"Jeffy's Birthday!" is the 233rd video of SML Movies.


Jeffy has a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's!


Jeffy makes noises, annoying Mario. After Jeffy poops his pants (again), it is Mario's turn to change him. As he's about to begin, however, he finds a torn piece of paper in Jeffy's pants pocket that contains his information. The paper is torn in half, meaning some information about Jeffy remains unknown, such as the names of his parents and where he actually lives. However, Mario and Rosalina are able to learn from what half of the paper they do have that Jeffy's birthday is August 21, which is the next day.

Jeffy insists that he wants to go to Disney World for his birthday. Mario, however, is unable to afford this, but Bowser tells Mario that he could just take them to Chuck E. Cheese, all while lying to Jeffy that they're at Disney World and using Chuck E. as a rat stand-in for Mickey Mouse. Mario then asks Chef Pee Pee to supply a cake for the party, to which he agrees. The next day, they arrive at Chuck E. Cheese's, where Jeffy sees Chuck E. outside the building and thinks its Mickey Mouse and thinks he's in Disney World. Chef Pee Pee arrives with the cake and also brings along Junior, Joseph, and Cody to accompany the party as guests.

After some time of playing various games, it is time for the cake, however, Jeffy sees that the cake is shaped like a pencil and thinks it is intended for his nose (as Jeffy always has a pencil up his nose). Jeffy then begins smashing his face into the cake, ruining it. Then, it requires Mario to order another one from the restaurant itself. Then they go to open the presents. Jeffy's first present is from Rosalina and Mario (though Mario is adamant he got Jeffy nothing). The present, much to Mario's horror, is a cat piano, intended to replace the one that "went missing". Furious, Mario admits to Rosalina that he threw the old one off the balcony because Jeffy would not stop annoying him with it (this is shown as a flashback from Jeffy Sleepwalks!).

Junior and his friends also give Jeffy presents as well (Bowser Jr. gives him an Nerf Elite Jolt, Cody gives him an Mr. Potato Head, Joseph gives him an Slinky, Mario (possibly) gives Jeffy a big pencil, which Jeffy puts up his butt. Later Bowser Junior and his friends (except Jeffy) go to the prize booth, where they trade their tickets in for prizes. Joseph gets an Slinky (which costs 600 tickets) in order to replace the one he gave to Jeffy, Cody gets a plastic sword and a ball (their price is unknown), Bowser Junior is revealed to get only 3 tickets and he asks the girl what he can get, the girl says that he can get an Tootsie Roll, so he orders that, Joseph and Cody start laughing at Bowser Jr. trade, so Bowser Junior says "I like Tootsie Rolls!", Joseph says it's okay, but it's not better than the Slinky.

The girl gets the Tootsie Roll for Junior while Mario and Rosalina are trying to take off the giant pencil from Jeffy's butt. Later, it is time for Jeffy to partake in the "ticket blaster". Rosalina is hesitant on letting Jeffy in, fearful it might scare him, but Mario insists that it will be fine. Jeffy gets into the Ticket Blaster and all is about to start. However, as soon as the Ticket Blaster fires up, Jeffy becomes terrified and begins banging on the glass yelling for help. Rosalina begins to panic to Mario to get Jeffy out, but all Mario does is yell at Jeffy to grab the tickets.

When the ticket blaster is finally turned off, Jeffy comes out, terrified of what just happened. Rosalina goes to comfort Jeffy, but Mario only scolds him for not grabbing all the tickets. Jeffy then says he wants to go home, too terrified to do anything else. As they're about to leave, however, Mario states that he has one final surprise for Jeffy. The camera turns and shows Chuck E. and Jeffy, again thinking that it is Mickey Mouse, runs up to him to greet him. The episode then ends with Jeffy and Chuck E. getting their picture taken together.



  • Mario has correctly guessed Jeffy's age being 12.
  • This episode marks the first time Junior and his friends meet Rosalina.
  • This video marks the first appearance of Mr. Potato Head.
  • The scene where Mario finds a note in Jeffy's pocket might potentially foreshadow a video that many fans have been requesting in which Jeffy is sent back to his real parents.

This video proves Mario correctly guessed his age before he met Jeffy's mom.

  • This is the second video to be filmed at Chuck E. Cheese's. The first one was Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation. Coincidentally, this video takes place exactly 2 years after that video.
  • This marks the first time Jeffy goes to Chuck E. Cheese's
  • This is the 2nd time Jeffy's new pose is used.
  • If you listen closely during the scene with Jeffy's pencil cake, you can hear "Can't Stop The Feeling" by Justin Timberlake in the background.
  • A flashback of Mario throwing the cat piano off the window from the previous video is seen in this video.
  • At 7:18 there was a Simpsons game 1 foot away from Jeffy.
  • It is revealed that Jeffy's birthday is August 21.
  • At 14:30, when Mario is talking to the Brooklyn Guy (dressed as Buzz Lightyear), if one looks at the TV in the background, they'll see that the music video for Meghan Trainor's "Me Too" is playing.
  • In the scene where Junior, Joseph, Cody, and Jeffy prepare to go in the sky tubes, it's revealed that Bowser Junior and Joseph like Rosalina's breasts.
  • It is revealed that Bowser Junior likes Tootsie Rolls.


  • After all this time, unless Jeffy's pants have never been washed, there's no way there should have still been an existing piece of paper in his pants.
  • Rosalina should know that Jeffy is not her and Mario's son yet. However, she may have said that on purpose just to make Jeffy feel good or she may actually consider Jeffy to be their son.
  • When Mario is talking to Chef Pee Pee during the party, he mentions that they are at Chuck E. Cheese's, even though Jeffy is right next to them.
  • It shows that Jeffy can read in Jeffy's Homework!, so it's unknown why didn't Jeffy notice the sign that said Chuck E Cheese's, it's possible he didn't understand or this video took place before that episode,or it is possible that Jeffy forgot how to read since he is shown unable to read in Bowser Junior's Playtime 5!
  • Jeffy got a huge pencil for his birthday, but he already has a big pencil, as shown in Jeffy's Stupid Home Video!, although it's possible that this takes place before that episode.
  • It is unknown why Jeffy did not open his last present. He was possibly glad about the big pencil.
  • When Jeffy's opening the cat piano, Lance's Apple Watch can be seen.
  • At 15:48, when Jeffy is freaking out in the ticket blaster, his pencil can be seen falling out of his nose, however by the time he gets out of the ticket blaster at 15:56, his pencil is back in his nose.