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"Jeffy's Flu Shot!" is the 252nd episode of SML Movies, and the first episode where a Jeffy puppet made by a fan of SuperMarioLogan is used.


It's Flu season! That means Jeffy needs to get his FLU shot!


The episode opens up to Jeffy spanking his diaper and making his infamous Uh! Uh! Uh! sounds to Mario and Rosalina. Annoyed, Mario mimics Jeffy, then asks him what he'd do if he did that all day, to which Jeffy replies with his usual line, "Why you do that?"

Rosalina is on Jeffy's side (as always), saying that he's creative, to which Mario disagrees. Jeffy then bends over and looks under his diaper, trying to watch himself poop. Mario gets grossed out by this and asks Rosalina if this is what she meant by creative. Rosalina then explains that Jeffy is just really focused. Jeffy continues to poop wondering why he can't see it, so Mario finally gives up and insists Jeffy to just watch some TV.

Breaking news broadcast on TV shows Goodman, saying his usual, "Breaking news, M'kay?" He then starts warning everyone that flu season has started and to get their flu shots. Mario and Rosalina become worried about the flu season and both agree that they have to get their shots. Rosalina then mentions that Jeffy has to get a flu shot due to his young age. Meanwhile, Jeffy somehow manages to stuff the TV remote into his mouth and is choking on it. Mario struggles to pull the remote from Jeffy's mouth, but to no avail, so he had Rosalina hits Jeffy with a spoon. Mario finally manages to pull out the TV remote, but the news is now being broadcasted in Spanish. The scene shows Goodman speaking Spanish.

Mario and Rosalina are about to call the doctor, but Mario is worried that Jeffy won't cooperate like he often does. Rosalina insists that Jeffy will be fine, saying he's very understanding, but Mario doesn't think so. Rosalina then tells Mario to tell Jeffy that he will get a lollipop if he's good. Mario, in a negative and honest way, tells Jeffy "A doctor's gonna come and stab you with a needle but you'll get a lollipop if you're good." Upon hearing this, Jeffy gets scared and screams for about 5 seconds, saying "I'm scared of lollipops, daddy!".

Mario then offers him other kinds of fun prizes (a gumball, a gummy worm, a piece of gum, and $1,000,000) but Jeffy screams in horror to all of those. Afterward, Mario then insists Rosalina to just call the doctor. Rosalina tells Mario she called the doctor, then the Brooklyn T. Guy enters the room wearing a police outfit and holding a gun, asking if somebody wanted to get "shot". After laughing, Brooklyn T. Guy explains the joke. He then comes back in as a doctor with the flu shot and sarcastically apologizes for the joke, expounding that people call him "the jokester".

Mario gets confused, asking "who called you that?", to which Brooklyn T. Guy replies saying a lot of people called him that. Brooklyn T. Guy asks how many shots he's delivering, and Mario tells him that he, Rosalina, and Jeffy will get one but he wants Jeffy to get his last. Brooklyn T. guy gives himself a flu shot telling them he didn't get his flu shot, moaning and yelling in immense pleasure. Mario asks him if he's going to change the needle, but Brooklyn T. Guy says it isn't necessary to do so since he and Mario are cool.

Brooklyn T. Guy then asks Mario where he wants the shot. Mario gets confused again, as he wasn't aware that he could pick a place to have it. Brooklyn Guy then repeatedly boops Mario on his "big stupid nose", saying he should have it there. Annoyed, Mario tells him to stop and insists that he get his shot on his butt. Rosalina asks why, so Mario explains that it has the most fat on it, so it shouldn't be as painful, So Brooklyn T. Guy sticks the vaccination needle in Mario's butt. Jeffy asks Rosalina "Why is that man sticking daddy in the butt?" Rosalina then says Mario needs a flu shot. Brooklyn T. Guy (asking Rosalina "What about you, sweetheart?" making this the first time Brooklyn Guys has ever said something sweet to Rosalina) then gives Rosalina a flu shot on her arm.

Mario tells Jeffy it's his turn to get one, but Jeffy says he doesn't want one because he doesn't want it on his butt. Mario informs him that he doesn't have to have it on his butt, and Brooklyn T. Guy tells Jeffy he could have it anywhere and that he can make it rain. Jeffy asks Mario why he needs one, so Mario tells him that if he doesn't have a shot, he'll get the flu! But of course, Jeffy doesn't what the flu is, so Mario describes it as a big scary monster that can jump inside someone's mouth, which can make them vomit and poop their pants. Among hearing this, Jeffy says he already has it.

