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Jackie Chu is a recurring character in the SuperMarioLogan series. He is from China who speaks with a thick Asian accent, pronouncing some of his Ls as Rs. He really likes eating cats, dogs, eggrolls and other Asian food. He is also known as Jeffy's arch-nemesis and the main antagonist of the Jeffy videos. He is the abusive, child-hating teacher of Y U DUMB Elementary, who teaches all the 5 main course subjects:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Reading

Jackie Chu believes that math is the most important subject in school; he keeps pushing his students to the core in math. Jackie Chu also has a Ph.D. in Advanced Calculus 3.

Before working as a school teacher, he worked as a personal chef at a Chinese buffet. He was also Chef Pee Pee's temporary partner when he worked as a chef for Bowser.

As of 2020, Jackie Chu has been working as an elementary school teacher for eight years. He has no plans of retiring anytime soon, saying he loves what he does and doesn't mind teaching children. In 2019, however, Jackie Chu did not teach the Summer School season because he went to China to visit his family.

On January 30, 2020, it was revealed that Jackie Chu got COVID-19. He was also wearing a mask during Jeffy's Online School, as he got reinfected and got hospitalized for the disease.

As of 2021, he works for McDonalds (which he calls Mac a donalds). He still teaches at school, he has been working as an elementary school teacher for nine years. He also uses weird Chinese traps as his security as seen in Jeffy’s Text Message.


Jackie Chu is one of the smartest characters in the SML universe and is the ESE Instructor for K-5. Because of this, he tends to be rather arrogant and condescending towards the other characters, often calling them dumb whether it's true or not. He is also shown to be a strict, no-nonsense kind of person, which is especially seen in the classroom.

He has the capability to be nice and generous, as seen in Chef Pee Pee's Birthday when he gave Chef Pee Pee a brand new shirt with his name sewn on it. In Bowser Junior's Summer School 7, he was seen crying about the session ending as he would miss teaching the class, showing that he cared about them even if they were all dumb.

Despite his intelligence, there are times when he acts unreasonable, such as when he came over to Mario's house to invest the Nintendo Switch earlier than he was supposed to arrive (because of the fact that it was morning time in Japan and it was night time when the video took place), and wouldn't invest if it was not ready.

Jackie Chu's current personality is giving people false information and being a bit of a jerk.

He also has shown to be hot-headed and cranky, as in Hunky Cody!, where he loudly screams at everyone for leaving without dismissing them, and in Jeffy's Anger Management!, where he throws a temper-tantrum like a 2-year old and tries to make everyone write "I will not poop in the sink" one thousand times on the board. This also happens when he and Jeffy are fighting.


When Jackie Chu was born, he and his family went to Victoria City, Hong Kong due to the Cultural Revolution that was happening in Mainland China. He had a close relationship with his grandfather until he accidentally choked on a fly. Chu planned to avenge his grandfather ever since.

While studying at college, he earned a PHD in calculus and after that he married Kim Chu. In June, 2012 he went to Pensacola FL, USA, and he currently resides there with his family.

In 2014, Jackie made his debut in "Bowser Junior's Cellphone", where Bowser Junior and Toad prank-called him. Jackie tells the duo that he's going to have to kill Junior, Toad, and their families for prank-calling him. He then becomes Bowser's second chef in Bowser's Chinese Food when Chef Pee Pee calls him saying he needs somebody to cook Chinese food for Bowser because he can't. After a few months of absence, Jackie appears in 2014's Thanksgiving special The Big Thanksgiving. He has one line, in which he mentions that he believes in Godzilla. Jackie competed in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. The questions were too easy for him and he was the first contestant to win $1,000,000. In "The Fly Problem!", a fly is bothering King Strongbottom so Chef Pee Pee decides to call an exterminator. To make things worse, Bowser Junior, who decides to join the hunt, knocks Chef Pee Pee out with a flashlight while trying to kill the fly. The exterminator fails to kill the fly and only makes it bigger with Raid anti-fly spray. They give up and call the master Jackie who brings his son Jackie Twu. However, not even Jackie and his son could kill the fly so Jackie hands his flyswatter to Tom Brady. He fails and starts throwing things in the kitchen so Jackie Chu calls the cops. Officer Goodman comes in and kills the fly with his shotgun earning respect from Jackie and Jackie Twu.

