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"Jeffy's Taco Tuesday!" is the 356th episode of SML Movies.


Jeffy wants Tacos!


Jeffy, who is in a taco suit, tells Mario on the couch that today is Taco Tuesday, which Mario does not know about. Jeffy tries to explain that they go to buy tacos on Taco Tuesday, but Mario replies that they never got tacos on Tuesdays and refuses to buy tacos. As a result, Jeffy gets angry and essentially cusses, causing Mario to ground Jeffy.

Junior and Cody play a game and is interrupted by an angry Jeffy. Jeffy explains to Junior and Cody that Mario is a “stupid truck”. Junior tells Jeffy that Chef Pee Pee can make it for him. Chef Pee Pee is cooking something called “Fruit Loops Surprise”. Junior spits on the food. Chef Pee Pee says he already spitted in it and spits in it again. They want to get tacos by themselves, but they don’t have money.

Then, they try to sell Girl Scout cookies. They dress up as girls and tried to sell cookies. They didn’t succeed, however, because Junior didn’t buy cookies (he didn’t have money) and Jeffy blew their cover. Then, they try to steal from Chef Pee Pee's wallet. Cody tries to distract Chef Pee Pee by juggling balls. When Junior successfully steals the wallet, Jeffy shouts out the accomplishment to Cody. Then Cody told Jeffy not to say that. But they make Chef Pee Pee angry and they run with the wallet and dump out what is in the wallet: $0.44. Junior tells Chef Pee Pee that he can have the $20 in his room, and Jeffy yells at Junior that they could've got tacos by now.

They then go to the Loan Dolphin to buy some tacos. The Loan Dolphin tells them that his tacos are “to die for” and that the tacos “are the bomb”. They then buy the tacos. At the couch, they tell Chef Pee Pee to get a taco and Jeffy grabs two for himself and Mario. Junior tries to start a taco fight (and misses Cody) but the taco explodes. They realize that Chef Pee Pee and Jeffy are in trouble. Junior goes to Chef Pee Pee and, in slow motion, slaps the taco out of his hand and it explodes.

Cody tries to do the same thing, but he was just acting it and wasn't actually in slow motion. The news then reports that the military accidentally sent bombs disguised as tacos and that the military doesn’t want to “taco ‘bout it”. Jeffy then doesn’t want the tacos anymore and throws them at the couch, presumably killing Himself, Mario, and Cody while the video ends.



  • This is the first time that Cody interacts with Mario.
  • Cody's girl outfit returns from Chef Pee Pee's Bucket List!, and will return in The Competition!
  • Cody makes the same “rimjob” joke that Jeffy made in Jeffy The Rapper!.
  • Running Gag: Jeffy using the word "truck" as a substitute for "fuck".
  • When Cody plans to sell his milkshakes, after responding to Junior's question abut not having enough money for the milkshakes, it refers to the song "Milkshake" sung by Kelis.
  • This is the first time the slo-mo scene was faked.
  • Chef Pee Pee has 44 cents in his wallet.
  • The Taco suit that Jeffy is currently wearing is another prop sent from the fans during one of Logan's fan mail
  • This video contains one of the shortest description with only 3 words in it, “Jeffy wants Tacos!
  • This is the first time Jeffy kills Cody (it was unintentional though).
  • A scene from the episode references the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Dying for Pie"
  • Jeffy yells, "WELL TRUCK!" To make sure the video didn't get age-restricted.
  • This is yet another episode continuing Rosalina's hiatus.
  • Although the Loan Dolphin says that the tacos weren't from Taco Bell, the tacos are in a Taco Bell box
  • The Loan Dolphin saying that the tacos are to "die for", he is referring to a quote by Scar from the 1994 Disney animated film "The Lion King".


  • When Chef Pee Pee is about to eat the taco, the taco is farther away while the previous scene of him it was pretty much in his mouth. This could be a video editing error.


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