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Jackie Twu's puppet used as a dead body

Jackie Twu (Often misspelt as Jackie Two, or Jackie 2), was the unloved son and one of the two children of Jackie Chu. He first appears in The Fly Problem!, coming to assist his father in Killing The Fly. He's 7 years old and he has 2 PHD's in Calculus. He makes iPads with his siblings for Mainland China. Jackie Twu was voiced by Chilly in The Fly Problem!, but he was later voiced by Chris in later episodes.


  • "I have two college degree at the age of 5"
  • "I am dumb"
  • "I... sheet"
  • "Hello Father!"


  • Unlike Jackie Chu, Jackie Twu does not have slanted eyes, because according to Jackie Chu, he doesn't go into puberty until he's 13 years old.
  • His name, like his father, is likely a reference to Chinese Actor and Martial Artist Jackie Chan.
  • He appears to be the subject of severe pressure. This is shown in his first appearance, when he says he has no time for friends, just homework, with the fear of dishonoring his family.
  • Jackie Twu is the 2nd most intelligent character in SML since he is only 7 and has 2 Ph.D.'s in Calculus.
    • In Lance's Q&A Jackie Chu said Jackie Twu is already in Hartford.


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