The Evil Croco (more commonly named Crocodile Guy) is one of Bowser's minions and a rapist. He first appeared in Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Episode 3 and kidnapped Peach just to smell her butt.


In Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures episode 3, and broke into Toad's fortress to steal Peach and smell her butt. He then took her to a secret room in the house and hid her there. in WHAT THE F*CK, Mama Luigi found the room they were in when he was looking for Mario's mushrooms and thought they were having sex, when in reality, they were trying to put batteries in a Wii remote. Mama Luigi used his sick putting batteries in Wii remote skills and helped them out, and then left. Being the retard he is, Mama Luigi didn't bother to grab peach even though she was who they were looking for the whole time. Later, Mario and Bowser chase Crocodile Guy down a pipe. While Mario landed in a different place entirely, Bowser ended up at Crocodile Guy's house, which he rigged to be like the movie "Saw". Crocodile Guy sacrificed himself to the Eagle and Bowser and Peach escaped.


  • Crocodile Guy made his house have booby traps and made it be like the horror movie 'Saw".


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