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"Jeffy's Bad Word!" is the 225th episode of SML Movies.


Mario accidentally says a cuss word and Jeffy keeps repeating it!


Mario is about to go to Walmart to buy a couple things and asks if he can trust Jeffy to stay home alone. Although Jeffy says yes, Mario decides to take Jeffy with him after Jeffy begins asking random offending questions, such as if he can poop in the sink and bathtub.

On his way to Walmart, a hobo comes out of nowhere and ambushes them asking for change. In haste, Mario yells at the man and calls him a faggot. Jeffy overhears Mario use the word and begins saying faggot. Mario scolds Jeffy and tells him to not say the word, but Jeffy resumes using it regardless.

In Walmart, Mario is about to get a "white" light bulb in which Tyrone notices and gets offended. He says he should get a black light bulb instead, reasoning that Mario buying a white light bulb would be considered racist. Meanwhile, in the cart, Jeffy says the word faggot, which offends Tyrone and making him think he's black and gay. When Mario tries to tell Jeffy not to say faggot or anything else, Jeffy says it anyways and makes Tyrone beat up Mario.

After returning home, Jeffy continues saying faggot and Mario calls Rosalina to help. Eventually, Mario threatens to spank Jeffy, much to the horror of Rosalina. However, Jeffy tells Mario "Then do it, faggot." Furious, Mario decides enough is enough and begins spanking him in rage while shouting "You made me do this!" and Jeffy yelling "RAPE!" while Rosalina screams "Mario, stop it!".

Rosalina becomes tearful and very angry at Mario and calls him a "child beater" to which Mario responds by calling Jeffy a "retard." She goes to get Jeffy to rest, but Jeffy begins claiming that Mario raped him, saying Mario stuck his fingers in his butt, and twirled them around and then sniffed them. Rosalina puts Jeffy in his bed, but when she leaves, Jeffy takes out his iPhone and dials 911 on Mario.

While Mario tries to tell Rosalina that all he did was spank Jeffy, Brooklyn Guy arrives furious, claiming that they received a call from Jeffy that Mario raped him but Mario replies saying that it's a lie. Brooklyn Guy asks Rosalina if Mario raped Jeffy and she tearfully says that Mario spanked him on the butt very hard and multiple times so Mario gets arrested.

As the news is talking about Mario being falsely accused of child abuse, rape, and vehicular assault, Mario eventually comes back, but he claims to be a registered sex offender and a felon, as well as the loss of his driver's license, his job and the ability to vote or own a gun of any kind.

Rosalina then shows him the news, in which Hansel the homeless guy is interviewed and tells a false story about getting run over by Mario, with a fractured skull and a broken arm. When the news ends, the Dr. Goodman show comes on and Goodman interviews Jeffy about how he was raped. Goodman insists that "Mario is a faggot" after hearing about Jeffy's story, not knowing it was a lie. The video ends with Mario, distraught, saying that all he did was spank Jeffy, followed by Rosalina saying that he "didn't have been a faggot.", causing Mario to scream in rage as the video ends.



