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"Forsaken" (stylized as "forsaKEN", because it's a pun on Ken) is the 255th video of SML Movies, and the second of the Ken pun series.


Ken leaves Cody for Junior. Well kinda. It's complicated.


Junior and his friends are watching The Powerpuff Girls, which they find entertaining, but Cody ruins the moment, so they go to the toy room. Junior gets a rolling pin and admits that he was thinking of going with them to crush some caterpillars outside. Cody then goes to the bathroom just as Ken falls off the table. Junior picks up Ken at the same moment Cody comes back, and the way Junior picks up Ken makes Cody thinks there is something between them. Joseph tries to tell the truth saying he was a witness.

Later, they go get some cereal from a naked Chef Pee Pee, who doesn't want to explain. However, they had no milk, so Cody and Junior take a soda to pour into their cereal, but Joseph uses Miracle Whip saying he has a problem. Cody then goes to help Chef Pee Pee move the refrigerator and Junior accidentally spills his soda. Joseph tries to tell him to use Ken's clothes to clean it up since they have no napkins. This gets Cody mad again but he just gives Junior a warning since they're friends.

They then go play catch upstairs and Junior throws the ball planning to hit Cody in the face, only for it to fall on Ken's crotch, making Cody even madder. He then throws the ball back but it only rolls half the distance between them before it falls downstairs. When Cody goes to get the ball, he realizes Junior will do something with Ken so he keeps his eyes on him. Joseph has had enough of this and shows Cody how real Ken really is by hiding him in Junior's bed, but Junior tries to stop him thinking that Cody is going to get mad.

Junior gets in the bed to get Ken out but then Cody comes in fast, saying it's "the last straw". The video makes a cut to a literal scene in which Junior is drinking from a straw, and Cody comes saying that he got apple juice but ran out of straws before getting mad again. He then has Ken make the decision of who Ken wants to be with. Ken stands silently before falling on Junior's lap, leading Cody to think that Ken no longer loves him. Junior thinks this is a whole stupid situation and tries to give Ken, but Cody refuses and says he'll find a better boyfriend. He then comes in with Stretch Armstrong, in order to make Ken jealous. Joseph and Junior get the idea to fix this by staging a fake breakup. When Junior "breaks up" with Ken at the scene, Ken and Cody literally "get" back together.

We also find out what happened to Chef Pee Pee's clothes: Bowser is wearing them because the AC is turned on, and his nips are hard as diamonds. Junior then goes to the bathroom, and Joseph then asks Cody where Stretch Armstrong is, and Cody replies saying that he's probably out eating caterpillars, just as Ken falls on Joseph's lap. This causes Cody to break down again, saying that his heart is broken..."IN HALF". Junior blocks the camera saying they're not doing that joke, thus ending the video.



  • This is considered as a sequel to Broken because of the following:
    • The episode being Ken-related.
    • The "IN HALF" joke appearing at the end, similar to what happened at the end of Broken.
    • The title of the episode and its styling.
  • In the scene when they eat Reese's Puffs Joseph says he voted Third Party. This is a reference to the 2016 election which occurred five days before this video was uploaded. This is the 2nd SML video to be uploaded since then, the 1st being "Black Yoshi The Assistant!".
  • This marks the first physical appearance of Mojo Jojo and the Powerpuff Girls. Both have been mentioned in previous episodes, and they only though they only appear on the TV.
  • This video marks the first and only appearance of Stretch Armstrong.
  • This video was uploaded 2 years after Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 2, and 8 years after "A MESSAGE TO ALL MY VIEWERS!!!".
  • When Cody says "IN HALF!" at the end, Junior covers the camera and states they are not doing that gag ever again. This also breaks the 4th wall.
  • Bubbles was a Powerpuff Girl introduced in this episode, making her the 3rd character named Bubbles in the SuperMarioLogan Universe, and the first Bubbles that is not a rapist.
  • This is the 2nd episode to have a pun in the title.
  • This is the 8th video to be filmed in the new house.
  • This episode is the second video to focus on Cody and Ken in the new house.
  • The sad theme from Jeffy Goes To The Zoo! is heard again in this episode.
  • This is the third time in 2016 that the SML Question has been, "Who is your favorite SML Character?".
  • The is first time that Bowser Junior pours a soft drink in his cereal, although he has poured other drinks in his cereal such as in Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World! Part 1, and Bowser Junior's First Grade! Part 5, where he poured Hawaiian Punch into his Shaquille O'Neil Fruity Pebbles and Doofy-O's respectively.
  • Cody is shown to be mean in this episode because he doesn't believe Junior's reasonings.


  • Joseph says at one point that he voted for a third party candidate in the recent presidential election. However, Joseph is not old enough to vote, but it could have been a special poll, though. It was probably a joke.
  • When Cody was asked to help move the refrigerator, it's not known why he didn't take Ken with him to help him if he thought that he was hunky.
  • Cody accuses Junior of throwing the ball to Ken, even though Ken getting the ball could have been something as simple as a miss or a coincidence.
  • Between 1:24/1:25 and at 2:48 into the video, the word f**k is censored. However, historically, when Cody says f**k, it is usually not censored, most likely for exaggeration.
  • Cody didn't believe Junior's reasoning that he was simply picking up Cody's Ken Doll when he clearly notices his Ken Doll on the ground rather than the table. It is probably for the video to happen.
  • For some reason, Cody doesn't believe Junior's reasoning on take off Ken's shirt to clean up his spill, despite Cody seeing himself that Junior didn't have paper towels and the large spill made by Junior. It is probably exaggeration.
  • At the part where Joseph was going to hide Ken, Junior says Cody instead of Joseph.
  • Bowser should not have nipples due to being a Koopa, which are reptilian creatures.
  • At 12:47, balls can be seen in the background from another scene. In the reaction video, Pablo Sanchez states that they left them there on purpose.


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