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"Jolly Good!"
— Harry
"Well, Poppyc*ck!"
— Harry
— Harry's catchphrase

Harry is a character who debuted in "The Redo Button!". He appears to be a a British foreign-exchange student from London. He reappeared in “Bowser Junior’s Big Discovery! “ Harry's possible last appearance and death is in Say Cheese and Bye! where Harry is trapped in a picture in a picture. Junior tries reviving Harry via washing machine. Harry comes out trapped but no longer a picture in a picture.


Harry is a male with round gold colored glasses with no lenses and with curly hair resembling taco meat. He also wears a red striped shirt.


Harry appears to be a very intellectual person. Examples of this include having a very large brain, and the ability to invent things, similar to Cody. However, he appears to only invent things for his friends, or whenever he feels like it.


  • Harry is the replacement for Cody until Chris' self quarantine is over, as confirmed in Say Cheese and Bye!. Despite this, Cody still appears in FaceTime calls.
  • Judging from his ethnicity, British accent, name, and glasses, it is most likely that Harry is based on Harry Potter.
  • Harry is actually from the puppet company, Puppet Partners, but his glasses are from a Feebee puppet.
  • He appears to be for sale on this website:
  • Harry seems to be a human british version of Cody.
  • Harry is the newest student in Y U DUMB elementary school.
  • From his first episode, his catchphrase seems to be "NOoooOOOO"
  • Harry‘s possible death in Say Cheese and Bye! could possibly hint at Pablo’s self quarantine ending which means that Cody could physically return soon unless Junior saved Harry off-screen
  • Harry speaks with a Cockney accent


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