"Hop hop hop like a bunny do"
— - The Hop Hop Bunny

The Bunny Do!

The Bunny Do!

The video of the song in the video

The Hop Hop Bunny is a rabbit that Mario highly dislikes for being associated with a song that he also hates. It is the main antagonist of Jeffy's Favorite Song and one of the 3 main antagonists of Bowser Jr's 8th Birthday.


The Hop Hop Bunny first made its appearance in the form of a gray cross eyed cartoony rabbit in Jeffy's Favorite Song!,

It has a second form where it becomes giant and nightmarish being the size of a person in this form.

Murder victims


The Hop Hop Bunny in cartoon form is a goofy but cute looking bunny that likes to hop and sing. But in its physical form the hop hop bunny appears to be evil and seems to never hesitate to kill or eat.


The Bunny Do
Happy Birthday To You

His "The Bunny Do" song

Hey, kids! Do you wanna hop like a bunny? Well good, 'cause we're about to hop 'til you drop, so don't you stop! Okay, here we go...!


"Oh hop hop hop like a bunny do
and hop hop hop like they always do!
Hop hop hop like a bunny do and
Hop hoppity hop!"

(singing repeated 4x)


  • Its scary model is seen in Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday!, where it appears and slowly kills everyone except Junior and it jumpscares the viewers at the end of the video.
  • Its voice becomes demonic whenever it is in its nightmare form.


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