Mario explains that it's not pooping his pants like he always does, but it's diarrhea. Jeffy then says Taco Bell is the flu, implying that the tacos at Taco Bell make diarrhea worse. Mario then explains that flu diarrhea could be worse, like blood coming out besides poop. Having enough with explaining the flu to Jeffy, Mario tells Jeffy that he is required to get a flu shot then asks Brooklyn T. Guy to show Jeffy the needle up close. In a slow motion scene, Brooklyn Guy shows Jeffy the needle up close to his eyes. During this, 2 ostriches run across the screen. Jeffy gets scared by this, and wails "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! SCARY OSTRICHES!!!", and runs away in horror.

So Mario declares that Jeffy will not be getting his flu shot. He then asks what's the worst that can happen if he doesn't get a Flu shot, Brooklyn T. Guy sarcastically says that he can get the flu and possibly die. This gets Mario excited. He then says they are done and Brooklyn T. Guy asks before he leaves if anyone wants more of the vaccine. He gives himself one, groaning "Aw yeah, that's good stuff." Then he leaves.

Jeffy is then seen fluttering his lips as an angry Mario shouts at him saying he's mad at him since Jeffy didn't get his flu shot. As Mario tells Jeffy to get ready for bed, Bowser comes in the scene, looking very ill and coughs into Jeffy's face. Bowser explains that he doesn't know why he has the flu, stating that he stayed in the house 24/7. Mario then uses Bowser as an example to Jeffy about what happens if he doesn't get his flu shot. Bowser then runs to go vomit.

Jeffy then continues to flutter his lips, and Mario yells at Jeffy to go to bed. Jeffy then sadly goes to bed. Mario asks Jeffy if he's ready for bed. As Jeffy jumps up and down in his crib, he says that he is. Mario tells Jeffy to stop jumping on the bed, but Jeffy of course refuses. Rosalina then pops in wondering if Jeffy is ready for bed. Mario then tells Rosalina that Bowser coughed on him and Jeffy might get the flu from that. Mario asks Rosalina to help Jeffy go to sleep, so Rosalina says to turn on his "thing" (the mobile in Jeffy's crib). After doing this, Jeffy stops jumping, falls down, says one last "Uh!", then falls asleep. Mario then wonders why it somehow works every single time, Mario and Rosalina say goodnight to each other, and they both leave Jeffy's room.

Later that night, Jeffy is moaning in discomfort and wailing "Daddy" repeatedly. Mario hears this, and calls out to Jeffy, asking if he's OK. Mario slowly approaches Jeffy's crib, nervously asking him if he's OK, when all of a sudden, Jeffy pops up looking very sick, which scares the living daylights out of Mario. Mario comes to the conclusion that Jeffy has the flu, so he calls the doctor again. During this Jeffy repeatedly coughs into Mario's face. Brooklyn T. Guy arrives on the scene, asking why he got a phone call at 3:00 in the morning. Mario shows him why, which startles Brooklyn T. Guy who exclaims "Jesus Christ! What happened to him?!", Jeffy then coughs on Brooklyn T. Guy, who then says this is the worst case of the flu that he's ever seen.

Mario asks if it's too late to give Jeffy his flu shot, in which Brooklyn Guy says it is. Mario tells Jeffy that he should've got his flu shot and Jeffy keeps coughing into Mario's face. Brooklyn T. Guy then makes a shocking discovery; the liquid in the syringe is just water! Mario then asks if he still got the flu shot, but Brooklyn T. Guy says no, informing Mario that it's the same syringe that he used on him and Rosalina. Mario's worried that he'll get the flu, as Jeffy continues to cough on Mario.

The scene cuts to a sick Mario, who is shivering. Jeffy then asks Mario what's wrong, and Mario replies that he has the flu because the doctor gave him and Rosalina the wrong flu shot. Jeffy then sneezes, and his eye falls off! This makes Mario scream in horror. Jeffy tries to find his eyeball by covering the eye that didn't fall off. A camera view from Jeffy's eye is then shown, which shows Mario up close. Mario continues to freak out, runs away as the episode ends.

In the post-video at the end, Lance gives a special thanks to Matt'zStudios for making the sick Jeffy puppet, and how he made it look very identical to the real Jeffy. Logan also says that you can't really tell the difference between the 2 Jeffy puppets. Lance then says "Hey!" in his Jeffy voice, and starts "Uh! Uh! Uh"-ing while controlling the mouths of both the Jeffy puppets.