  • This video is one of the most negatively received videos of SML, considered by many SML fans to be the worst video in the channels history (another contender being Locked Out!
  • Ironically enough, this is Elaina Keyes' favorite video, who was upset to see it heavily panned by fans.
  • This is the third time Mario gets arrested.
  • This is the last video that used Jeffy's original thumbnail pose before it was changed. This was seen in jeffys homework remake and Jeffy loses his voice.
  • This video is unlikely to be remade on the new SML channel due to child abuse and the high use of the word “faggot”, but if Logan does decide to remake this, he’ll have to change the storyline up in order to avoid hate, demonetization, and age restriction.
  • This marks the first appearances of Tyrone and Hansel in a Jeffy video.
  • This is the first time Jeffy gets hit by Mario thought it was just a spanking and was legal (but not legal according to Brooklyn T. Guy).
  • The word "faggot" was said a total of 40 times in this video.
  • Mario saying that he's no longer allowed to have a gun could be a reference to how his Nintendo counterpart was originally going to have a gun.
  • After this video, many people thought that Mario and Rosalina broke up but in "Jeffy's Mistake!", they are still seen dating.
    • It's likely she decided to stay with him because she is aware Mario and Jeffy act irresponsible with each other and since Jeffy's parents were unknown at the time. It's also possible that Mario got all his crimes resolved because they were just false reports and let him go but the ending makes this a bit blurry.
  • In 2017, this video got demonetized due to cussing, the others were "Netflix and Kill", "Cody's House", "Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 4", "Black Yoshi's Blank Check!", and "Turkey Tyranny!"
  • When Tyrone beats up Mario, a smashing sound (possibly the black lightbulb) is heard.
  • This was the first SML video to use the current news channel design
  • This can be similar to the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.
  • This episode is age restricted as of 2020, likely because of the heavy swearing, rape jokes, child abuse.
  • This video is possibly not going to be reuploaded due to the high use of slurs, bad words, rape jokes and child abuse.
  • Mario makes the dinosaur sound that Junior makes when he is freaking out at the end, this is because Mario and Junior are both voiced by Logan.
  • Goodman being Dr. Phil could be a reference to Drphilandfriends, Logan's secret channel.

Cultural References:

  • The Dr. Goodman Show is a parody of The Dr. Phil Show.
  • "Black Lights Matter" is a parody of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • This episode has similarities to the Pingu episode "Pingu Runs Away" when Mario was spanking Jeffy’s butt.
  • This episode is similar to an episode plot seen in numerous TV shows where the plot is revolved around a character hearing a swear word, and they say that swear word towards others:

List of cartoons that use the same story:

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: "Sailor Mouth"
  • Animaniacs: "Cutie and the Beast"
  • Rugrats: "The Word of the Day"
  • Dexter's Laboratory: "Rude Removal"
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: "To Bleep or Not to Bleep"
  • Arthur: "Bleep"
  • Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!: "The Bad Word"
  • Seven Little Monsters: “The Bad Word”
  • Franklin: "Franklin's Word"
  • Baby Looney Tunes: "Who Said That?"
  • Angela Anaconda: "The Curse of Baby Lulu"
  • Rolie Polie Olie: "Dinglie Danglie Doodle"
  • Caillou: "Caillou's Cross Word"
  • The Berenstain Bears: "The Big Blooper"
  • The Loud House: "Get the Message," "Potty Mouth" and "Job Insecurity"
  • The Powerpuff Girls: "Curses"
  • Milo: "Bad Words"
  • Dinosaurs: "Baby Talk"
  • Big City Greens: "Bleeped"


  • If you look closely at the scene where Jeffy called 911, the bottom says "Calling Home."
    • This is because it was actually Pablo on the phone and prank calling 911/false reports are illegal and they probably would’ve got into a lot of trouble if they called the real 911 and told them about the “rape”.
  • Its unknown why Jeffy didn’t blaspheme.
  • At 5:51 Elaina’s hand can be seen inside Jeffy’s crib.
  • On the news when Goodman was talking about how Mario was accused of multiple crimes, the headline has a typo as "mascot" was spelled "macot." This is most likely that Logan rushed to upload this.
  • When Brooklyn T. Guy arrives at the house, he seems to not know who abused Jeffy even though Jeffy said it was his daddy.
  • Tyrone should have known that Jeffy said the word and not Mario as their voices are completely different. Mario even told Tyrone that Jeffy said the word but he wasn't buying it when he should have since Jeffy's voice is much different.
  • Mario said "It's my son", when Jeffy wasn't Mario's son yet, when later in the video, Mario said Jeffy wasn't his son.
  • Mario said he spanked Jeffy 5 times and 6 at most but he actually spanked him 7 times.
  • After Mario had a black eye, in the next scene it was gone. It is possible it got cured.


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