Appearance in the Summer School series

In Bowser Junior's Summer School, he is the teacher, though, he is not very good at his job. He always calls his students dumb if they do something wrong or don't understand something. He also beats his students with a flyswatter to discipline them. In Summer School 4, he celebrated with the class (for him and his wife just had a son) with cupcakes and cookies. In Part 5, Jackie Chu reveals he doesn't understand what happens when the fire alarm goes off. In fact, he just makes the class go up to the corner of the wall and panic until Brooklyn T. Guy comes in to save the day. In Part 6, he comes to the class late and says that there will be a bigger test in the next part which is the finale. In Part 7, he awards Junior for killing the fly and passes him.

Appearance in the 1st Grade series

In "Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!", he is called to as a substitute for Harold Wilfred who had broken his hip for a while. He claims to have recognized Bowser Junior, Joseph, Cody, and Toad from summer school, "which says a lot as he cannot see". Junior and Cody become overjoyed when he comes as he is their favorite teacher. He is surprised to find Jackie Two there who was meant to be in college but isn't smart enough. Jackie Chu becomes angry with him and calls him dumb, s**t and no longer heir to Jackie Chu Fortune 500. He also orders him to do 2000 calculus problems and to make 2 iPads. Because of this, he lets the class off early but first reads them Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss which he thinks is a bad book for the children. Cody reminds him about homework and he assigns the class an essay on Dr. Seuss or else they fail and they will have to come to summer school. After this, Junior does not like him as he wasn't fun anymore. He is not seen the next day and a new permanent teacher, Mr. Winkle, replaces him. In "Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 4", he becomes another permanent teacher due to Mr. Winkle being a pedophile. He tells the class it is Art Day and brings them to the art room. He later comes in to see the class's drawings. He gave Junior an F because Junior wanted to be a helicopter and Jackie Chu told him he could not physically be a helicopter.

Appearances in the Days of School Series

He appears in each Days of School video. In First Day Of School!, Jackie Chu is the teacher for the second grade students. He has everyone introduce themselves and gives the students a ten-page essay. In Substitute Teacher!, he gets sick and has Judy Calvin come in for him. In The Love Potion!, he made cameos teaching the class. In The Baby Project!, he hands out the kids baby doll to kids and gave Junior and Jeffy an A since they burn the baby doll and they have to burn them since they are female. In Jeffy Gets Bullied!, he got a cameo saying that 8-4=8. In The Test!, he was making sure no one cheats on the test. In Picture Day!, he took the picture of Junior, Jeffy, and Cody. In Jeffy's Shirt!, he made a cameo taking the attendance.

Likes and Dislikes


  • His PHD in Calculus
  • Egg rolls
  • Calculus
  • Cooking dogs
  • Calling people dumb (despite being dumb himself)
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (favorite book revealed in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?)
  • French Fries
  • Money
  • Saying Dumb
  • Sushi
  • School
  • Cooking Cats
  • Cooking Squids
  • Bowser Junior (sometimes)
  • Walt Disney World
  • Chef Pee Pee
  • Karate
  • Cussing
  • Being Asian
  • Jackie Twu (mostly)
  • Yum Yum Fortune Cookies
  • The fact that he's so asian
  • The "Egg Roll Soldiers"
  • His naughty old lady teacher
  • Suspending students
  • Killing Flies
  • Bragging his PhD in Calculus.
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Jeffy (extremely rarely)
  • Ping (mostly)
  • Pong (mostly)
  • Harry
  • Cody (Formerly)
  • Judy (Formerly)
  • Tyrone (Formerly)
  • His Security System (in "Jeffy's Text Message!")
  • His Dog "Dinner"
  • China


