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"Get the fuck out.... You two are evicted as FUCK! GET THE FUCK OUT!"
— Goodman's catchphrase

Mr. Goodman[2] is a recurring character, and currently the main antagonist in the SuperMarioLogan series.

He usually cusses or uses crude,sexual dialogue (mainly using "fuck" or any form of the word) in every sentence.

He also threatens to rips off nipples and sews his ball sack to people who don't pay their “house payment”.

In older episodes, when he was a cop, he was the arch-enemy of Black Yoshi and Tyrone.

He is currently the wealthiest character in SML, and loves his Lamborghini. He is known for his countless number of jobs, sometimes having them all at the same time.

He is also known for constantly demanding Mario's house payments which are apparently past his due dates.

He was the head police chief since 2009 up to 2015 and was the landlord of the apartment complex.

He's now the highly rich owner of GoFundMe, Walmart, Nintendo, Domino's Pizza, Goodman Bank and Trust, and Jimmy Johns.

Although Goodman was a hero in older episodes of SML with Bowser being the main antagonist, it is the complete opposite now. Bowser is now sometimes a hero and Goodman is now the main antagonist.

He used to dislike crimes, but now, he loves crimes, and he loves criminals, but he does not like crimes that happen to him, which could mean criminals stealing his cash.


Goodman is the richest character next to King Strongbottom in the SML series, but because of that, he tends to be very rude and overreacting.

In the older episodes of SML, Goodman used to be a very benevolent person who helps others when they have problems. Since the later episodes, he is no longer the man that he used to be: he became that of a selfish, greedy, and overreacting egotist who only cares about money.

He's always trying to get money, even if it means suing companies for little to no reasons, like Water on the floor or being slightly hit by one of the company's cars.

Whenever a person is late on paying their debt to him, he flips out, insults them, and says they fucked him. He is a complete tyrant and will constantly bully Mario and even threaten him with cruel and unusual punishments since he can easily bribe the police. 

These threats include biting off Mario's ballsack, sewing his ballsack to Mario's mouth, tearing off Mario's nipples by giving him a purple nurple and then eating his nipples, turn Mario's balls into applesauce, stretching Mario's nipples out to use as a jump rope and shoving a screwdriver up Mario's ass. He also likes ripping peoples balls off and eating them.

He claims that he threatens to do these things to give Mario a visual of the pain he “causes” Goodman every time he inconveniences him.

Goodman is also extremely sexist, once threatening to take Rosalina from Mario if he didn't pay his bills, as if she were Mario's property.

Goodman occasionally also shows a dumber side. For example, he agreed with Jeffy that 8-4 equals to 8, self-harmed himself by squeezing his scrotum when Mario asked him for $15,000 to bail Black Yoshi out of prison, and thought he is dead when Brooklyn T. Guy deactivated the fuse-box in order to steal his watch.

He also shows no signs of Empathy or Sympathy, as when Brooklyn Guy lied that he needed his car in order to save orphans, Goodman refused and told him that it was not his problem. He is fully aware that he is a bad person and it physically pains him whenever he does something nice, such as when he finished paying off Mario's house for him after winning the lottery using a ticket he stole from Mario.


  • 2017/18 Red Lamborghini Performante (currently)
  • 2015 Red Lamborghini Aventador (formerly)

Likes and Dislikes


  • Jobs
  • Big watermelon balls
  • Being rich
  • Swearing
  • Looking at how rich he is
  • His Lamborghini
  • Mario (sometimes)
  • Mario's nipples
  • Mario's Hat
  • Performing strange acts with his ballsack
  • Companies
  • Suing companies
  • His new black “elephant asshole” suit
  • Being richer than he already is
  • Christopher Thorndyke
  • Drugs
  • Guns
  • Money
  • Doubling his money
  • Torturing everyone (a lot)
  • Killing people in general (especially people who missed their “payments”)
  • Sewing his ballsack to people who missed their “payments”
  • Saying m’kay (formerly, but in news only)
  • Being mean
  • Jeffy (mostly, he felt bad for him in Jeffy's Bad Word!)
  • Drug Dealers
  • Lying
  • Crimes
  • Committing crimes
  • Criminals
  • Being a criminal
  • Being a cannibal
  • Severing people's testicles (whenever they missed their “payments”)
  • Helping People (formerly)
  • Tearing off people's nipples (whenever they missed their “payments”)
  • Giving people ballsack and death threats
  • Conning people (possibly)
  • His Glock
  • His insane wealth
  • Pushing people and making them jump off of cliffs, skyscrapers, semi trucks, and more
  • Protect the Harvest
  • Abusing people
  • Animal cruelty
  • Beating people up
  • Screaming super loud in people's ears
  • Nipples
  • Ballsacks
  • Shooting people with his Glock
  • Shrooms
  • Meth
  • Smoking meth
  • Interrupting people
  • Getting and collecting every single “payment”
  • Detroit
  • Detroit Lions (favourite NFL team)
  • Detroit Red Wings (favourite NHL team)
  • Detroit Pistons (favourite NBA team)
  • Detroit Tigers (favourite MLB team)
  • The Toronto Raptors and their amazing way of winning


