"Crocodilian" also known as "Jamaican Crocodile Guy" (Jamaican Croco in the credits) is a Jamaican Crocodile (as his name obviously implies) that appears in the Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures series. His main distinct feature is his Jamaican colored top hat from his ancestors. Apparently he can do a round house kick and seemed to dislike how Mario questioned his voice change, while also telling him to not drop the soap.


Jamaican Crocodile Guy (2)

Crocodilian being introduced

Jamaican Croco first appears as a prison inmate along with Mario, Goomba Max, Crack Bear, Sally, and Bubbles Dunlop. The reasoning for his placement in jail is unknown. Jamaican Croco, along with Goomba Max were the most trusted inmates by Mario than the others. Jamaican Croco mainly calms Mario, noticeably after Mario gets raped by Bubbles. He tucks Mario in bed while telling him about creamed filled doughnut day being a better day than sloppy joe day. In Mario's escape plan, Jamaican Croco's job was to trap the Officer with a wash cloth after Crack Bear distracts him. His trap is successful and he along with Mario and Goomba Max attempt to escape. While Mario and Jamaican Croco are escaping Bubbles comes out to stop and rape either Mario or Jamaican Croco. Jamaican Croco sacrifices himself for Mario's escape, and as a result stays in jail. He later meets Bowser and Peach in jail, as Bowser was looking for a place to hide. He reveals his name to be Crocodilian. He also explains about Mario's placement in jail to Bowser. Jamaican Croco goes to a jacuzzi along with Bowser, Peach, and Bubbles. Bubbles kidnaps Peach, changing the scene and such is the last Jamaican Croco is seen. It is unknown whether he is still in jail or has been released.
Jacuzzi and Crocodilian

Crocodilian in the jacuzzi/shower room.

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