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"Jeffy's Parents!" is the 270th video of SML Movies. It is the most popular SML video of all time.


Jeffy's Parents.


The episode starts off with Mario and Rosalina trying to get Jeffy to eat his green beans. Jeffy then puts on a bib saying 'I'm not eating that s**t. Suddenly, The Breaking News report plays with Goodman stating that world-renowned Painter, Jacques Pierre François has died, and states that he reportedly shot himself in the head making a Painting called "The Suicide", and left his million dollar fortune to his only child whose identity is currently unknown, which is Jeffy.

Rosalina states that the news is sad but Mario doesn't know who the painter is and while Rosalina is telling Mario about how he got famous for Stuffing paints up his nose and sneezing them on a Canvas Jeffy was dumping his Green beans behind the couch and then told Mario that he ate all of his green beans which prompts Mario to ask if the Green Beans are behind the couch which Jeffy replied "No", Mario Looks behind the couch and sees the green beans on the carpet catches scold Jeffy and told Jeffy to go into the corner right before he received a Phone Call from Goodman.

Mario then told Jeffy to go into the corner again which Jeffy responds to "What the hell is a Corner?" Mario answered the call and Goodman Greeted Mario with "Uh hi is this Mario? The guy that chainsawed a couch in my Apartment Complex?” stating that a woman in the office just spoke with him and is looking for Jeffy. Upon hearing this, Mario instantly gets overjoyed. He and Rosalina get Jeffy ready to see his real Mom at the front door.

Jeffy's mom shows up at the door and is revealed to be an alcoholic, a smoker, and a prostitute. She has a raspy male-sounding voice and wears heavy makeup. She introduces herself as Nancy, and asks for alcohol, despite being pregnant. She then proceeds charge Mario a dollar to burp on his face, even though Mario said no. Mario asks Nancy why Jeffy was dropped off with him, to which she responds that she just needed somebody to watch him while she was at the grocery store. Mario asks her why it took her a year to go to the grocery store, in which Nancy said it was hard to find. But Jeffy ends up telling what really happened:

One year prior, Nancy drives Jeffy to the apartment complex, where she intends to abandon Jeffy at. Jeffy doesn't want to leave Nancy, but Nancy does, because she thinks Jeffy is ugly, stupid and a waste of her time. Jeffy asks what to do if he forgets his name, so Nancy writes it on his shirt (which pretty much explains that). Nancy then puts a note on Jeffy's shirt that says "Please Babysit....sorry", and lies to Jeffy by saying it says he's a good boy. Nancy drives off, leaving Jeffy at the apartment, so Jeffy looks for a door to knock on. He comes across Mario's apartment door, and we then see the scene from Mario The Babysitter! that shows Mario meeting Jeffy for the first time.

Back in the present, Nancy beats Jeffy for "lying." Mario tells Jeffy to leave with Nancy, but Jeffy and Rosalina are both reluctant. Nancy eventually forces Jeffy out. Mario says “Well, he’s gone now!”, but Rosalina is now furious at Mario for letting Nancy take Jeffy away. She reminds Mario that Nancy beats Jeffy, and when Mario coldly responds “GOOD!”, Rosalina breaks up with him and leaves in anger. Meanwhile, Jeffy still does not want to go with Nancy. Nancy then tells Jeffy that his father was a famous painter who passed away that day and that he left millions of dollars to Jeffy, so when Jeffy turns 18, all the money would be Nancy's. She promises him that Jeffy could live with whoever he wants once he turns 18. Jeffy says "I don't want to live with you, Mommy. I don't like you!" Nancy hits Jeffy again and then tells Jeffy that he is going to live with her and he is going to like it.

Meanwhile, Mario begins to miss Jeffy, even playing his cat piano. He even pretends he is happy. Jeffy tells Nancy that he is hungry, to which Nancy says that he must wait a week until the check comes in before he can eat again. Jeffy then escapes out the car window and runs back to Mario's house. He begs Mario to let him stay, but Mario still refuses at first, but decides to let him in until Nancy returns to pick him up.

A few minutes later, Nancy arrives and lies to Mario that she was getting Jeffy a Happy Meal from McDonald's and he ran away. Mario then makes a call and tells Nancy and Jeffy to sit down. Nancy starts beating Jeffy senselessly, only for Does Bad Things Guy (posing as Brooklyn T. Guy) (as a cop) to arrive and arrest Nancy for prostitution, child abuse and some other things.