  • Crimes (formerly)
  • Criminals (formerly)
  • Lack of Money
  • Drug Dealers (formerly)
  • Little tic tac balls
  • Being nice
  • Black Yoshi
  • Helping people get out of jail
  • Mario (when he misses the “payments”)
  • Chainsaws in apartments
  • Someone not making a “payment” (especially Mario)
  • Prank calls
  • People trying to "fuck" him
  • His wife
  • Brooklyn T. Guy's mischief
  • Being poor
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Cheerios
  • Stuffings
  • Carrot pepper pants
  • Bowser
  • Bowser Junior (in Bowser Junior's Credit Card!)
  • Bubbles
  • Being broke
  • Men marrying Gold Diggers
  • Being asked for money
  • Thanksgiving
  • Telling the truth
  • Doing nice things as they hurt him
  • Broken Glass
  • Jeffy (In Jeffy Gets a Job! only)
  • Crimes that happen to him
  • Criminals working for him
  • Criminals stealing his money (despite being a criminal and stealing money himself)
  • Chef Pee Pee’s cooking
  • Getting arrested (though it has never been seen)
  • Jail (despite formerly putting criminals into jail cells)
  • Brad Keselowski
  • Getting beaten, abused and tortured as payback
  • The Golden State Warriors and their way of winning too many games

Criminal Record

  • Attempted Kidnapping: In the final episode of Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure, he tries to send Baby Peach to Child Protection Services as a police officer even though Mario tells him he is her father.
  • Filing a false report: He lied to Chef Pee Pee that Tyrone beat him up after he came out of his car even though he did not in Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 2.
  • Cannibalism: In Nintendo Switch, he implied that he ate human testicles.
  • Murder: In Lance's character Q&A, he implied that he killed people by severing their testicles whenever they missed their "payments". In Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 3 (when he was a good person) he stated that he has killed lots of people while as a cop.
  • Extortion: He always gives Mario and his victims these threats so they can experience a visual of the pain they “caused” him after missing their "payments".
  • Theft: He stole Jeffy's $1,000,000 check in Jeffy's Shirt!, Mario's lottery ticket in Jeffy's Paper Shredder!, possibly stealing a lot of people's money as their house payments by posing as the landlord of their houses and apartments, and stole Mario's drivers license after he accidentally hit his Lamborghini.
  • Money Burning: He burned his own $50,000 after refusing to let Chef Pee Pee borrow them for founding a restaurant called Bonappetit in Chef Pee Pee's Restaurant!.
  • Bribery: He bribes Brooklyn Guy for $130 so he will launch a missile with Mario's drivers license to the sun.
  • Vandalism: He destroyed Mario's drivers license by launching it with a missile to the sun.
  • Fraud (possibly): He likely conned people, including Mario, by pretending he is the landlord of their houses and apartments even though they bought them or someone gave them for free, like Does Bad Things Guy did to Mario & Friends, so he will steal their money as their house payments.
  • Tax Fraud (possibly): There is a possibility that Goodman refuses to pay his taxes as he hates giving money, bribes the police, and would even go as far as to burning his own money.
  • Poaching: Goodman says that his suit is made out of elephant asshole, which might mean he supports poaching, as it is illegal to kill an elephant due to them being a protected species.

Death Count


  • News reporter (mostly)
  • Police commissioner (Older Episodes 2008-2016)
  • Teacher (Older Episodes 2008-2016)
  • GameStop employee (Black Yoshi Call Of Duty only)
  • Business owner
  • Judge
  • CEO of GoFundMe (Offered to change it to GoFuckMe in Black Yoshi's Scam!)
  • Lawyer
  • Doctor (rarely)
  • Banking Home Employee
  • Importer Deals co-founder
  • TV repairman (Bowser's Broken TV only)
  • Owner of Goodman Bank and Trust
  • Clerk
  • Senior Citizen Nursing Home Employee (Older Episodes)
  • Locksmith
  • Genie (Bowser Junior's Three Wishes only)
  • Movie theater usher (Bowser Goes To The Movies! only)
  • TV presenter
  • The Host of The Dr. Goodman Show (Jeffy's Bad Word! Only)
  • Landlord of the Apartment Complex and Mario's house
  • The Host of The World's Smartest Person Contest
  • Chef
  • CEO of Walmart
  • CEO of Domino's Pizza
  • CEO of Nintendo
  • CEO of Wyndham Rewards
  • CEO of Corrigan Oil
  • CEO of LTi Printing
  • CEO of MetLife (the reason Snoopy was fired)
  • CEO of Raymond James Financial
  • CEO of FirstEnergy
  • Co-owner of Protect the Harvest (possible reason he made his elephant asshole suit)
  • Couples Wedding host
  • Superintendent of Special Needs Schooling (Jeffy's Homework! Only)
  • Murderer (When someone doesn't do their “house payment”)
  • Con Artist (possibly)
  • Owner of Jimmy Johns


