Dorito's Commercial is the 7th episode of SML Shorts.


The episode starts with Mario, Shrek and, Black Yoshi getting ready for the Super Bowl XLIV, but they realize that they do not have Doritos.

Black Yoshi goes to the pantry and gets them. Shrek calls first dibs on the Doritos, but when he opens the bag, he finds that Toad has eaten the Doritos.

Black Yoshi is surprised that Toad is still alive, having nuked him previously. Toad apologizes for eating all of the Doritos, but Shrek chokes Toad and beats him anyway. Mario grabs Toad, while Black Yoshi then closes the door and cocks his gun, at which point a gunshot is heard as the Doritos logo appears onscreen.

In a post-video scene, Toad is still alive. Black Yoshi is holding him down and Shrek says that every time the New Orleans Saints score, he is going to punch Toad in the face. Almost immediately, the Saints score and Shrek punches Toad.



  • Black Yoshi claiming to have nuked Toad is a reference to the ending of "Toad's Mistake 2".
  • At 0:46, as Black Yoshi opens the door, Precious can be seen.
  • The Hotel Delfino theme can be heard from Super Mario Sunshine.
  • At the end of the video, If you listen closely, Shrek can be hear saying that Toad ate the dortios and possiby Shrek's cheesecake as well, which foreshadows Toad's Mistake 3.


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