Hogan Paul is a one-time character that appears in Jeffy's YouTube Channel!. He owns a YouTube channel with over sixteen million subscribers and earns millions of dollars off of it. On it, Hogan Paul had uploaded a video in which he hit his dead hamster with a baseball bat, sparking a controversy. When Goodman interviewed him on why he thought it was acceptable to perform such an act, he tried to justify his actions by stating that the hamster was already dead. YouTube had then released a statement that Hogan's behavior will not be tolerated, but as he makes them a lot of money, he will not be punished.


Hogan wears a basketball jersey, with a gold chain wrapped around his neck, shades, a cap that's twisted to the side, and always carries his baseball bat with him.


  • Hogan Paul is a parody of the YouTube sensation Logan Paul.
    • Hogan calls his subscribers to be a part of the Hogang, similar to how Logan Paul calls his subscribers to be a part of the Logang.
    • YouTube condemning Hogan's actions but refusing to punish him on the grounds that he makes them too much money is a reference to the fact that Logan Paul was not punished for his “suicide forest” vlog due to his popularity; YouTube simply said that they did not condone Logan's actions.
    • The controversy Hogan sparked after hitting his dead hamster with a baseball bat alludes to the vlog titled “THE PAULS RESPOND TO THE KSI FIGHT **called out **” in which Logan Paul tasered dead rats.
    • Hogan Paul's YouTube channel has over sixteen million subscribers, similar to Logan Paul's YouTube channel.
  • Some of Hogan's other videos are an air horn prank at a funeral, stealing a crippled kid's wheelchair, eating pizza in front of a homeless family, performing magic tricks for Blind People and playing catch with arm-less kids.
  • His name is an arrangement of the Australian Comedian, Paul Hogan.


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