Mario considers sending Jeffy into foster care, but feels bad for him and reluctantly decides to adopt Jeffy. Brooklyn T. Guy then gives Mario a ripped piece of paper he found in Nancy's purse. Mario realizes he has the other piece to it. The note was from Jaques Pierre François and Mario and Brooklyn T. Guy find out he was his father. Mario thinks Jeffy could live with Jaques but Brooklyn T. Guy reminds him of his death and how he left all his money to Jeffy but he doesn't actually get it until he's 18. Mario then mumbles “I guess I’ll adopt him” but is embarrassed when forced to say it out loud. Brooklyn Guy then tells Mario if he's a good parent he could get some of the money in 6 more years. Mario decides that he is a good parent because he agreed to adopt Jeffy before learning about the money, and Jeffy is left in Mario and Rosalina’s custody. Mario now fully accepts his responsibility to be Jeffy's adoptive father.

One day later, Mario, Rosalina, and Jeffy are all sitting together on the couch, with Jeffy playing his cat piano. Rosalina asks Mario why he won't tell Jeffy to stop, to which Mario somberly responds: "Not today. Not right now. This one's for me.", boldly allowing Jeffy to play his piano as a way of finally accepting him into the family.




Logan announced Jeffy's Parents! and The Quiet Game! as the first videos of 2017. Logan said Jeffy's Parents! would be released on the 24th of January 2017 in the description below. But instead, it was released on the day before, which was the 23rd of January, being one day before being a full year since Mario The Babysitter! was uploaded. This was likely due to the thunderstorms and tornadoes presently going on around Cantonment, Florida, which was also the reason for the delay of "The Quiet Game!"


