Jeffy's Law (first attempt), which became an official law of math in Jeffy's Homework!. As Jackie Chu teaches the class about Jeffy's Law, Jeffy is scribbling on his paper with crayons when Bully Bill throws paper balls at him. For the first two balls, Jeffy politely askes Bully Bill to stop throwing paper balls at him and continues drawing. Bully Bill throws another paper ball at Jeffy. This time, Jeffy warns Bully Bill that if he continues throwing paper balls at him, he will beat him up. Bully Bill ignores this warning and throws the final paper ball at Jeffy. At which point, Jeffy beats him up.

The scene cuts to Mario and Rosalina, with Mario worried that Jeffy did something bad at school. Suddenly, Jackie Chu calls Mario to come for a parent-teacher conference. Mario and Rosalina arrive at the school for the conference, with Jackie Chu informing the two that Jeffy beat up another student and wants him write an apology note for Bully Bill and if Jeffy beats up a student again, he will get suspended for a week.. The scene then cuts back to the house where Jeffy and Mario argue that Bully Bill deserved the beating he gave him, though Mario opposes this. After some time, Rosalina goes to write the apology note because Jeffy doesn't want to.

It is the next day of school. While Jackie Chu is teaching the class of Science Day (second attempt), which is about matter, Jeffy gives Bully Bill the notes with the latter writing him a note, too in the form of a paper bool. Jeffy goes to his desk with the note Bully Bill wrote him while Bully Bill crumbles up the note Jeffy gave him. Jeffy opens up the note Bully Bill gave him to find that the note says "RETARD". Jeffy beats up Bully Bill once again for this. Mario and Rosalina go to the school once again for a parent-teacher conference with Jackie Chu punishing Jeffy by suspending him for a week, something Jeffy greatly approves of. Mario yells at Jeffy, greatly appalled about him beating up Bully Bill for the second time. Mario tells him that Jeffy was supposed to give Bully Bill the note. Jeffy lets him know that he did give Bully Bill the note and shows him the note Bully Bill gave him. Mario and Rosalina finally have proof that Jeffy is getting bullied. To confirm if Jeffy is getting bullied, Mario and Rosalina put a camera on Jeffy's head to record footage of bullying.

One week has passed, Jackie Chu is teaching the class about History Day (third attempt), and Jeffy is back in school. Bully Bill begins to make fun of him again. Jeffy tries not to listen to what Bully Bill is saying. Bully Bill continues to insult him in which Jeffy is absolutely enraged and beats him up for the third time. Mario, Rosalina, and Jackie Chu review the footage with the latter deciding to punish Bully Bill instead of Jeffy. The next day they arrived to Y U DUMB? Elementary School, the green board says NO BULLYING (last attempt) and Bully Bill apologizes to Jeffy. Jeffy accepts the apology and tells his parents about it, ending the video.

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1. Math Lesson (Jeffy's Law)

2. Science Day

3. History Day

4. No Bullying



A few days after release, the video became the 5th on SuperMarioLogan to be demonetized, most likely due to the portraying of bullying, even despite the SML message. This video just so happened to be the fastest on SuperMarioLogan to reach 5 Million views at the time, meaning that if it had not been demonetized, Logan could have received a lot of money. Aside from the financial and advertising standpoint, the video was an indication to Logan that he was portraying a family friendly type setup with puppets into an extreme adult video and has garnered a relatively young fan base, and this image is being panned by YouTube officials and could cause larger problems in the future. This caused Logan to upload an extreme rant on Chilly's channel about the situation (though it was possibly enhanced due to the red hair). People who are familiar with SML take the video with a grain of salt, while those who know nothing of SML do not understand, and target the channel with the claims. This is why larger YouTubers can get away with anything and SML cannot.


  • Rosalina's apology note reads as follows:
    "Dear Bully Bill,
    I apologize for assaulting you publicly in the classroom. That was wrong. I am sorry and I need to learn to control my temper. I promise it will never happen again.
    Maybe we can try to work this out and be best friends!
    I sincerely apologize,
  • Jackie Chu's voice has changed slightly.
  • Jeffy's Law from Jeffy's Homework! was made official by Mr Goodman and is shown in this episode.
  • This video marks the return of Bully Bill, as of his first appearance, Bowser Junior Learns Karate!.
  • Jeffy's angry thumbnail pose from Jeffy's Tantrum! is used again in this video.
  • This is the first Days of School episode where Lovell doesn't play anyone. The reason behind this is because of the voice actor of Chef Pee Pee, Bowser, Joseph, Toad, Tyrone, etc. Lovell, does not film when Elaina is around, due to Lovell's disliking towards Elaina. However, in later years, Lovell and Elaina start to became friends as their past as enemies is over since Logan and Chilly’s divorce.
  • This video reached more than 20 million views on YouTube.
  • This is the first video to have Bully Bill in the thumbnail.
  • This video was both age restricted and demonetized by YouTube due to the Jeffy swearing, jeffy beating up the bully.
    • This was later re-monetized again making this the first video to be demonetized but then monetized again.
  • Despite apologizing, Bully Bill would continue to bully Jeffy in videos after this.
  • This video was requested and partially written by a fan.
  • This is the first time that Jeffy beats up Bully Bill.
    • In fact, this is the first video that began Jeffy and Bully Bill's unhealthy relationship with one another.
  • The "8 - 4 = 8" and "2 + 2 = baby 2" was what Jeffy first came up with in Jeffy's Homework!
  • According to Jeffy, 9 + 3 = 93. This isn't stated in Jeffy's Homework!.
  • In future episode, Jeffy doesn't have a camera and gets in trouble more. As seen in some episodes, like Jeffy Gets Braces!, Jackie Chu even sides Bully Bill.


  • Jackie Chu usually pronounces his "l's" as "r's," however he pronounced law and problem correctly.
  • Jackie Chu says his eyes are "so slant he can't see." However, it can be inferred that he can see the video on the camera perfectly fine, though it may just be a joke about Asian people's eyes being "slant."
    • However, in The Test! it is confirmed that his eyes are actually very slant.


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