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"Bzzz Bzzz!"
— FeeBee

Not to be confused with Phoebe.


Feebee Jeffy François was Jeffy's younger sister. She debuted in Jeffy's Sister!. She does not have much character except being a female version of Jeffy.

The original puppet was made by Evelinka from Beacon Art Studios (Eva Gronowitz).

Character Background

Very much like Jeffy is, Feebee was unexpectedly dropped off at Mario's front door by Nancy. On Feebee's shirt was a note that read "Sorry, again". When she and Jeffy met inside the house, they met each other with very basic, and casual greetings ("Oh, hey Feebee, what doing?"). Jeffy and Feebee communicate by diaper slapping. Feebee tricks Marios friends into thinking he is just imagining her and going insane by hiding when they appear for an unknown reason. In the end, it is revealed that everything was a dream by Jeffy but Jeffy swears that Feebee is real.

Feebee appears later on in another dream where she messes with Mario again. When Jeffy awakens he claims Feebee is real to Mario who still doesn't believe him and gets frustrated so much he calls Brooklyn T. Guy, who reveals Feebee is actually real.


Her death was shown in Jeffy's Sister Returns!.

Jeffy recounts that one day, him and Feebee asked Nancy to teach them how to ride a bike but were denied, and so they tried to teach themselves. Feebee ends up taking her helmet off for her mom to use for a cigarette holder. She was riding her bike before tragically, getting hit by a truck. Jeffy rushes over and sees Feebee pass away.


  • It is revealed that Feebee is younger than Jeffy.
  • Feebee was revealed to be real in Jeffy's Sister Returns!, and that she died riding a bike 4 years ago.
  • As Nancy's reaction to Feebee's death is never shown, it is unknown if she felt any guilt over her death.
  • It is a bit odd that Feebee's shirt has her name written on it as Jeffy's shirt didn't until Nancy wrote it when he was dropped off at Mario's house.
  • Brooklyn knowing that Feebee was real implies he may have known Jeffy before he was dropped off at Mario's house.
  • Considering how Feebee died, it is odd Nancy was not arrested for child neglect.
  • Feebee's death is regarded as one of the saddest things to ever been seen on an SML movie.
  • Since Feebee died before her father, Jeffy will get all of his money when he turns 18.
  • She will likely come back to life in the SML Movie.


  1. Jeffy's Sister Returns! (
  2. Jeffy Sister Returns! came out on August 15, 2018 and Jeffy said that she died 3 years ago at this exact date, so her year of death would be 2015


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