  • This is the fifth emotional SML video. Preceded by "Baby Shrek", "Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 7", "Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 2", and "Chef Pee Pee's Kids." The 6th is "The Magical Button!" And the 7th and 8th are Joseph’s mom and precious biggest fan.
  • This is the first SML video of 2017 to receive universal acclaim.
  • There were more references to previous SML videos in this episode than any other before. A total of ten videos were referenced.
    • The ten video references are:
    • "Bowser Junior's Painting!": The video's events are referenced by Rosalina.
    • "The Koopalings! Part 2", The video's events are referenced by Goodman.
    • "Mario the Babysitter!": A clip of the video was shown as a flashback, adding clips from Jeffy's perspective of the events preceding the reused clip.
    • "Locked Out": When Mario refuses to let Jeffy inside the house, Mario recalls the video's events, referring to locking Jeffy out as payback.
    • "Jeffy's Pet!": Mario sees and mistakes Pee Pee Suck for Jeffy after the hamster rolls onto Jeffy's Cat Piano.
    • "Jeffy's Birthday!": The second half of the paper with Jeffy's information was revealed to be in the possession of Nancy. The first half of this paper was revealed in this video.
    • "Jeffy Sleepwalks!": Jeffy mentions that he thought Mario ate his Cat Piano, when he actually threw it out a window, and Mario says he "threw it back up."
    • "Jeffy's Special Easter!": Mario remembers when Jeffy painted the Mona Lisa on the egg.
  • It is possible that this video was used to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Jeffy since this was posted a year after "Mario The Babysitter!"
  • Jeffy's dad is revealed to be Jacques Pierre François, who previously appeared in "Bowser Junior's Painting!"
  • It is revealed Jeffy was 12 years old at the time of the video, and that he has a French heritage from his actual father.
  • This video has revealed 3 explanations for Jeffy's lack of intelligence:
    • His mom acted insanely weird and was an alcoholic prostitute.
    • It's most likely she never takes him to school throughout his entire life due to her lack of responsibility.
    • It is revealed at the beginning of the video that Jeffy's mom drinks while pregnant, hinting that she might be drinking alcohol while she was pregnant with Jeffy and messed him up.
    • Along with those reasons, Jeffy could be just plain-out dumb.
      • However, he is sane enough to apologize to Mario and admit what he has done, so he was half and half.
  • This episode shows how Jeffy ended up at Mario's door in "Mario The Babysitter!"
  • This was the second video on SuperMarioLogan that was hyped up for, the first being "Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 1."
  • This is the most viewed SML video to date with over 92 million views as of June 29, 2021
    • This is also the most liked video in SML History, with over 766K likes as of June 29, 2021.
  • As Jeffy is the only surviving child of Jacques Pierre François, he will get all of his father's money, but since Jeffy's dad died before Jeffy turned 18, the money is in a trust fund which means Jeffy will officially get the money from his father on Sunday, August 21, 2022, the day he turns 18. However, if Jeffy were to die before turning 18, then Mario (and by extension Rosalina) will get the money immediately upon Jeffy's death since Mario has custody. In any case, Nancy will not get any part of the money since she doesn't have custody of Jeffy anymore.
    • In "Jeffy's 16th Birthday!", when Mario and Rosalina are wishing Jeffy a happy birthday, Mario mutters that there is only 2 more years until he can get "that money", referencing this.
  • Goodman is still mad at Mario about the couch incident three months ago, even though it was Wendy O. Koopa who cut the couch in half. It's possible Goodman thinks it was Mario though.
  • This video had different angles than other SML videos, such as the argument and brief breakup between Mario and Rosalina.
  • This shows Jeffy's sane side once again remembering what happened when he was dropped off at Mario's door, knowing to how to sneak out of the car and go to Mario's house, and knowing that what would happen if he either went with his mom or a foster care, even knowing how to plead Mario to adopt him. He even apologized to Mario and admitted his mistakes and didn't play the cat piano.
  • The likely reason why Jeffy wears a helmet is to protect him of being beat on the head by his mother. It's unknown if his father or Jeffy himself put the helmet on, or he wants to be like his father who wears a beret. However, in "Jeffy's Sister Returns!", the actual reason why Jeffy always wears a helmet is so he doesn't die like his sister, Feebee did.
  • Since Jeffy's Mom used to beat him up, that may explain why he was traumatized when Mario spanked him in "Jeffy's Bad Word!"
  • If Nancy was pregnant (since she said she doesn't even know) she would have given birth to her child in prison. But it is likely that when that child is born, it would be taken out of Nancy's custody and put into foster care because of Nancy's criminal record.
  • Goodman mentions how the couch was cut in half in "The Koopalings! Part 2."
  • This episode was referenced in Baby Jeffy where mario said he has to restart the 18 years.
  • In the scene why Mario locks Jeffy out because he wants payback for locking him out in “Locked Out!”.
  • Even though Jeffy promised Mario that he would be a good boy, he did not live up to his promise.
  • Logan's Apartment is featured in the flashback, with a new scene even being shot at it.
  • This video has several changes to the SML series:
    • Mario is now Jeffy's adoptive father and Rosalina is now Jeffy's adoptive mom.
    • This video also marks the end of Mario's hatred of Jeffy for now. However he returned to hating him in future videos such as Jeffy Gets Hypnotized Jeffy’s Big Mess and Jeffy the Monkey.
  • This is the first time Rosalina broke up with Mario, the second time was in "Jeffy Goes To Disney World!"
  • This episode takes place exactly 1 year after the events of "Mario the Babysitter!"
  • When Jeffy is seen being thrown out the car window, it is obviously a stunt double Jeffy puppet, as his hair and back of his head look different than the real and Logan probably didn't want to risk messing the real one up in the rain or running it over.
  • On June 30th, 2021, SML unlisted this video. This is because the SML channel could get deleted.


  • When Nancy came to pick up Jeffy, it was daytime. However, when Nancy was seen "taking Jeffy home", it was night time. It could be that they talked for a long time off screen.
  • Jeffy thought Mario ate his cat piano, but in "Jeffy's Birthday!", Rosalina gave him a new one.
  • In the description for the SML Reacts of this, birthday is misspelt as birthday.
  • There is a flashback of "Mario The Babysitter!" where Jeffy meets Mario, however, in the episode, Mario actually met Jeffy at the end of the video entirely, not at the end of his dream as it is shown here.
  • When Nancy writes "Jeffy" on Jeffy's shirt, the marker is seen with the cap on as she starts "writing."
  • Near the end of the video Jeffy says he will be a good boy forever. But in the next video Jeffy is a bad boy (But it is also possible Logan might have forgot)


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