"Jeffy's Haircut"is the 47th episode of SML Shorts.


Jeffy gets his haircut!


The video starts out with Jeffy coming onto screen towards Mario. However, Jeffy's hair gets too long and gross, and a bird starts living in Jeffy's hair, and lays 3 eggs! Mario was shocked by Jeffy's hair. He then decides to call the Barber but Jeffy don't want to. He then tells Jeffy that his hair is way too long for comfort and the bird should live in a normal tree instead of his hair.

They then went and called Brooklyn T. Guy who is revealed to be a barber and a cosmologist. Unfortunately, Brooklyn T.Guy revealed that he is also a birdologist and told that it is illegal to do that and the bird was a Lime Green Cock-A-Doodle Tweet Tweet, which is very rare.

Mario then decides to get help from the Loan Dolphin, but his schedule is full, so Mario instead hires Mr. Whiskers for 2 cans of tuna. Mr. Whiskers tries different methods and his first method is to become Jeffy's pet for a little bit and lure the birds in the perfect moment. However, he got tired of doing this since Jeffy is constantly smacking him and he named him Butthole. For his second method, he tries tricking them in. Mr. Whiskers then leads the bird into a bird club and the eggs finally hatch. It is then revealed that the birdhouse is actually his lunchbox.

Then, the bird is gone so they called Brooklyn T. Guy again to now get his haircut. When the barber (Brooklyn T. Guy) got his scissor and is ready to cut Jeffy's hair, Jeffy flips his hair revealing that he was wearing a wig. Mario gets angry at Jeffy and the video ends.



  • Brooklyn T. Guy's mask from "The Purge!", "Jeffy Has Hiccups!", and "Jeffy's Birthday Wish!" appears again in the video.
  • This is the fourth video of 2017 (and the third consecutive video) to not include any profanity.
  • The whole episode might be a reference to a Family Guy episode because there is an episode where Peter grows a giant beard and there is a rare extinct bird in the beard, and Peter is not allowed to remove it. However, in this episode Jeffy is getting a haircut but his hair has a rare extinct bird in it and he's not allowed to touch it.
  • The episode started out as Logan's Instagram video where Logan tells his fans to suggest a Jeffy Video he should make.
  • Mario in this short also caused the extinction of the lime cock-a-doodle tweet tweet since the brooklyn guy said that there were 3 members of this bird species in the world.
  • Mario would get a fine of between $100.000 to $200.000 dollars for the cock-a-doodle tweet tweets extinction and have a life prison sentence if convictied and mr whiskers would most likely get ethunized for the crime too.


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