Goomba Max is a Goomba who appears in the Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures series. He along with Mario, Jamaican Croco, Crack Bear, Sally, and Bubbles were prison inmates.


Goomba Max getting copped.

Goomba Max was likely a friend of Bowser, he was thrown in jail due to Mario and claims that Mario raped his mom. Mario explains his name is actually Bob, fooling  Max. He appears to be the leader type figure of his cell inmates and introduces Jamaican Croco, Crack Bear, and Sally to Mario. Goomba Max shows fear of Bubbles along with the rest of the inmates explaining to Mario that Bubbles had raped 10,000 inmates within his first two weeks. His next scene appearance is when he talks with Mario after Mario gets raped by Bubbles. Max proposes a break out and plots with Mario for an escape from jail. In Mario's escape plan, Max and Mario's job was to break the alarm at the front gate, although they do not do so, and just shout out codes to each other at the gate. Mario, Max, and Jamaican Croco all run for the exit. However the Officer pulls the alarm and captures Max due to fatigue, and beats him to death. This is the last time Goomba Max is ever seen.


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