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"Inside Jeffy" is the 272nd episode of SML Movies.


We go inside Jeffy's Brain to see what makes him the way he is!


The video starts off with Jeffy sleeping. Inside his brain, Joy says that it is time for Jeffy to wake up. Jeffy goes to see Mario and he asks Jeffy if he is hungry. However, they say that they want to stick Jeffy's Pee Pee in the Cheerios box. However, Mario says no, because it is gross to do.

Mario makes Jeffy eat green beans so the Emotions decide to flip the plate. The Emotions want to eat 17 pancakes, but Mario says no, so Jeffy makes Chicken noises. The Emotions think that Mario is "f**king high", so Anger presses the red button making Jeffy say, "Are you f**king high?" After Jeffy goes on a rant, Mario gives Jeffy his Cat Piano. Then, Mario gives Jeffy pancakes, but there are no marshmallows on the pancakes.

Mario says that they ran out of marshmallows, so Jeffy flips the plate. The Emotions get a message from the lower intestine to poop, so they decide to poop in the sink, as that is the closest place. Jeffy tells Mario to get him to the sink, but Mario is stupid and takes him to the toilet. However, Jeffy fails and poops his pants, so Joy says that he will try better next time. Mario calls Jeffy a bad boy, causing Sadness to go insane, making Jeffy hit himself on the wall.

They then decide to spank their diaper for 7 hours. We then see a balloon and Junior asks if he wants to pop it. However, Jeffy gets scared about the noises but Mario says that is supposed to happen. Jeffy then listens to The Bunny Do 20 times, and Jeffy goes to sleep. Joy and Sadness sleep, but Anger hits the button, making a monster poop in Jeffy's pants. The video ends with Mario's emotions saying, "Who's idea was it to adopt him?"



  • This is the fifth video to reference a Disney/Pixar film, this time was "Inside Out".
  • This is the fifth video to be based on a film, the others are Home Alone!, Home Alone 2, Ratatouille!, and The Purge!.
  • This is the second time that "The Bunny Do" song played ever since "Jeffy's Favorite Song!".
  • Fear Jeffy and Disgust Jeffy are absent.
    • Due to their absence, Jeffy only has 3 emotions (Joy, Sadness, and Anger).
      • However, Anger Jeffy controls Disgust while Sad Jeffy controls Fear.
  • Two of the three puppets used for Jeffy's emotions were reused in later videos.
    • The Anger Jeffy puppet was later used in "Jeffy's Clone!" as Scooter, although it's unibrow and diaper were removed and had it's red shirt replaced with Sad Jeffy's blue shirt.
    • The Joy Jeffy puppet was later used in "Zombie Jeffy!" as Zombie Jeffy, albeit with it's skin colored green.
  • This is the 4th Jeffy video since "Locked Out", to not have Rosalina in the video.
  • This is the first time we go inside Jeffy's brain.
  • This is the first 2017 video where Rosalina appears without Mario and Jeffy.
  • This is the second time we see Jeffy's eyes closed. The first was in "Jeffy Sleepwalks!".
  • The way we go into Jeffy and Mario's brain is similar to how we see Jeffy's brain in "Smart Jeffy".
  • This is the final video of January 2017.
  • This is the first video to have Mario and Jeffy as father and son in one whole video.
  • This is another video where Jeffy is the only one on the thumbnail.
  • All moments in the episode where Jeffy swears are uncensored.
  • More of Jeffy's behavioral acts appear in this video.
  • If you look closely in the playroom when Jeffy starts spanking his diaper, you can see a box of Doofy O's.
  • This video got age restricted because of Jeffy saying that he wants to put his private part in Cheerios, but it no longer is.
  • This episode was uploaded 1 year after "The Ouija Board!".
  • Two of Mario's emotions are stunt doubles.


  • In "Jeffy's Parents!", Jeffy promised Mario that he was going to be good from now on but he was acting badly in this video. It's possible this video is either non-canon, Jeffy was lying so he wouldn't have to go to foster care, or possibly taking place before the events of Jeffy's Parents!.
    • However, it wouldn't make sense for this video to take place before the events of "Jeffy's Parents!" because one of Mario's emotions states "So, uh whose idea was it to adopt him?", meaning that it takes place after Jeffy's Parents! because Mario has already adopted Jeffy.
  • Jeffy doesn't have Fear and Disgust emotions, although Sadness freaks out when Jeffy pops the balloon and all three emotions get grossed out when Mario gives Jeffy green beans. Logan probably did not have enough Jeffy stunt doubles for Fear and Disgust Jeffy emotions.
  • In "Smart Jeffy", Jeffy had a hole in his brain from the pencil, but there's no hole in the video.
    • However the brain has repaired itself.


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