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"Cheeseburger Man!"
— Hansel when he sees Mario


Hansel "Stinky" Peterson is a homeless man who debuted in Mario's Hobo Problem! as the main antagonist. He serves as a minor character in the SML series and has a habit of calling characters (in particular male) “(something) man” if they give him something. He is also the main antagonist of Jeffy's Bad Word! and Jeffy's Joyride!.

In his first appearance, he frequently called Mario "Cheeseburger Man" due to him giving him a cheeseburger when he asked for his twenty dollars and a burger.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Mario (or Cheeseburger Man)
  • Cheeseburgers
  • Beer
  • Sleeping on the streets (and other places)
  • Money
  • Making messes
  • Birthday cakes
  • Cheese balls
  • Sleeping in a regular home
  • Being Rich
  • Jeffy
  • Bowser Junior
  • Joseph
  • Shrek
  • Black Yoshi
  • Rosalina
  • Screwball
  • His Birthday
  • Baseball
  • Reeses Pieces


  • Starving
  • Seeing Mario getting angry at him
  • Getting ran over
  • Robot Chef Pee Pee
  • Lack of beer
  • Getting kicked out
  • Car Windows
  • Broken Beers
  • Water (due to his grandfather dying in the sinking of the Titanic)
  • People being rude to him
  • Mario
  • Chef Pee Pee
  • Cody
  • Goodman
  • Richard
  • Tyrone
  • His shirt getting stolen


Hansel is a homeless alcoholic who lives on the street and eats garbage. His homelessness is the result of him simply being lazy.

He believes he could just get money if he makes people feel bad for him, and never bothers taking in a job offer. Even if he did get a job and money, all he would ever do is spend it on booze. He may have said that Mario is his friend, but all he did was mooch off of him like Black Yoshi, and would happily frame him for hitting him with the slightest tap if it means he would get more money.


Hansel was born on August 21, 1969. During his childhood, his parents often told him he was an accident. This implies that his parents were abusive. When he was young, he was taken by an Alien who probed him and brainwashed his mind, which may have been the reason he became lazy and stupid later on.

How Hansel became homeless is uncertain though it is possible that he told the government about his alien encounter, but they sued him to shut him up and made him homeless, or either he was simply too lazy.


Criminal Record

He committed a couple of crimes in his lifetime. These include:

  • Jaywalking - In Jeffy's Bad Word!, he walked in front of Mario's car.
  • Filing a False Report - In Jeffy's Bad Word!, he asked Mario for money, and then on the news, he faked injuries by lying and wearing fake bandages.
  • Theft - In Jeffy Gets a Job!, he stole sandwiches from Jimmy John's due to Jeffy's incompetence as a cashier. In The Rings!, he, along with Black Yoshi, stole Tom Brady's Super Bowl Rings from Mario and pawned them to the Loan Dolphin.
  • Attempted Theft - He tried to steal a TV from Walmart.
  • Loitering - In Stuck!, he camps in Mario's couch and pulls down Bowser Junior, Cody and Joseph before getting eaten .
  • Destruction of Property - In Mario's Hobo Problem!, he uses Shrek's poop to write "Cheeseburger Man" and put a bunch of hand prints on Mario's bathroom wall.
  • Grand Theft Auto - In Jeffy's Joyride!, he stole Goodman's car and tried to escape with it.


  • His puppet was made by Evelinka (Eva Gronowitz) from Beacon Art Studios, who also created the Jeffy puppet.
  • His birthday was revealed to be August 21 in Jeffy's Birthday Wish!, meaning he was drunk in The Dead Body.
  • According to the first episode of Logan Reacts, Logan reveals he was originally going to be Jeffy's dad.
  • All of his teeth are yellow.
  • He is scared of water because it killed his grandpa, who was a passenger of the titanic.
  • Hansel is based on an actual homeless man named Hansel that Logan met at a burger place. Logan gave the homeless man a cheeseburger, and he called Logan "cheeseburger man." This event would become the basis of Mario's Hobo Problem!
  • He is shown to believe in aliens as shown in The Alien!.
  • Logan lost the original Hansel puppet.
    • The Hansel puppet seen in current SML movies is a replacement puppet.
    • This is possibly because of a rumor on the latest Kirbstomp video "Kirby Swap!" where people thought Anthony, had actually stolen the original Hansel Puppet. It is unknown if he had.
    • Now Logan lost the replacement puppet and possibly we’re gonna see the new Hansel puppet in new videos.
    • Logan just forgot it in Lance's house, so that means Logan still has that puppet.


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