The Eagle is an interesting character that appears in Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures. It can only kaw and can not speak (unless it's for comedic purposes) making most information about this character based on its interactions with other characters.


The Eagle first appears in episode 5 of Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures. It was a trap in Evil Croco's mansion as it was meant to kill intruders and be like the movie "Saw" apparently. After Bowser tries to make the Eagle kill Peach, Mario comes in time to take Peach out of Bowser's hands. Evil Croco, furious confronts Bowser just as Mario orders the Eagle to kill Bowser. The Eagle captures Evil Croco and instead of killing his master, flies him to the pool. It is presumed that the Eagle gives Evil Croco lemonade and rapes him as Evil Croco is trapped in the Eagle's "nest." The Eagle is then seen interacting with Yoshi in episode 6, as Yoshi was crying out for Mama Luigi's help. The Eagle over hears and decides to fly by, much to Yoshi's excitement. Both have an awkward stare down until Yoshi jumps onto the Eagle's back. Eagle flies Yoshi to the pool and eventually offers Yoshi either Bass Ale Wine or Minute Maid Lemonade. Yoshi chooses the lemonade and drinks it all up in 15 minutes. He explains that the lemonade is delicious but powdery. Evil Croco pops out of the Eagle's nest warning Yoshi that the Eagle rigged/drugged the lemonade and that he'll rape him if he drinks it. Obviously it is too late and Yoshi starts seeing colors before getting knocked out. It is implied that Eagle raped Yoshi. The Eagle then appears in episode 7. After Mario's prison escape, Mario confronts Crack Bear. The two have a pretty pointless argument until suddenly the Eagle comes out of no where and takes Crack Bear to the pool. Mario goes to find Mama Luigi near the pool. Mario goes on and on about how he hates Luigi until Evil Croco tells them both not to drink the lemonade. Mario, for whatever reason angry at this warning goes to investigate and find Yoshi and Croco in the Eagle's nest. They all find the Eagle having a nice chat with Crack Bear. Mama Luigi gets excited about the lemonade next to them and chugs down the whole can, knocking him out. Crack Bear also gets knocked out during the process. Mario gets angry at the Eagle and threatens to beat him up. The Eagle kaws furiously and attacks Mario using a kangaroo jump kick. He attacks again by swooping down on Mario. Mario cries out for help while the Eagle keeps attacking. Suddenly Donkey Kong jumps out of the bushes. The Eagle throws a lemonade can at Mario and claws him down giving Donkey Kong an idea on the situation. Donkey Kong runs in and punches the Eagle in the face, knocking him backwards. The Eagle gets up and watches on as Donkey Kong runs into him while him knocking backwards once more in to a brick wall. Donkey Kong follows up by pummeling the Eagle. The two go through a series of transitions of fighting before seeing that SuperMarioLogan got a message with the Eagle replying "That's cool." They go back to fighting until they both stop again as Donkey Kong starts playing Grand Theft Auto IV. The Eagle shows interest and says that he wants his turn to play (in which Donkey Kong replies by choking him with the Wii Nunchuck controllers.) Eventually Donkey Kong forces the Eagle into the pool, drowning him in water, where it is believed that he was killed. It is explained that Donkey Kong wanted to kill the Eagle due to him stealing Donkey Kong's cookies and making Donkey Kong's wife divorce him. The Eagle makes a surprise re appearance in episode 8, flying out of the water during "The Super Awesome Mega Cool Awesome Fight That is Awesome and is gonna be cool with Man Boobes." Just as Bowser tries to kill Mario, the Eagle kaws and attacks Bowser. Bowser retaliates and snaps the Eagle's neck, knocking out the Eagle. Bowser throws the Eagle into the lava officially killing him off.


The Eagle's lifeless corpse floating in the pool


  • The Eagle only has a total of 6 fully spoken lines.
    • "Too much smoke."
    • "Oh that's cool."
    • "I want a turn!"
    • "Now I'm going to get my payback."
    • "Beer please!"
    • "No no no no no no no!"
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