  • This is the first disturbing video to be set in the new house.
  • The "I heard somebody wanted to get shot" is a running joke/meme on Kable10's channel, who is a famous SuperMarioLogan YouTube Pooper.
  • The Sick Jeffy puppet was made by MattZStudios, who is a fan of SML. 8 months after the video, Matt got $1,000 from Logan.
    • The video in which Matt reviews his puppet was renamed to make people know the puppet was used in this SML Movie.
  • There was makeup used on Mario and Bowser's faces when they had the flu, to make a sick effect.
  • This is the second video where despite a jumpscare appears, it doesn't appear at the end of the video. The first time was Luigi's Mansion Episode 7.
    • The jumpscare appears in the scene where Mario goes to Jeffy's crib, only to find out Jeffy had the flu.
  • This is the first video in the new house to take place entirely upstairs.
  • This is the first video to have a jumpscare without any loud screaming.
  • This is the first time Jeffy gets sick in a video.
  • This is the 5th video to be filmed at the new house.
  • This marks the first and only appearance of Sick Jeffy.
  • Rosalina and Brooklyn T. Guy also got the flu, but it was not shown.
  • This is the first time we ever see Jeffy make a jumpscare.
  • This is the 3rd time Jeffy jumps, The first being Jeffy's Favorite Song!, The second being The New House!
  • This video is another episode focused on a character getting a flu shot, the first was when Bowser Junior had his shot in Bowser Junior's Flu Shot!, However, this episode took place earlier in the year, compared to Bowser Junior's episode, and it was closer to the normal time of getting flu shots, while Bowser Junior got his in December, and unlike Bowser Junior's video which has censored bad words, this video has no censored bad words.
  • This is the 1st time where Rosalina beats Jeffy, though she only does it with a spoon and she only does it to get the TV remote out of his mouth.
  • The thumbnail for the video is similar to one in Bowser Junior Gets Rabies!, as both thumbnails have one infected character on the side.
  • This is the second video that centers around a character having to get a flu shot, the first being Bowser Junior's Flu Shot!.
  • This is the third SML Movie to have only Jeffy on the thumbnail, the first two were Jeffy's Cellphone! and Jeffy's Bad Word!.
  • This video came almost 11 months after Bowser Junior's Flu Shot.
  • This is the first video to have a scene viewed Jeffy's sight.
  • This is a flu season special just like Bowser Junior's Flu Shot!
  • The reason why Bowser got sick is possibly the same reason Mario got sick; Bowser Junior possibly had the Flu, and gave it to Bowser. And in this video, Jeffy gives his Flu to Mario.
  • Jeffy's disease is more like Leprosy than the Flu, due to the loss of a body part (the eye).
  • This is the 3rd SML Movie where Jeffy's picture/pose is different than the typical other pictures from the other videos that feature Jeffy, mostly for what is focusing on Jeffy's event, the first being Jeffy Sleepwalks!, and the second being Happy Halloween!
  • This is the 7th SML Video of 2016 to be heavily panned by fans, 1st being Cody's Birthday!, 2nd being Black Yoshi's Blank Check!, 3rd being Jeffy's Bad Word!, 4th being Bowser Junior's Game Night 5, 5th being The Gun! and the 6th being Bowser Junior's Package!.
  • When Bowser appears, if the viewer looks closely, it's the same Bowser used in Bowser Loses A Tooth! Due to him having only three teeth.
  • This video was age restricted because of the Jeffy (MattZStudios version) on the thumbnail and Jeffy’s eye falls off.
  • As of August 22nd, 2019, the video along with 24 other videos have been deleted. It is possible this was because of Jeffy's eye falling off or the flu shot scene.
  • It’s possibly that Mario and Rosalina died from the flu or were sent to the hospital (since the flu became so severe) off-screen.
  • Mexican Goodman's Spanish dialogue translated to "Breaking news, M'kay! It's flu season, M'kay!"


  • When Jeffy covers the eye that didn't fall off, and he was able to see through the disconnected one, it is similar to how Mrs. Potato Head had this ability in Toy Story 3 to find her lost eye.


  • When Jeffy said he was scared of lollipops, he was not scared of them in Happy Halloween!. It's possible this takes place before that episode or knowing Jeffy, he likely changed his personality in a sudden manner like shown before, however, the most possible reason this happens might be because Jeffy fears that when he gets a lollipop, Jeff the Killer will appear, stealing his lollipop like in the ending of Happy Halloween!.
  • When the "Scary Ostriches" are running across the screen, they are quacking like ducks. This is not right, because in reality, ostriches do not quack like ducks do. They are also usually very quiet.
    • Although, this was probably for comedy purposes.
  • Jeffy's helmet was different than his usual one despite not being physically attached to his body.
  • In real life, it would be impossible to see out of your eye if disconnected from the socket.
  • If someone got water injected into their blood, it would cause excruciating pain as well as cause the cells to become hypotonic.
  • Mario says if he gets his flu shot in his butt, it will not hurt due to the fat around it. However, studies show fat actually makes people more sensitive to pain.



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