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"Jeffy's Bathtime!" is the 41st episode of SML Shorts.


It's time to give Jeffy a bath!


Mario and Rosalina prepare to tell Jeffy it's time for his bath, but he, despite obediently taking off all of his clothes (minus the helmet), he runs away screaming. Mario and Rosalina corner him, but Jeffy, as means of revenge, urinates all over Mario and poops.

After taking a shower, Mario and Rosalina try to find Jeffy and run into him clad in a swimsuit. Mario objects to this, but Rosalina, as always, gives into Jeffy's behavior.

After filling the tub, Jeffy reveals he is scared of the water, thereby refusing to get in the tub. He dips his foot in the water and freaks out. Rosalina then suggests giving Jeffy a bubble bath. Jeffy reappears wearing a trenchcoat, complaining that he's cold and thinks that Mario put snow in the tub before declaring a "snowball fight."

After he is stopped, Jeffy sees talking bubbles that tell him that it's going to eat his butt. And as expected, he freaks out yet again. Jeffy insists Mario get rid of the bubbles (still calling them snow) by eating it all with a spoon. When Mario refuses, Jeffy throws it in the tub. Mario tries to prove that the bubble bath is safe by throwing Jeffy's rubber duck (Mr. Duck) in, but it sinks underwater, scaring Jeffy yet again. Mario tries to calm Jeffy down after he finds it, but it turns out that Mr. Duck's butt has been eaten. With no other solution, Mario insists the tub be drained and refilled.

After refilling the tub, Jeffy reappears, this time wearing a snorkel and rubber rings in addition to his swimsuit. Mario is, once again, against this, but agrees to let Jeffy wear them as long as he takes a bath. But then Jeffy says he needs one more thing: a giant rubber-duck floatie that can barely even fit through the door. When Rosalina objects to this, surprisingly, Jeffy yells, "F**k you!"

He tries to put it in the bathtub with him, but it doesn't fit, although he says it does. Jeffy also tells Mario when told that he's not even in the water, "That's the point, Daddy." Mario threatens to pop the floatie with a knife (against Rosalina's orders) and does it when Jeffy swears again, saying, "Do it, F****t!" Just then, Rosalina suggests that Jeffy should take a shower instead of a bath, just as Jeffy pours an entire bag of Goldfish Colors crackers into the tub, obviously thinking they're real fish. When asked if he wants to take a shower instead of a bath, Jeffy agrees but insists on having one more thing: the big duck, which he ends up showering with.



  • This episode reveals Jeffy has hydrophobia, meaning to be afraid of water.
  • In a reaction video, Logan said that he cut the duck's butt with scissors.
  • This is the second time we've seen Jeffy shirtless, the first time being in Jeffy Loses His Teeth.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Jeffy might not have toes (although he has lines on his feet which could imply toes).
  • This is the first time Jeffy was right about someone or something wanting to eat his butt.
  • This is the first time Jeffy was seen naked.
  • Jeffy calls the goldfish crackers Pee Pee Sucks, after his pet goldfish Pee Pee Suck.
  • This is Rosalina's first appearance in an SML Short, and her 1st appearance since Jeffy's Parents!.
  • This video was made 2 days before Valentine's Day.
  • Jeffy f-bombs Rosalina for the first time. This marks the 3rd person Jeffy has f-bombed, first being Mario, and second being Jackie Chu.
  • If Mario and Rosalina had taken Jeffy to the shower instead of the bath, the entire short wouldn't have happened.
  • This short is similar to Bowser Junior's Bubble Bath
  • Jeffy might not have buttcheeks, as his butt appears to be a big hole in which a puppeteer sticks his or her hand into.
  • This is the second shortest SML video of 2017, 1st being Toad's Mistake!
  • Jeffy says f****t in this video, showing he still hasn't changed since Jeffy's Bad Word!
  • The reason why Jeffy never got into the water in this video was that the material that the Jeffy Puppet made is not waterproof if the Jeffy puppet got wet it could become deformed or fall apart.


  • When Jeffy is trying to fit the inflatable duck through the doorway, part of Lance's face can be seen.
  • When Jeffy takes his shower, he has his inflatable duck, even though Mario popped it earlier. However, it could be that the holes were taped, or that he has another one.
  • The thumbnail shows Jeffy wearing his regular clothes instead of his bathing clothes.
  • When Jeffy threw his clothes at Mario, He takes his pants off first, instead of his diaper.
  • After Jeffy runs away screaming while naked, his clothes which he threw at Mario and Rosalina are no longer on the couch.


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