  • Flies (They killed his grandfather)
  • Dishonoring his Grandfather
  • People smarter than him (except Jackie Twu)
  • Jeffy
  • People who take his phone
  • Dumb People
  • Adolf Hitler
  • People that write the incorrect name on their desks.
  • Jeffy cussing
  • Jeffy being angry
  • Jeffy cheating
  • Jeffy beating up Bully Bill
  • Jeffy's disobedience in general
  • Racism
  • Cheating
  • Bully Bill
  • Bully Bill being mean to Jeffy
  • Baby Girls
  • Green Eggs & Ham
  • Cody Saying AK
  • Americans
  • Harold Willfred
  • His slant eyes
  • Coronavirus
  • Mongolians
  • Bad students
  • Bowser Junior (usually)
  • Atso
  • Cody
  • Judy
  • Tyrone
  • Carrots
  • Mao Zedong (presumably because of the Cultural Revolution he fled as a small child)
  • Bowser Junior cussing
  • Bowser Junior screaming
  • Bowser Junior beating up Cody


  • Chef (formerly)
  • School teacher
  • Fly Exterminator
  • Karate Sensei
  • Owner of dry cleaners
  • McDonald's employee


Chef Pee Pee

Jackie Chu and Chef Pee Pee are really good friends but Jackie thinks he is dumb just because he got a PHD in calculus. On Chef Pee Pee's birthday, he got him a shirt with his name on it which made Chef Pee Pee's birthday better.

Status: Neutral


Jackie is Bowser's 2nd Chef formerly. Now, Jackie usually serves as a school teacher but Jackie seems to like Bowser considering he gets paid a lot on his job whereas Chef Pee Pee only gets a few. Bowser also really likes Chu's food too which is another reason why he gets paid more.

Status: Friends

Bowser Junior

Jackie Chu hugging Junior

Bowser Junior is one of his students in the 3 school series so far, Summer School, 1st grade, and 2nd grade (known as the Days of School). In the earlier videos, Jackie got along better with Bowser Junior but he complains about how dumb he is. Jackie also appreciates that Junior is the only one to kill the fly (or fry according to his accent.)

In later seasons and videos, same thing with Jeffy and Bully Bill, Jackie Chu‘s friendship with Junior is neutral and enemies because of how the latter gets annoyed by him while Junior despises Jackie Chu because him yelling and giving him 'F's.

Status: Neutral/Enemies


Cody is another student that is in 3 schools so far, Summer School, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. Jackie likes Cody because he would do all the work and homework at and also thinks that he's a pretty smart guy. He also likes that he always gets an A+ in the exam during the Summer School series. But like the other characters, he can’t stand Cody’s gayness, especially in The Baby Project!.

Status: Neutral


Jeffy is Jackie Chu's most hated person on Earth. Ever since they met in First Day Of School!, when Jeffy first attended school, Jackie Chu called him dumb for writing “Poopy Butt” on his name tag and writing his own name multiple times all over his desk. He does not like how he acts towards Bully Bill, as seen in Jeffy Gets Bullied!. When Jeffy got his report card at the end of 2017, it had all Fs, and Jeffy threw his desk at Chu, and then lied saying it was not him. When Jeffy got a cavity, he took a bite of chocolate and it hurt his tooth so bad he screamed, making Chu suspend him and kick him out of his class. Even though the two hate each other, but on rare occasions, the two can be on good terms.

Status: Enemies

Bully Bill

Like his relationship with Jeffy, Mr. Chu has a strong dislike of Bully Bill. He bullies Jeffy, even though Chu hates Jeffy. Jeffy beats up Bully Bill, even though Chu hates Bully Bill. In Jeffy Gets Bullied!, Bully Bill called him a retard multiple times, and Jeffy kept beating him up. Chu then told Mario about it. Jeffy tried to apologize, but Bully Bill threw the paper ball at him, with the paper he wrote saying “RETARD” on it. Jeffy then beat him up a second time, leading to Jeffy getting suspended for a week. Mario didn't know about it, but Jeffy had proof and Rosalina was concerned. The next week, when Jeffy came back from suspension, Bully Bill wondered why Jeffy had the camera on his helmet and asked him what he was filming, he suggested “A Day in the Life of a Retard”, and then Jeffy beat him up once again. Jackie Chu then claimed that Jeffy was no longer in trouble. Bully Bill was the one in trouble. Jackie Chu thought Jeffy taught him a lesson. Bully Bill then called Jeffy by his real name and apologized, but this was all a lie, because he still likes bullying people, and even gave Jeffy a black eye in Picture Day!, when they beat each other up. He and Jeffy might never get along.