  • Goodman is portrayed by the Sunny Toys Dad puppet.
  • Goodman was the first puppet character introduced.
  • Goodman is Lance's favorite character. He is also among Logan's favorite characters as long as he does not have to hold back on inappropriate jokes with him. [3]
  • He owns a red Lamborghini Aventador.
  • According to a character, Q&A on Lance's channel, Goodman's first name is “Mister”.
  • He may be bisexual, as shown through certain threats he's placed on Mario.
    • In Nintendo Switch, he threatens to bite Mario's nutsack off.
    • In The Diamond!, he threatens to sew his ballsack to Mario's mouth.
    • According to a character Q&A on Lance's channel, one of the reasons Goodman makes these threats (particularly the ballsack-related ones) is because he has a collection of people's severed testicles (white pearl-colored bubble gum balls), which he calls his “ball jar,” and he wants to add to his collection. Another reason he makes these threats is so he can give people a visual of the pain they “cause” him by missing their “house payments.”
      • According to the same video, he shoves an unsolved Rubik's Cube up his anus every time he goes to Mario's house to collect his monthly “house payment.” If Mario doesn’t have his “house payment,” Goodman feels like he has been “fucked” hard enough for the Rubik's Cube to get solved while it is in his ass.
  • In "Black Yoshi's In Trouble!", it is revealed that Goodman has a credit card reader in his mouth when Mario pays him for Black Yoshi's $5,000 bail.
  • As the series has progressed, Goodman's voice has gotten less deep and closer to Lance's natural voice.
  • He has the second most jobs in the SML universe, first being Brooklyn T. Guy.
  • In his first appearance back in 2009, he was a regular police officer and he didn't say his catchphrase "Mkay".
  • He is one of the most commonly recurring characters in SuperMarioLogan's videos.
  • According to some fans, his voice and his catchphrase "m'kay" are inspired by Mr. Mackey from South Park as both say it at the end of their sentences. This is further fueled by his “drugs are bad, m’kay” speech, another trope used by Mr. Mackey, and their voices sound somewhat similar to each other.
  • He stated that he has 12 identical brothers.
    • In "Black Yoshi's In Trouble!", during the scene where Black Yoshi goes to court, two Goodmans appear in the court.
    • Some fans believed that the Current Goodman is actually Original Goodman's evil twin brother.
  • In most of his recent videos like "Bowser Junior's Painting!" or "Bowser Junior's Credit Card!", he seems to curse and say words like fuck, which are uncensored by Logan, Goodman used at the end of the video. This is a reference to the South Park episode "Medicinal Fried Chicken", where Colonel Sanders says to Eric Cartman "Just remember, I only tell you one time. Don't fuck me, Eric. Don't you ever try to fuck me." (Probably forgotten or not done on purpose.)
  • In "Bowser Junior's Credit Card!", Goodman has the longest quote in the history of SML 
  • In the World's Smartest Person Competition, he had a habit of calling Jackie Chu racist names, such as "Ping-Pong table", "sweet sour chicken" and "Bing Bong".
  • In "Mario And Bowser's Stupid And Crazy Adventures", Goodman takes Mario and Peach's baby after Sonic is killed until he was shot by Black Yoshi.
  • As of "Black Yoshi's Scam!", Goodman now wears a black suit that was supposedly made from elephant asshole.
  • It is revealed in "Black Yoshi's Black Friday!", that Goodman spends every Thanksgiving looking at his bank account because his family only wants him for money.
  • In "The Fender Bender!", the Goodman with his black suit is actually a different puppet.
  • His cussing has been toned down significantly since YouTube began cracking down on Logan's videos.
  • In his first appearances with his black suit, Goodman's hair was shorter, but in recent videos, his hair is a bit longer.
  • As of July 2017, Goodman doesn't use his catchphrase "M'kay" unless he does his ”breaking news, m’kay” spiel.
  • He is an organ donor.[1]
  • Goodman also works as a manager at Jimmy Johns in "Jeffy Gets a Job!".
  • In the past 6 years, Goodman used to be calm and friendly to other people.
    • Since 2016, he is rude, rich, and screams a lot everytime in when he shows up in a video except when he does the news.
    • Goodman was originally voiced by Zeke, a long time friend of Logan's.
    • It is possible he was fired from the police department or he was hiding his greedy nature. Another thing is that he could have conspired with The Loan Dolphin.
  • In a Los Angeles police video from another user, Goodman was featured as the cop, with his first name being Mike in the video. It's also possible he is named Michael Patrick Goodman, and it's also possible if he has Irish descent, or he could be from Michigan.
  • Goodman has been shown to be not very smart in many of his decisions. He will often get poor money changes, bet money to shady person, bet without knowing the victim's dish, kill a kid for hitting him, and do many over-exaggerated outrageous thing..
  • He was originally praised by fans, but has been panned by fans since 2016.
  • Despite his name being "Goodman", Goodman is currently the complete opposite of good and is often portrayed as the villain in the videos.
  • Along with Jeffy, he's known for being more profane than all of the other characters.


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