Status: Enemies


Not much interaction with Atso has been shown, but Jackie Chu has a slight dislike of Atso, often calling him "Fat as Shit".

Status: Enemies



Jackie chu is first seen wearing this mask in Jeffy and Junior Skip School!. He wears this mask because he has the cough cough (coronavirus) and had to wear a mask to stop the spread. He often sneaks out of quarantine mainly to tell Mario something. Due to this, his students had to attend online school.


  • "I am so Asian! My eyes are so slant, I can't see a thing!"
  • "Ding-dong!"
  • "You killed my grandfather!"
  • "El Bye-o!"
  • "Alright crass, today we are going to be rearning ___________!"
  • "Alright Jeffy. Here your report card. You get all f’s. BECAUSE YOU DUMB!!! YOU DUMB!!!"
  • "Hello Dumb Sh*t."
  • "Alright class. Today, we are learning how to speak Mexican."
  • YOU DUMB!!!!
  • Sit your arse down!
  • Oh haha! Very funny, Jeffy! Jackie Poo! Because my name's Jackie Chu, and you just replaced the "Chu" with "Poo" because I got poo on my hands! OH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • I so tired of creaming. Jeffy, go to the principal's office!
  • BWOONG! That's gong noise.

Death Counts

While one of the most common characters in the series, he has rarely ever died and his first death was in 2019, 5 years after his debut.

Criminal Record

Jackie Chu has committed these following crimes:

  • Slavery: He usually forces the students to do a lot of school work and homework.
  • Animal Cruelty: He kills cats and dogs all the time, saying it's "Chinese tradition".


  • Logan said in a live stream that Jackie Chu's ethnicity was originally meant to be Korean.
    • However, he now says that Jackie Chu is supposed to be an abstract generic East-Asian character.
    • He is mostly said to be Chinese, but also occasionally Japanese, Korean, and rarely Taiwanese. He is highly unlikely to be Mongolian though, as he talked about his hatred for the Mongols when he discussed about the Great Wall of China to the class.
  • Chu is portrayed by a Sunny Toys prince puppet.
  • Chu says he can't see because his eyes are so slant. However, he can see people just fine. It is possible he just insults his slant eyes.
  • Chu occasionally works for Bowser as his second chef. Chef Pee Pee is enraged by this unfair pay because Bowser pays him $50 an hour; this is how much Chef Pee Pee states he makes in a year.
    • It is unknown why Jackie Chu had stopped working for Bowser.
  • In The Fly Problem, it is revealed that Chu has a son named Jackie Twu. He appears in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! but as his son. He also has a different voice than The Fly Problem.
  • He is probably related to Kung Pow as both Jackie Chu and Kung Pow are both Asian and likes Egg Rolls.
  • He owns a laundry place called "Dry Clean Uh", as revealed in Bowser Junior's Cellphone. He also has his own phone number, which is [[1]].
  • Chu is probably the most racially stereotypical character, next to Tyrone and Black Yoshi. He is also the only one of these racially stereotype characters that do not revolve with African American stereotypes.
  • He may be a parody of Tuong Lu Kim from the TV show, South Park, Lu Kim is a character in the show who is notorious for being Asian and mispronouncing words such as City as Sh*tty and Fly as Fry, much like how Jackie Chu says Fly as Fry.
  • His name is a reference to Chinese actor and martial artist Jackie Chan.
  • Chu is shown to have 5 known Occupations: A Dry Cleaner, Pest Exterminator, Chef, Elementary School Teacher, and Karate Teacher.
  • He has a habit of calling people "dumb shit".
  • Despite being smart, he is shown to be dumb sometimes. Some of these are also shown he thinks that some things mean they are something else because of their name.
    • In Bowser's Chinese Food, he misguides Chef Pee Pee to cook Chinese food.
    • In The Fly Problem!, he seems to try to kill the fly by waving the fly swatter.
    • In Bowser Junior's Summer School 5 and Bowser Junior's Summer School 7, he tells the kids to hide in the corner of the wall during the fire.
    • In Bowser Junior's Summer School 7, he didn't notice the obvious paper in Junior's bib (Might be excused on the basis he claims his eyes are: "So slant they can't see shit".)
    • In Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!, he doesn't seem to know that his own son, Jackie Twu, is attending the first grade until Chu sees Twu in the classroom.
    • In The Dog Show!, he brought a cooked dog to the competition.
    • In Smart Jeffy, he thought dog is the main ingredient in Sushi.
    • In Jeffy Gets Bullied!, he said that 8-4=8. However, since he was teaching "Jeffy's Law" (which became official in Jeffy's Homework!) it could be seen as him being right.
    • In The Test!, he said that taking a picture can cause plants to grow (photosynthesis).
    • In Picture Day!, he said that the fourth state of matter is "Black Lives Matter" when the fourth state is actually plasma.
    • In Jeffy's Switcheroo!, he misread the Chinese letters which actually roughly translates to "You and I, have you ate?" But he says it meant "Do not drop watch in s**t toilet."
    • In Jeffy's Imaginary Friend!, Jackie Chu not only mispronounces Dodo Bird as Doodoo Bird, but he also gave the wrong reasoning on the extinction stating that they got extinct because they stink. The dodo birds actually became extinct because of over-harvesting of the birds.
    • In Bowser Junior Learns Spanish, he calls the Spanish language “Mexican” and uses the words "el" and "-o" in the beginning and end of every English word (except for No, which is "no", respectively). He even calls Cody dumb for criticizing that what he was teaching was not real Spanish. Eventually, what Jackie Chu was teaching worked at a Mexican restaurant with Felipe addressing himself as "Burrito Taco Burrito". Also when Cody gets the Spanish word for "hello" correct, he thinks that "hola" means "hello" in Hawaiian which is actually false. “Aloha” actually means “hello” in Hawaiian. Additionally, he said that "no" means 'no' in all languages, which is false. In Portuguese, for example, "não" means "no".
    • In Mr. Goodman's Son!, while he teaches the class about money, he says that Michael Jackson and Andrew Jackson are siblings. This is not true because Andrew Jackson is not an African American and he died back in 1845.
    • In Jeffy and Junior Skip School!, he believes Screwball is actually Bowser Junior despite how he looks nothing like the real Junior and Jackie Chu actually knew Screwball before in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 4. However, it is possible that he forgot.
    • In Bowser Junior's Girlfriend Problem!, Cody is on a video call with Junior and Joseph but Jackie Chu assumes Cody is using his phone in class and turns the phone off. He then fails Cody on his test because he never started it even though he was on a video call instead of physically at the school.
  • In a character Q&A from Lance's channel and the episode The Fly, Jackie Chu said that his grandfather died due to choking on a fly while eating Chinese food, and is also the reason why Jackie Chu doesn't like flies.
  • Despite saying he is Chinese, he also says that he is Japanese in Nintendo Switch and Jeffy Skips School!, and claims he’s southeast Asian in Jeffy Gets Hypnotized!
    • It is possible that Jackie Chu is a third of each of these ethnicities, meaning he could be Chinese-Japanese-Southeast Asia.
  • It is revealed in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, that Chu's favorite book, aside from a calculus book, is Harry Potter.
  • Although he says he is Chinese, he says he can also make sushi which is part of Japanese culture.
  • In A Character Q&A, Jackie Chu states he became a teacher so he could tell everyone how dumb they are.
  • He mispronounces the word "screamed" without the s in the beginning.
  • He is based on the popular actor Jackie Chan.
  • He drives a White 2012 Mazda6.
  • He used to own a cat named Pumpkin ever since Jeffy's Pet Tiger!, then in Jeffy The Sheep!, He possibly gave Pumpkin back to Rosalina.
  • He also worships Godzilla apparently.
  • Jackie Chu has three children: Jackie Twu, Ping, and Pong.



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